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Transporting Gold Bullion Across Borders

This has to be one of the top questions we get asked.  How easy and feasible is it for me to transport gold bullion outside of my home country and transport it to another country - whether that be a country like Switzerland which has secure vaults specifically for storing metals or to a country where you wish to live, like Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia and countless others.

Here's the answer: We don't know!  There are too many variables involved.  We have subscribers from over 60 different countries and many of them have plans to move to any number of other countries!

We can't possibly know all the rules, regulations and laws on importing and exporting gold from and to every country - not to mention the fact that rarely are these rules clear.  Often you'll be at the whim of the immigration official and what kind of a mood he is in that day as to whether you can transport gold, have to declare it or have to pay an import tax on it.

That is why, today, we are asking for your help.  Tens of thousands of people read our daily blog posts and many of them have some experience personally transporting bullion.

We would like to put together a Special Report on this issue based, partly, on the first or second hand accounts of our readers.

Have you transported bullion?  If so, from where?  To where?  Did you declare it?  Did you have to declare it at its face value (often $50 or less for a gold coin) or for its market value? Did you have any problems?

These are the questions that today we are asking you, our greatly appreciated readership.

Please send any information, stories and accounts of any experience you or someone you know has had in transporting metals to our email address at or post it directly in our public forums here:

We won't use your full name (just first name and first initial - and won't even use that upon request).  If we use your information you will receive this upcoming Special Report for free if you aren't already a subscriber to TDV.

The Report won't just be hear-say... we are also talking to various experts on this issue and conducting our own research - but because this is such a gray-area it is important to get as much on-the-ground experiences as possible to gauge the risks and rewards of transporting metals.

For subscribers to TDV, we have a special subscriber's only Facebook Group in which we regularly discuss these types of topics and issues.  If you are a subscriber, just go to the Subscriber's main page and there is a link to the Facebook Group there.

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