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Is the US Government Trying to Destroy the US... and the World?

Okay, let me get this straight.  This can't be right!

The US Government steals trillions of dollars (taxes) at gunpoint (IRS/police/jail) from millions of Americans - mostly paying off bureaucrats who push paper and do everything to impede progress.

After that they spend most of what is left (over 50% of the US Federal Government budget) "protecting" Americans from threats like Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya.  Thank goodness, or we'd all be speaking Iraqi, right?

This, in the case of Iraq alone, has killed more than 73,000 Americans to date (never heard that number before did you - here is why) and has injured millions of Americans - not to mention the million plus Iraqi deaths - mostly civilian - men, women and children.

It also has used this money stolen from Americans to explode 1,820 tons of radioactive nuclear waste (the equivalent of hundreds of Hiroshima bombs) causing the biggest environmental disaster in human history, leaving the entire area irradiated and instituted regulations that are destroying the entire agriculture industry in Iraq as can be seen in the following video.

This "war" continues to go on... the Afghanistan war is nearly a decade old now.  Iraq is nearly eight.

The entire war with Iraq was based on a lie.  These lies all have been admitted to now... they are now even the punchline of jokes by the Bush administration (see "no WMD's over there" featuring George W. Bush).  Ha ha ha, millions dead.  Ha ha ha.

Yet it goes on.  If installations built in Iraq are any indication, they will never leave - at least until the US dollar becomes worthless (which is just one of many reasons we cheer everytime Bernanke accelerates that process).

Upset about this and many other criminal activities, the tax slaves of America went to the voting booth (the slave's suggestion box) and elected the blue colored puppet in 2008.

He went right to work after winning his Nobel Peace Prize, attacking Libya.  Not out of hate.  Blue, after all, is for love. Red is for hate.  He bombed Libya out of compassion.

He accelerated spending on all of the above at such a rate - from hundred billion dollar deficits to multi trillion dollar deficits - that it actually awakened one of the servile US credit rating agencies and they lopped an A off their rating for the US Government.  

For that stab at honesty, luminaries such as Michael Moore called for a reckoning.  If the blue leader had any balls, Mr. Moore opined, he'd go arrest the agency's CEO.  No trial or anything like that. Just raw executive power used to make an example of the lapdogs who dare besmirch the empire at all.

Of course, had the rating agency been honest, it should have wiped out all those A's in the rating and just put an F. 

In order to pay for all of this mess, however, the US Government needs to borrow massive sums.  So much, in fact, that they mostly just print up the money to borrow it "from themselves" - temporarily putting reality in suspension.

Whatever is left they need to borrow mostly comes from the Chinese.

Here, though, comes possibly the funniest part.  The US then takes part of the money lent from the Chinese and gifts it back to them as Aid!

But recently some US senators stated that, yes, "there are more needy countries (than China)".  Yes, like, perhaps, the US?

45 million Americans are now on food stamps, yet this is where all the money stolen by the US Government goes... to bombing and irradiating foreign countries and giving aid to countries like China.

We have a hard time coming up with a more bizarre situation.

In fact, if you were to have said to someone in 1999, how best can we destroy the US, this plan wouldn't have even come up because it would have been too ludicrous.  The American people would not accept three wars with countries that did nothing to them!  The American people would not accept trillion dollar annual deficits when only 10 years earlier (1989) the total debt of the US was only $2.8 trillion! Americans would not accept giving billions in foreign aid to countries like China and Israel when 1 in 6 are starving!

Yet, that is the case today.  All that fluoride in the water and Zanax'ing and Adderal'ing any kid who shows any passion in the indoctrination camps (public schools) is paying off.  The masses have been subdued.

So often, sadly, the debate about the actions of the US Government and the Federal Reserve come down to "evil" or "unbelievably stupid".

It is now getting to the point where even "unbelievably stupid" couldn't possibly explain the actions of this government.

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