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A Special Invitation to Cafayate, Argentina

If you have been a reader of TDV for any length then you know my thoughts about what will happen over the next few years.

Currency collapse, depression, chaos, riots, famines... maybe even war - real war, not these little trillion dollar escapades in the middle of the desert.  We expect the majority of the major problems to occur in the western nations which are the most tied into this US dollar reserve, debt based system.

For this reason I have already moved to Mexico and have purchased land and intend to build a house in a place that I call Galt's Gulch in northern Argentina.

I'm not the only one.  Most of the free-market writers and investors you probably pay attention to have already absconded from their western nations, mostly to Latin America or Asia.  Doug Casey? Argentina/Uruguay.  Marc Faber?  Thailand.  Jim Rogers?  Singapore.  Steven Saville?  Malaysia.

I even just found out that my friend, who lives in North Carolina, thinks the writing is so obviously on the wall that he is rushing to move his entire family to Argentina by this fall - and even planning to turn in all their US passports once they do (they already have secured a foreign country passport).

You can question how imminent a major crisis in the US is to fruition, but it is almost certainly coming.  In 3 months? 12 months? 2 years?  Those are the general time parameters.  And, as with most things it is better to be too early than too late.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not the type who runs from problems... and I'm not the paranoid type who owns a bomb shelter.  But, when the facts are this obvious that there will be significant difficulties and turmoil in the US (and most western nations) in the very near future, I'd rather watch it from the tropics in southern Mexico (the further from the US border the better) or in the tranquility of northern Argentina than in the streets of New York or L.A.  Not to mention that even living in most western nations today is already difficult with all the taxation, rules and regulation... I'd live in Mexico or Argentina even if I didn't foresee major problems.

That is why, if you have been giving serious thoughts to getting out of dodge for a few years, or permanently, I urge you to consider coming down and joining me in Argentina this November.  I will be heading down to a special event in Cafayate, Argentina which will be hosted by the brainchild of the development, Doug Casey, himself.

A Special Invitation to Cafayate, Argentina

From November 9-13, I will be in Cafayate, Argentina where Doug Casey's group will be putting on a special event.  I went to the last one in March.  I had no intention of buying a place there... seemed a little too remote for my own personal tastes.  But after having a truly magical time amongst singles, couples and families from around the world who all descended there as their own personal version of Galt's Gulch, I knew I had to have a place there.

So, I will be going back to Cafayate this fall (spring there) to enjoy their bi-annual celebration and to look into plans to build my own little house.

I highly recommend going.  Here are just a few of the things they will have on offer in 4 days of activities:

  • First night, an in-town welcome dinner
  • On the second day, personalized property tours, an Argentine asado lunch hosted by Doug Casey and drinks in the evening at a local winery
  • On the third day there is an al fresco lunch and a "Self-Reliant Living & Investment Conference" hosted by a number of expatriation specialists including myself
  • On the 4th day there is a golf scramble (golf is included free for the entire four days, by the way!) and a final dinner party

There is a $300 per person fee (just to cover the costs of the lunches, dinner and the copious amounts of local wine you will be drinking during your stay!).  And that is discounted to $225 if you register before October 1st.  The cost is really nothing for what you will get.  And, to hang out with people like Doug Casey and similar like-minded people, like those who read The Dollar Vigilante, it is a complete bargain.  In fact, I even suggest you consider going even if you have no interest in buying a property... you'll still have a magical 4 days amongst like-minded people from around the world.  I came away from the last celebration with about a dozen new, good friends.

There is a limit to the amount of people accepted... and as soon as I heard about it I rushed to put this blog out... I want to get as many dollar vigilantes in as possible.  So, if you have any interest in joining myself and Doug Casey in Northern Argentina in early November for a magical experience complete with world class wine, Argentine cuisine, horseback riding, golf, tours and more, respond quickly.

I should also mention that this may be the last event they have with lots available for purchase.  The development has been, in Doug Casey's words, "a success beyond what I could have imagined".  I believe him.  As usual, Doug has found the next big thing - communities of entrepreneurs, investors and free-market types, looking to get away from under the dead weight of government.

And, until Peter Thiel gets his floating libertarian oil-platform communities up and running, this is the best place on earth to go to find freedom and to wait out the coming storm.

If you'd like more information on the event, how to get there, and what else is involved, just enter your email and/or phone number on this page:

Also, note that they are close to being sold out from what I hear... this will likely be the last celebration where lots will be available for sale.  And they won't be making any others.  So, if you had been thinking about this, this may be your last chance.

*note: if you previously have entered your email there and you already have a sales representative contact, then feel free just to contact them directly about this event.  If you have entered your email previously but never heard from anyone then enter your email again to ensure we contact you.

** also note: I have accepted an invitation to receive commission if you buy a property there... but as you will hopefully see, I am not your typical salesperson... I bought a place there and only after several dollar vigilantes bought a place there did they tell me I should earn a commission for directing people to them.  I am a capitalist, and never turn down getting rewarded for the things I do, but as you will see if you come down... I bought a place there - 100% with my own money - and you will see for yourself why if you go down.  My earning a commission on it is just free-markets at work.  I have only ever promoted two places to escape the coming storm and I own a place in both of them.  In Argentina and in my condos in Acapulco.  So, if you ever have a problem with your purchase, all you have to do is walk over to my house/condo, knock, and yell at me. :)

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