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Is Money the Root of All Evil?

[The Following post is by TDV Correspondent Justin O'Connell]

We've all heard the phrase, money is the root of all evil like it is a constant of the universe... especially if you have some Marxists or even mild socialists (everybody today) on your Facebook friends.  But is this an accurate statement? Is money the root of all evil? Can modern man even know what he is talking about in this regard or does his lack of experience with real money weigh too heavy on the way he sees the world? Mark Twain said that the lack of money is the root of all evil, and the more I’ve pondered this, the more I’ve wondered: is it, in fact, the lack of money in modern civilization that is actually the root of all evil?

First of all, we must get our definition for money sorted out. Money is a circulating medium of exchange in any given society. Today, the nations of the world use fiat currency as their official medium of exchange. But, is fiat currency truly money?

The argument against fiat currency as money is simple. Its compulsory nature does not make it a good candidate for the medium of circulation in a harmonious society. We as individuals are required to use it by law (force), as decreed by behemoths (thugs) of officialdom. This is an unnatural state of money, as a  medium of exchange is most effective when it is voluntary. To be forced into a way of life does not constitute money, but, instead control. It is perhaps more accurate to call the US Dollar, for example, a medium of control than a medium of exchange.

Money is the lifeblood of a civilization, and this civilization’s lifeblood is deplete of nutrition and circulates weakly. There is no strong heartbeat here. Just like the human body must through its blood circulate nutrition, so too must civilization through money circulate the needed goods and services which give rise to its functional character, but this civilization has been hooked on empty preservatives for millennia and so its character is lethargic and prone to outbursts of angers resulting in, as you know, genocidal episodes. The psychopathy of civilization is the result of a terrible monetary diet which is the impetus of misery at all strata of society. We are undoubtedly enslaved through the medium which is supposed to help us be free.

There is a pronounced difference between money and fiat money. Whereas money comes into existence through trial-and-error and remains because of its practicality, fiat money can come into existence only via government force. There is no other way by which fiat money could come into use in a culture. It is simply too impractical. Who wants to be forced into anything? Take away the indoctrination which starts young – it must start young so that it can truly take in an individual throughout his or her life – and nobody would want much to do with fiat currency. We just have to have it in order to pay indulgences to the state or receive a good or service from a rigid corporation whose decision-makers probably have the day off. "State"-forbid one of us decide to introduce our own sort of money into our communities, as then we might become the victim of one of those aforementioned “anger outbursts.”

In a sane culture, the onus would be on us to choose what sort of money to use. In a free society, many competing currencies would be available on the marketplace, and any individual or company would have the freedom to begin circulating their own money. The next question is, ‘what’s the demand for this new money which has been introduced onto the marketplace?’

Free Market Money?Through trial-and-error, the individual would learn which type of money available best suits the lifestyle they wish to embark upon. As a young child, one might be determined to use, I don’t know, say, beanie babies as their money of choice. (Remember the craze which sent grown adults to McDonalds for their investment in a free beanie baby toy?)

Now, what the child will have to learn is that there is no demand for beanie babies as there is no practical reason to use them as money. After a good sobering up after the sheer disappointment of having a preferred medium of exchange rejected by the humbug of commerce, the child will learn what he or she can use for money, and make an educated decision.

So, it dawned on me: A major problem of civilization – which is a problem on its own – is its lack of money. There is no such thing as money in the world today – only control. What we currently refer to as money – fiat currency- is not money at all, but, rather, a decreed condition of man. It is a medium of control and little more. Just because it smells like money, looks like money and tastes like money (not that the Federal Reserve Note resembles anything like this once the indoctrination is broken) does not mean it is money. Don’t be deceived, as Twain was right: in our civilization today, the lack of money – and the fiat deception marauding as such – is the root of all evil. I’d go as far to say that this lack of money is the fulcrum of control for the ruling class.

Justin O'Connell studied History and German Language at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, where, in his spare time, he researched current events and their relationship to history. In his studies he has found that societies have been managed by philosophically-kindred ruling classes seeking persistently a singular, total order across the planet. Justin does not believe in government as a medium for human relationships, preferring instead the race of human ideas stemming from a diverse, vibrant culture. Currently, he is a proponent of physical silver as a means of wealth preservation and disobedience to the financial system, and lives in southern California. He writes at the Dollar Vigilante inspired site, Silver Vigilante.
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