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The Weekend Vigilante July 14th, 2012

Hello from Las Vegas,

What happens in Vegas stays in the TDV Blog.

I arrived midweek for FreedomFest in Las Vegas and quickly remembered just what a dangerous place I had arrived in.  After clearing my patdown and questioning I headed out on the town and within a few hours I had already had my iPhone pickpocketed.  On the bright side, I had been trying to lose it for a few months now as I have been coveting the Samsung Galaxy Note (short Apple).

Then, two nights later, as we went out on the town with a group of 10 friends from the conference to the nightclub at the Wynn Hotel, two of my friends got caught up in some sort of melee.  As far as I can tell they hadn't done anything but an armada of police-costumed looking security guards had them in an arm lock as they rushed them out and gave them a fairly good dusting.  They then passed them off to the police and they both spent 24 hours in jail... for what, we are still not sure.

We called anarchist lawyer, Marc Stevens, who was speaking at FreedomFest to ask him some advice about how to locate and free our friends.  Marc, an amazing person who was incredibly helpful (and passionate about helping), gave us a few phone numbers of city and county jails where we could commence our search.  He also stated, "Remember, you are now in a tyrannical police state!"

Perhaps the most bizarre moment was when upon calling the county jail we received the following message, "All of our representatives are currently helping other customers, please hold the line to speak to the next customer representative."


So, within a few days of my arrival I had been robbed and two of my friends were kidnapped and held hostage.  And still every American told me how dangerous Mexico is... despite never having been there.


Meanwhile, as I found at Porcfest, good natural mind-altering plants were difficult to find.  An acquaintance pulled out a pill bottle.  "Adderall?" she asked.

"What's that?" was my reply.

"It's sort-of like cocaine," she responded.  "But, it's for kids with the (non-existant) illness of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder."

"Don't you just have cocaine?" I asked.

"No," she said... "That's too dangerous."

Besides,  Adderall can be prescribed by a legalized drug dealer, your doctor," she chimed.

"What is it?" I asked Google.

Google replied, "amphetamine aspartate monohydrate, amphetamine sulfate, dextroamphetamine saccharide, and dextroamphetamine sulfate."

Oh, that sounds much better, I thought.

But, not one to shy away from trying a new substance, we chopped it up and snorted it for much of the evening.  And, I have to say, it was quite good!  It's got quite an intense high and wears off fairly quickly.  Better than cocaine?  The jury is out.

But, should you give this to your kid who can't sit still as the state tries to indoctrinate him and because the government run public education system hasn't progressed since the 1800s while the speed of Nintendo and computers makes him lose interest in the paint-drying learning process?  Jesus, only if you would give your youngster cocaine every day... it's nearly exactly equivalent with the exception that it is a chemical compound rather than a natural plant!


"There are two kinds of people in this world: Those that enter a room and turn the television set on, and those that enter a room and turn the television set off." – Manchurian candidate 

As I sit here at the Bally's lobby bar firing off this missive, I am surrounded by completely meaningless video screens.  On one, Mitt Romney, saying exactly what Barack Obombya would say.  On another, Fox News' propaganda streams across the screen.

It's all propaganda.  Buy this remote (TV Be Gone) and carry it with you through airports worldwide and squelch the programming.

Then an addition can be added to the quote above, "Then there are those who turn off television sets in public places!"


I have to say, after being in Las Vegas most of this week and having been robbed and nearly kidnapped or roughed up, I am seriously contemplating never returning to the US again.

But, without a doubt, I will never fly to the US with my family until the collapse of the US Government or the US dollar, which will vanquish most agencies including the TSA, .  I can handle the humiliation, threats and risks on my own... but my wife, kids and chihuahuas are another story all together.

I am in the midst of trying to decide whether I will ever return to the US or Canada again.  The risks are just getting too high now.  All it will take is another false flag attempt and they will lock the US down like a prison.  It will happen in just minutes.

We've even been considering ways we can still visit the US but escape routes we can use.  One escape route that is nearly foolproof... unless they launch marine drones, is to have a boat.  In the event of an extreme locking down of the borders a boat is the easiest way to circumvent the capital and human controls.

In my old sailing days I would rarely actually "check in" with the local customs criminals.  I'd sail down, for example, from the west coast of Canada through the US and never officially notify them.  Despite what the greens/watermelons/environmentalists say, the world is a massive place and the oceans are all but empty.  On the west coast of the US you will see another boat (usually an oil tanker or cargo ship), on average, about once every one or two days... usually a few miles off.  So, if the manure really hits the fan, and you need to escape, own a boat.

Or get a second passport which could possibly save your life.


As we near the end of this week's edition of the Weekend Vigilante, here is an insightful video by Larken Rose entitled, "How To Be A Crook".


Between the alcohol, Adderall and possibly other substances I've ingested in Las Vegas, my liver is probably on the verge of collapse.  It's been an amazing time surrounded by some of the most influential and amazing anarchists on Earth including Jeffrey Tucker, Wendy McElroy, Stefan Molyneux, Doug Casey, Rick Rule, Tom Woods, Bob Murphy and countless others (many to soon appear on Anarchast).

Until next week, stay free!

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