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Ready, Aim... Submit! - Why They Will Take Your Guns From Your Cold Dead Hands

TDV correspondent, Jim Karger's article, "When They Come For Your Guns . . . You Will Turn Them Over" went viral this week.  Within minutes of its release it had tens of thousands of views, was picked up by dozens of other websites, had fueled an epic discussion in the comments section, resulted in numerous unsubscribes and Karger received two death threats.

Perhaps he touched a nerve?

We've now had time to read through many of the hundreds of emails... mostly telling us that we are cowards... and we will now take an opportunity to respond to some of the criticisms and commentary.


The greatest amount of responses were from what we would call neo-connish types.  They told us we were cowards and they accused of us "running" away from a fight - which they are correct... we did.  Both Jim Karger and myself left years ago - both to Mexico.  We saw this fight coming and wanted no part of it.  But, if you call us cowards then you have to also call your ancestors cowards.  Human history has been one of fleeing oppression.  It is highly likely that your great, great grandfather at one point looked around in a place like Europe and said, "well, that's enough of that!  I'm outta here."

Or, perhaps your parents came to the US from places in Asia or Africa where they were fleeing socialism, fascism, wars or outright genocide.  So, if you call your great grandparents cowards then we are okay with being called that.  Although, it is interesting that many Americans constantly question why we would go to a place that is dangerous like Mexico... while others call us cowards for going there.  Talk about a massive amount of group cognitive dissonance!


Many others told us that we are underestimating the American people and that they will win an upcoming shoot-out war with the government.  To that, we say, good luck... and I mean it.  If that is what you want to do, we support you... and we work at TDV to also provide informational resources to Americans in the war for freedom against the US Government.

Many stated, "when the time comes we will fight and win."  To this, my question is, what are you waiting for?  You say you believe in freedom and will fight to the death for it.  Well... you live in one of the least free countries on Earth currently.  Only Cuba, North Korea and perhaps Belarus are noticably worse.  The government extorts you for half your income every year.  They are already running massive prison camps where people get hauled off daily for non-crimes (no victim, no crime).  The US has the largest amount of people in cages in the world by a factor of nearly 4 times over the next closest on a per capita basis.

In those prison camps in the US people, mostly for non-crimes, are brutalized, raped, murdered and when that isn't happening they are made to sew American flags at slave labor rates.  (By the way, if that last sentence doesn't outrage you then reread it, but replace the "US" with "China" and replace "American flags" with "Chinese flags" and if you are now outraged then maybe now you can see how brainwashed you are.)

You live in a country where being stopped at checkpoints to show your papers three times in two hours is now more the norm than the exception:

The government indoctrinates your children in their 12 year education camps, sucking almost any desire or ability to learn out of them as they inject them with toxic vaccines and diagnose them with made-up diseases should they show any resistance to their indoctrination and then force them to take pharmaceutical toxins.  If you try to stop them they will come to your house with a SWAT team and kidnap your child to ensure he takes his "medicine".

You say you believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but the Constitution is a long dead document and Barack Obombya erases amendments like Shaquille O'Neal dunks basketballs.

The only amendment left standing of any value is now the second amendment.  So, you are a slave... a complete slave... who is permitted to have a gun.  The government takes your property, takes your children and makes you live under a constant state of surveillance by the police state which is taking your money and building their own army to keep you in line.  And, you still don't fight?  All the people who emailed us talked very tough.  "We'll kill them if they try to take our guns," they said.

Well, they've taken everything else and they still haven't done anything.  There are now numerous areas throughout the US where you can't have a gun without permission.  When does the fight begin?  I think Jim Karger is right, there won't be one.

Sure, there may be outbreaks.  Twenty or thirty guys with an armory here or there.  But as soon as they fire a shot the drones will come in with the bunker buster bombs and those twenty or thirty guys will be a smouldering pile of dust.

They even may let you keep your guns.  Why not, if you submit to everything else.  If you own slaves and their only demand is that they are allowed to own guns but they do not fight back against their own oppression then you just own slaves with guns.  The funny part is that the slaves will crow, proudly, how they are "allowed" to have guns.  They'll state, "I would never live in Mexico, you aren't allowed to have guns their."  That's slave talk.  Free men don't care what is allowed.

But the main problem in the US is that government isn't the only ones who doesn't want you to own guns... most of the others slaves don't want you to either.


Thanks to years of indoctrination and pro-state propaganda the majority of Americans today are against the right of individuals who are not in a government costume to own guns.

When a few tough guys hole up and start shooting cops it will be immediately on CNN as the "anarchist terrorists" are on a shooting spree.  As the drones, tanks and choppers descend, Obombya will go on TV to announce that the threat to peace has been negated.  And the sheeple will cheer.  Anyone remember Waco?

In fact, of almost any country, the people in the US are the most servile and submissive when it comes to the police and government.  There are countless YouTube videos of the police in the US beating innocent people brutally and all the people around them do is say things like, "Sir!  Sir, please stop!!  Sir, stop!"  Slave talk.

This is how people in other countries treat police brutality:

In the Ukraine, when the police do this:

The people do this:

In Chile, when they send the riot police in a bus, this is what the people do:

In Greece:

Meanwhile in the US, this is the level of violence people react with when attacked by police.  They tweet, they take photos, they Facebook it... and do nothing.  "Sir! Please stop, sir!":

Where are all the tough guys with their guns?  Maybe they are too busy writing us tough emails about how tough they are and how they are going to kill us... from their parent's basement.


No, the people who reacted like that with great anger at us did so because we had awakened them from their mythical beliefs.

They've grown up believing that they live in the "land of the free" and if the government were ever to become too tyrannical, they would do as Thomas Jefferson said as "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

But, our article made them realize that perhaps things had changed.  Perhaps after decades of propaganda and indoctrination the odds are stacked against the few of them who still believe that.  That's why their reaction was so strong.  Jim Karger put the fear of god into them.


The fact of the matter is that most people today are whipped dogs compared to even a few decades ago.  In the 1960s, people were much more willing to react violently in response to government actions.  Back then, there were citywide riots in multiple places across the USA.  Today, Occupy Wall Street gets told they must stay in a special free-speech designated park and after a few months they all just go home.

In the 1960s, left-wing groups like the Weather Underground would bomb the capitol building, the pentagon and the Department of State building and claimed they wanted to overthrow the government (possibly in the form of Barack Obomber, they are now succeeding). There were widespread student protests. Today?  Nothing.  Only one person has done anything violent to the US Goverment in the last decade and he wasn't even American. Hero, Muntadhar al-Zaidi, threw a shoe at George W. Bush in 2008 stating, "This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog."


Funnily enough, as anarchists, we try to avoid using violence at all costs... yet it is us who has to point out how non-violent all the tough guy gun owners are.  They talk and talk and talk... oh, and make up signs.

Yes, manana...


The fact of the matter is that we are actually on the side of all the people who angrily wrote to us.  We, at TDV, absolutely support gun ownership and we thank everyone we know who has a gun who is not part of the government for doing their part to keep society safe wherever you are.  If you do, ever, respond with your guns to government oppression we will cheer you on and support you.  We think you'll almost certainly lose, but hey, we could be wrong.  If we shook your confidence that greatly just by pointing out the realities of the situation then you need to reassess your views.

Keep reading at TDV and we'll keep giving you our opinion of what we think the realities of the situation are.  We are on the same team... but we just think the chance to win this fight in a shootout ended decades ago.  America, the idea, is now just the United State.  Any belief that the US is exceptional in any good way is now erroneous. It is the largest, most corrupt, violent and dangerous government in the history of the world.  All of those things you are told on your television about the US being the best, most free and richest country on Earth is propaganda.  In many ways, Americans who haven't left their borders have about as much of a grasp on reality as your average brainwashed North Korean who lives in mud huts and eats insects and is told he lives in the greatest, freest and best country on Earth under the watchful eye of dear leader Kim Jong Un.

What Jim Karger's article did to many people that made them react so violently was that he gave them a small dose of reality that they had never realized before... and it scared them.

In either case, whether you agree with our prognosis on what will happen in the next few years in the US and think the gun owners will fight back government and refresh the tree of liberty, it still means that most of our advice is relevant.  If the US goes into a civil war type situation you will still want to own precious metals, get a significant portion of them outside of your home country to avoid confiscation, get a second passport so you can transact internationally and shelter some of your assets internationally and to give yourself another option just in case you are wrong and find yourself wanting to get out before the FEMA camp bus comes around.

We wish you luck and hope you are correct and you win against the most dangerous institution to freedom that has ever existed, the US Government.

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