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2014 May Be the Last Year to Salvage Your Assets: An Urgent Message from Jeff Berwick

The world is changing — dramatically! Paradigm shifts are happening everywhere. We are reaching the culmination of The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI).

It won’t all happen at once. There will not be a certain day or time when it is announced by the media that all of the government and central bank constructs built up over the last century have collapsed. It will happen as it has been happening, with more and more things falling apart, day by day.

The year around 2000 may be looked back upon as near the beginning of the end of today’s systems. Think back to the year 2000 and think what you would have thought if someone told you that the Nasdaq would nose dive 78% within two years. That for the first time in history two skyscrapers would collapse at freefall speed into their own footprint due to fire. That this would lead to the US attacking and occupying Afghanistan and Iraq. That the lead “economist” of the New York Times would call for money printing to blow another bubble in real estate after the tech bubble collapse and would get it (that one isn´t that surprising). That the subsequent housing bubble would destroy trillions in wealth and cause a near collapse of the global financial system, one in which George Soros said that the financial system did collapse in 2009 but is now only being kept temporarily alive by money printing. That the US government debt would triple in the next 12 years, that deficits would rise from a technical surplus in 2000 to more than a trillion dollars per year a few years later. That, under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) accounting, deficits would be over $5 trillion per year within a decade. That a half-black man with no known personal history would be president of the US within eight years and would institute a fascist-style nationalized medical care system. That Greece would collapse. That the Cypriot government would abscond with nearly half of bank depositor’s money in broad daylight.

On the brighter side, what would you have though if someone told you in 2000 that you would be able to buy private space flights (Virgin Galactic) in exchange for a new virtual currency within 13 years? That people, within the next decade, would almost literally airdrop computers about the size of a piece of paper (iPads) into Africa and within a few months the people who received them would turn away from millennia long superstitions like burning people alive they thought were witches and begin doing cutting edge programming on those iPads with no traditional schooling whatsoever. That you would have nearly ubiquitous video communications with anyone on Earth within the decade almost for free. That Forbes magazine, within 14 years, would be nearly an anarchist publication and be calling for the impeachment of POTUS. That a man, like Edward Snowden, would speak freely about the truth in the US and then need to become a political refugee first in China, then in Russia. And that the President of Russia would be more of a beacon of free markets and freedom than the President of the US (although still being a sociopathic criminal)? That the Chinese Yuan would surpass the Euro and become the second most widely used currency on Earth?

Think about that. If someone told you that in 2000 would you have believed them? No one would. I wouldn’t either.

A lot has happened in the last thirteen years but it will pale in comparison to what will happen this decade. That is what you need to now get your head around.

Do I know what will happen in the next ten years? No. Does anyone? Not that I know of!

What I do know is that this will not be a boring decade for humanity by any measuring stick. All the trends are in motion and I am willing to wager that we will see terrible atrocities committed, mostly by government and by the statist minded people engendered by this system and we will also likely see tremendous beauty and individuals who will change our world for the better.

In the past, some of those people, who weren’t perfect, but who did create a net positive change were Jesus, Gandhi, John Lennon, Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Harriet Tubman.

Who will be the people of today and the future? Most of them we haven’t heard of yet. Some we have including Bradley/Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and Satoshi Nakamoto. Could it be that a decade from now Mount Rushmore is wiped clean and those faces are chiseled into the mountain all through crowdfunding donations in bitcoin from private individuals?

It is totally possible. But, the change starts with you.


I hate to go back to the negative but I think it is imperative in order to plan for not only our own future but for the people we care about that we do deal with the negative realities of today. We are going to see countless paradigm shifts in the next few years and time is nearly running out for people to prepare for what is coming.

I have said for years that this is the most dangerous time for capital in human history. And, it´s not like I have a terrible track record like Ben Bernanke who saw “no evidence” of a housing bubble in 2005. Or like Paul Krugman who said in 1998, “By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet's impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine's.”

I am on record as having stated in 1994 that the internet would change the world like no other time since the Gutenberg press and on video in 2000 said that television, radio and newspapers will soon be gone and the Internet will be the only medium standing back when people still had doubts about the Internet, and backed it up by starting Canada’s largest website in 1994, reaching a market capitalization of $240 million in 2000. Since then countless newspapers have gone out of business and TV ratings are dropping precipitously, with CNN and MSNBC both down 50% in audience in just the last year and for the first time ever, in 2013, the internet surpassed television as the main source where Americans get their news. I am on record calling for a major gold bull market in 2003 when it was near $400. I am on record calling for a collapse in US real estate in 2005. I am on record calling for a financial crisis in 2006 that happened in 2008. I am on record stating that we will see continued government and banking collapses and outright theft throughout Europe prior to the implosion of Greece in 2010 and the Cyprus daylight bank robbery earlier this year. I said in 2011 that the US was rapidly becoming a police state prior to the police and Department of Homeland Security actually buying tanks, 4.5 billion hollow point bullets and locking down Boston completely. And, of course, I stated in 2011, when bitcoin was at $3 (now $1,000) that it could be the currency of the future and create a paradigm shift in money and banking.

What am I predicting now?

I am predicting that if Americans with assets do not get those assets internationalized and properly structured offshore that by this time next year it may be nearly impossible to do so. I am predicting that more pensions funds and IRAs will be nationalized and forced into purchasing Treasury bonds paying an effective real rate of return of -8% or higher.

In fact, the US government has made a defined date of July 1, 2014 which will nearly make it impossible for Americans to internationalize their assets.

It’s called FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and it imposes on all banks worldwide to file an egregious amount of forms and documents with the US government if they accept US citizens as clients. And, if they don’t file the proper documents or file them incorrectly, the foreign bank will be subject to a 30% withholding tax on any “withholdable payment” made to its proprietary account for failing to comply with FATCA.

In addition, US accountholders who don’t provide the foreign bank with FATCA-required documentation will be deemed recalcitrant. The foreign bank would then be obligated to deduct a 30% withholding tax on any withholdable payment credited to their accounts.

As you can imagine, nearly every bank on Earth would not want to go through the massive amount of paperwork to accept US clients nor take the risk of being subject to a 30% “withholding tax” if they don’t process the paperwork properly.

In fact, already most banks on Earth won’t accept US clients just because of the expectation of the implementation of FATCA which is now set to go into effect on July 1, 2014.

Effectively, this is a form of capital controls.

The good news is that this law still hasn’t gone into effect and it is still possible to legally internationalize your assets that will be FATCA proof. But time is running out.

For this reason, TDV and its subsidiary, TDV Wealth Management will be holding its first ever conference/workshop to help people legally arrange their affairs internationally prior to this law passing. And, as I said, once the law has passed you will already have your structures set-up that will not fall under the jurisdiction of FATCA.


If you are not American (or Canadian, more on that below) and don’t have assets in the millions of dollars in the US or Canada then you can stop reading now. This information won’t be of value to you.

If you are American or Canadian and do hold significant assets inside those borders and want to structure those assets properly outside the purview of FATCA, the proposed Anti-Expatriation Act and a raft of coming capital control legislation then I urge you to read on. This may be the most important thing we have told you to date.


Assets held in the United States are subject to excessive taxation in the form of income taxes, capital gains taxes and estate taxes. They are subject to attack from creditors and frivolous lawsuits. And restrictions are placed on how an individual can invest those assets.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to move assets abroad as laws such as FATCA and banking rules restricting international transfers are being put in place. This problem will only get worse as the US slips further and further into debt. As the dollar’s decline accelerates, traditional dollar denominated assets will suffer. As well, US real estate and other assets will likely have a similar fate as the decline in the dollar eventually pushes interest rates much higher than today's levels.


The solution is obvious. Get your money out of the US and invested in hard assets before the dollar declines further and before currency controls are put in place and your assets are trapped in the US. The solution is to internationalize your assets in a tax efficient manner without losing any control.


Far and away the most effective way to migrate assets out of the US and diversify them internationally is to establish a Multi-Generational Succession Plan. This is a three step process that results in extraordinary benefits including:

•            An extremely high level of asset protection from creditors and frivolous lawsuits

•            Investment restrictions are eliminated

•            Complete control over the assets

•            Significantly reduced reporting requirements

•            Capital gains taxes on appreciated assets are eliminated

•            Estate tax is completely avoided (for you and all future generations)

•            No probate

•            Generous tax deductions may be realized

•            Tax on future investment returns minimized

•            Qualified plan assets such as IRAs can be protected from creditors and future rule changes.


The Multi-Generational Succession Plan provides you and your family with the ability to invest assets anywhere in the world in any type of investment without restriction. The assets will not be subject to creditor attacks, frivolous lawsuits, future US currency controls or other unnecessary regulation.

TDV Wealth Management (TDVWM) has a team of experts with decades of experience in doing just that in both the US and Canada, and have a proprietary way of doing it that has been vetted by major accounting firms and has been proven to work.

We will be urgently hosting our first ever conference/workshop in the first week of February that is and will be different than any other event of its type. It will not just be a bunch of experts with PowerPoint presentations speaking to an audience of hundreds or thousands giving you a few good ideas. This will be incredibly exclusive, limited to 30 attendees and those that attend will be given all the info necessary and then can sit down with our internationalization experts to go through your exact situation and circumstance and not only provide you with a personalized roadmap for securing your assets internationally but the process can actually be started at the event.

The main reason we decided to have this event was because this is not a simple process. This is not the type of thing that takes an hour or two to define the needs and then move forward on taking action. With almost all TDV Wealth Management’s clients our staff flies to where they are and sits down with them to discuss intricate details of their needs and provide an actionable plan and a roadmap that TDVWM can guide through the process.

So, rather than having our team of experts flying all over the US and Canada on a regular basis we wanted to host an event where yourself and your family, should you choose, can come and receive personalized advice and actionable info all in one spot.

That spot is on the beach just outside of Panama City, Panama and it will be a 5-star event. Our clients are high net worth and are used to the finer things in life so we have chosen a beautiful five star resort, personal SUV service to and from the airport and the finest of restaurants and location for evening drinks and meals to continue to talk in a more relaxed atmosphere after a day of learning about and making important decisions about how to secure your assets and ensure those assets are passed on in a multi-generational plan.

But, more important than the fine surroundings in which our clients are used to is receiving this information and taking action now before more doors are closed by the US government. You still may be able to do this after July 1, 2014 but it will assuredly be much more difficult, and potentially impossible.

If you have significant assets ($2 million would probably be close to the lowest that would make sense for a program like this) and are Canadian or American I urge you to go to the TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference page and find out more details. We already know that demand will be strong and it will likely be sold out very quickly. Based on demand we will likely have future events of this type but each month that passes will make it more difficult to arrange your financial affairs prior to the enactment of FATCA.

Click here to secure your assets for yourself and your family.

Anarcho-Capitalist.  Libertarian.  Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks.  Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante, CEO of TDV Media & Services and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast.  Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and gold conferences as well as regularly in the media including CNBC, CNN and Fox Business.

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