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Dictator's Pet Entertainers Are Above The Law

Don't dare commit a treasonous crime. Unless you're good friends with the dictator. Then it's okay.

"You are two of my most useful idiots..!"

That's how things work in a dictatorship. There is no rule of law. There is only that which annoys the dictator and that which the dictator permits to those who please him.

Sasha Baron Cohen put it best in the movie, The Dictator:

As members of the state-supporting entertainment industry elite, Jay-Z and his talented trophy wife were given special license from the Treasury Department to visit Cuba on a fifth wedding anniversary. While it's sickening that friends of Emperor Barack get allowance to do what mundane American subjects cannot, this just highlights the real tragedy: travel restrictions on US citizens.

Americans are forbidden from visiting Cuba or buying any Cuban goods as a relic from Cold War grandstanding. I often laugh when I see American subjects in Mexico howl with glee that they can buy a real Cuban cigar. With the Cold War over for all intents and purposes (not that it ever really existed), Washington has just lumped Cuba in with other states that sponsor terrorism...even though there really is no evidence that Cuba sponsors any such thing... nor acknowledgement that the US government attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous others were heinous terrorist attacks. Though it's no secret that the communist Cuban regime isn't shy about repression. Senator Marco Rubio called the visiting musicians out on that when he tweeted:

"If interested in what life if really like in Cuba, [Jay-Z and Beyonce] should have visited persecuted rapper Ángel Yunier Remón (99 problems and dictators are one)."

Remón was recently jailed for anti-government lyrics. But perhaps that's exactly what the Obama regime is trying to get across. Those entertainers who play along and support the regime -- like the Illuminati puppet Jay-Z -- will get all kinds of glaringly preferrential treatment and not be subject to persecution. Artists who don't get with the program, like Lupe Fiasco, will get the bumrush these days and may eventually find themselves in a gulag for criticizing their rulers.

Rubio also said:

“U.S. law clearly bans tourism to Cuba by American citizens because it provides money to a cruel, repressive and murderous regime...Since their inception, the Obama administration’s ‘people to people’ cultural exchange programs have been abused by tourists who have no interest in the Cuban people’s freedom and either don’t realize or don’t care that they’re essentially funding the regime’s systematic trampling of people’s human rights.”

We're not sure why Rubio is so incensed about Cuba when America itself is just as communist in all the ways that count. This, from the ten planks of communism:

  • "a heavy progressive or graduated income tax"
  • "Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly"
  • "Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state"
  • "Free education for all children in government schools; Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form; Combination of education with industrial production"

Actually, these are just the really obvious ones. The US has engaged in all ten planks in one manner or another.

Jay-Z and the Beyonce's trip to Cuba is a glaring reminder that Americans are anything but free. They are "free range" tax livestock to their political masters. As Stefan Molyneux often points out, free range does not mean free. The fact that Americans can be told where they can and cannot travel should stand out in the column of evidence -- along with income taxes -- to remind them that they are slaves.

This is why we urge people to get a second citizenship and passport, and even go so far as to consider giving up their American citizenship entirely. While it is true that another citizenships essentially means becoming part of a different tax farm, it is also true that there are many nation-states that do grant much more freedom than the USSA.  Although you could follow Jeff Berwick's Permanent Traveler/Prior Taxpayer (PT) Theory and legally avoid all constraints on your life.

Speaking of black celebrities visiting communist countries, it looks like Dennis Rodman might have somehow sparked World War III. I thought Rodman's visit and offer of lifelong friendship to Kim Jong Un was odd (and a little disturbing as Kim is an unabashed totalitarian dictator), but I certainly didn't expect Li'l Kim to get so aggressive with the South and by proxy with the US.  Although, even all of that is mostly propaganda.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that Obama is purposely sending these celebs out to cause international incidents. Obama probably didn't have anything to do with Madonna's recent weird and disastrous trip to Malawi, though the timing is quite a coincidence. By the time Madonna left, Malawi's criminal President Joyce Banda had revoked the superstar's VIP status.

There is said to be some bad blood between Banda and Madonna over the collapse of Madonna's charitable organization to help Malawi during which the president's sister was accused of mismanaging funds. Despite this and despite revocation of that VIP status treatment at the airport, President Banda was just fine with Madonna visiting Malawi in the future. "It's a free country," she said.

Ha, free just like the US.  You just have to ask permission for everything.



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