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Oh Kanada, How Amerikan You Have Become

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

I remember when Kanada used to be a humble, socialist backwater.  How things have changed!  Not the socialist part, unfortunately.

The top conman of Kanada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, actually stated at the G-8 summit that it is the G-7 plus one.

He's got quite the gall, considering Kanada is not even in the top eight GDP countries on Earth.  Three countries that are not even included in the G8 have a higher GDP than Kanada (Brazil, India and China). And, ahem, China is #2 on Earth and still gets excluded!

Kanada sits at number 11, behind Russia.

Yet, Stephen Harper has the nerve to say that Russia should not be included in this ignominious meeting of the top criminals from a select few of the top economies rated by GDP?

We'll get to the reason for this statement further below.


Not to sound like an old man whistfully yearning for his youth, but I actually kind of liked the way Kanada used to be. Not everything, of course. But, I liked that the average Kanadian was quite humble and not especially proud of his country... almost embarrassed of it, really.  I was born in 1970 so I remember the Kanadian loonie (dollar) wallowing well below the US dollar for most of my young life.

It then went on to trade at nearly $0.60 to the US dollar by near the end of the 90s. Your average Kanadian would shrug his shoulders and admit frankly that Kanada was the US's weak little sister and would joke that the loonie was worthless. Then he'd drink a beer.

I liked that much better. But since 2000 the Federal Reserve and the US government have been destroying the US dollar and the US economy at an even faster rate than the Kanadian government and the Bank of Kanada and the Kanadian dollar surpassed the US dollar in value.  Kanadians began to stand up straighter and upon shopping visits to the USSA would proudly boast about being from Kanada.

Then, when the US real estate market collapsed -- and for all intents and purposes, so did the US banking sector -- Kanadians stood up even straighter with their chests thrust out a little farther.  Aftera ll, the Kanadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the government's propaganda channel, told them the Kanadian fascistic banking system was far better than that of their Amerikan brethren (which, even if true, it isn't by much).

I remember the exact crucial moment when Kanadian patriotism went over the top. It was at the Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics. The entire country's collective identity was riding on the gold medal hockey game against the US. The game went into overtime.  I clenched my teeth... "Please don't let Kanada win!"  If they won, the amount of Kanadian collectivist euphoria would reach Amerikan levels of patriotism and stupidity. Sidney Crosby ended up scoring for Team Kanada and that was all she wrote.

"We're #1!" was the chant. And so it has been ever since. You can't go to a hockey game now where the extraneous singer of the national anthem isn't drowned out completely by 18,000+ fans shouting the anthem over top of him. When I was younger, half the people wouldn't even stand for the anthem or would go for beers as the singer droned on about the "true north strong and free".

But now we actually have the Prime Murderer of Kanada so full of hubris to state at a GDP summit of eight of the top 11 countries on Earth that one of them "doesn't count".


The whole ruckus is over Syria.  The Kanadian government stands proudly alongside the USSA government in conducting their plan to destroy the entire Middle East as General Wesley Clark stated here.

They've carried out their plan almost exactly as stated.

Afghanistan... alongside the Kanadians who are still sending troops over to occupy that land..


Libya... which war criminal Stephen Harper and the Kanadian government played a key roll in decimating.

Now Stephen Harper is upset Putin has a problem with the West playing a key role in obliterating Syria.

Putin may just have a point here.  

Now Kanadians stand dutifully at attention as military jets fly over their sporting events just like in the USSA, very proud of all the wanton destruction their government plays a part in.  Of course, it's not all their fault since the CBC tells them, always, that they are sending troops over to engage in "peace keeping".  Just like Amerikan propaganda tells them they are "fighting for freedom".  But since the advent of the internet, ignorance is no longer an excuse.


I would have left Kanada anyway given I don't like cold weather, a boring nightlife or massive taxation levels.  But now I have another good reason to be happy I left.  Kanada is beoming very Amerikan in their warmongering and patriotism levels.

I left Kanada ten years ago to become a Permanent Tourist/Prior Taxpayer (PT) and no longer support the Kanadian government via its extortion (taxes) in all of its murderous and thieving ventures. You can do the same to your Western tax farm.

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