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Galt’s Gulch Chile – Where the World Is Coming To

A Letter from the Editor:

Galt's Gulch Chile (GGC) seems to have garnered the attention of much of the liberty world and we are regularly overwhelmed by people wanting to know more. Rather than tell you myself I’ll allow the team at GGC to give you a full, encompassing update on all the latest news and information. Gary Gibson, one of our most popular regular writers here at TDV has already moved down to GGC and he is now regularly also writing on the GGC monthly newsletter. This newsletter went to GGC newsletter subscribers yesterday (which many noticed, adroitly, was “Atlas Shrugged Celebration Day” on September 2nd). So, if you’d like to hear Gary’s perspectives each month from GGC, please visit the GGC website and sign up for their monthly dispatches. Another TDVer, Wendy McElroy, has also purchased property at GGC and, of course, I’ll be there also. A number of other well known freedom advocates are also seriously considering making the move and that will be announced as it happens. Plus, even Jeffrey Tucker of Laissez Faire Books and a very well-known anarcho-capitalist picked Galt’s Gulch Chile as his best investment pick for the coming years at a recent large investment conference!

That, plus literally dozens of other TDVers have already staked their claim and I echo Jeffrey’s thoughts. Owning a piece of this property will return unbelievable returns in the coming years (but you’ll have to move fast if you want to secure your piece of history). Read on to see all the details of why. And don’t forget to sign up to GGC’s monthly newsletter if you want more of this information in the future.


Jeff Berwick

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by Galt’s Gulch Chile’s Managing Director, Ken Johnson]

While sitting under the stars, inhaling the fresh air and sipping on some Yerba Mate, made with fresh clean Galt's Gulch water, I thought I'd write an update for all of you. The reality of living in GGC is really hitting home and inspiring me to share my thoughts with all who share our desire for freedom and independence from the dystopian societies of our world.

As mentioned in our last update to you, we've been very busy completing approvals of our community master plan on 7,000 of our 11,000 titled acres, with architecture work and the ecological conceptual master plan design underway. I walked the land several times this past week, in between meetings with the local officials in Curacavi, federal officials in Santiago and the steady stream of clients and new residents visiting GGC. Walking the land makes me realize more and more that there simply are not any bad views or locations to be found throughout GGC...because it truly is an amazing and pristine place. I am grateful to be able to be a part of what our team is doing here, as well becoming friends with our new business partners in Chile, including Guillermo Ramirez and his very nice family, whom many of you have met on your visits with us. We are also always grateful to meet all of the wonderful freedom-minded people who visit us here at GGC.

I'm asked continually where I intend to choose my dream lot in GGC…and I thought I had the location somewhat figured out…but, as I continue to explore every square inch of our seventeen square miles of pristine valleys, hillsides and mountains, it becomes nearly impossible to narrow it down to my top twenty favorite areas...let alone just one. When you visit us at GGC, I am quite certain you will agree. 

The image of the project below is not a representation of our actual master plan being laid out, but rather, is an early architectural layout draft of our 7,000 acres sizing the community lot counts and estimating our final number of lots on these parcels. Our draft master plan will be available soon for those in our Founders Club and also our pre-sale lot buyers, but it will not resemble this map below. This simply illustrates the location and size of the land. The purple lots equate to 25-acre parcels, with the yellow lots ranging in size from 1.25 acres to 10 acres.

As we all know, good things come to those who wait…and Galt's Gulch is no different. We have invested months of time into our due diligence efforts on our land parcels and are investing equally focused and serious efforts into our environmental design and master plan. We have witnessed first hand the mismanagement of a nearby parcel of land which was being promoted as a residential/agricultural community by a group who didn't own the land they were, and possibly still are, promoting, as they seemingly rushed ahead with attempts to develop the land without the necessary approvals. This was an unfortunate event for all involved. We do urge anyone who is looking into a real estate purchase in Chile to inquire about land titles, water rights and mining rights, as they all play a significant role in the success or failure of the community in which you are considering living. We do hold title to our land, as well as our water rights and also our mining rights and are well along the pathway to approvals for roads, lakes and community areas, which we will be sharing all of the details of with our Founders Club members and also our pre-sale lot owners in the very near future.

Our team of environmental experts are highly respected amongst their peers in Chile, as well as those in the environmental protection agencies here. This respect is born from an undying focus on keeping the environment first and foremost in their minds at all times. We are planning out our large on-site greenhouse now, which will house many native Chilean species of trees, vegetation and flowers, to be planted all over Galt's Gulch as we incorporate our roads, lakes and community buildings. If you should ever have questions for our team about any of our environmental design plans and the protection of our pristine ecosystem, please just let us know anytime and we'd be happy to discuss them with you.

More on Water Rights

In our last update in July, I touched upon the large amount of registered water rights of GGC, but I feel that I should expand upon this a bit more in depth here in order to address some concerns that have been brought up by our clients, apparently resulting from public comments made by others who have proposed residential or agricultural communities in Chile at one time or another in the past couple of years, including the promoters referenced above. One of these parties has been promoting residential/agricultural project for a while now, but apparently seems to be on the pathway to never coming into being. We generally do reach out to all others in the freedom world who may want to work with us to create a community to collaborate on and to call home, but we find it quite difficult to include those who seem to focus their energies on the cultivation of sour grapes, rather than the fruits of their own labor.

And speaking of the fruits of one's labor...

When we closed on our recent purchase of approximately 7,000 acres, we also took title to over 760 liters per second (over 17,000 millions gallons per day) of registered water rights, with approximately 400 of these being underground water rights, allowing for the community to utilize our existing 50+ water wells, to deepen them as we choose and to move any of them within 200 meters of their current registered locations, giving GGC nearly complete freedom and unfettered access to the large aquifers upon which GGC rests.

The additional 360+ liters per second of the registered water rights which we own gives GGC access to the surface water of the two rivers that run through GGC. These surface water rights allow for us to add additional canals off of the larger of these two rivers, beyond the ones already in place, and also one canal off of the smaller river. At the present time, on the larger river, there is only one canal in use, which we currently share with another land parcel immediately south of GGC. We know that it would be quite foolhardy to rely on this one canal as a year-round source of water for our community, so we will be constructing the remainder of our registered canals to divert a large portion of the water from our larger river during the winter months, leaving properties downstream from GGC potentially lacking surface water for most, if not all, of the year.

Our team of experienced consultants and experts have carried out months of due diligence on our land titles, water rights, mining rights and all other aspects of the land, insuring that we indeed do have, what I believe to be, the most valuable land in Central Chile, if not all of Chile, for what we are all seeking...peace, prosperity and independence. After all, where else in this great country can you truly feel as if you are at the ends of the earth, while being 45-60 minutes from some of the most modern conveniences anywhere in the world in Santiago and the beach communities? Our most trusted team members are privy to information contained in several decades of studies pertaining to rainfall amounts, watershed areas, aquifer water volumes, water usage, soil quality, soil composition, water rights and a plethora of other matters in our region and immediate vicinity. The larger of our two aquifers, in which the lion's share of our water rights are located, has an average flow rate ranging up to over 3,300 liters per second. In addition to this large flow of water in our main aquifer, there are no water rights available for purchase, and very little owned, in the very large watershed area upstream from GGC...along with very small amount of inhabitants and farming in those areas, insuring generations of fresh clean water for our community. 

We do welcome any and all questions that pertain to our land titles, water rights, mining rights and soon-to-be-released master plan.

New Team Members and New GGC Owners

Since our last update in July, we have brought on many new team members, with over a dozen of them now living in and around GGC...and upwards of a dozen more hires occurring as we speak...set to move down in September. If you are interested in joining our team, we do give preference to those who plan to purchase a lot in the community, but we are always open to talking with everyone. We will soon have on-site housing for up to twenty team members, so they can really immerse themselves in all that is going on at GGC. If you have interest in talking with our team about joining us, just reach out and let us know a bit about yourself…we're always happy to make new friends who love what we are doing here.

Among our new team members is Gary Gibson, who managed and wrote for the freedom-oriented Whiskey & Gunpowder newsletter for Agora Financial. He currently edits and writes for The Dollar Vigilante. Gary will be working on the Galt's Gulch Partners Program, which I am very excited to announce will be ready for release to all of our colleagues, friends and families this coming week. If you are interested in becoming a Partner of Galt's Gulch, please email us at to learn more about how you can work directly with us to help grow our community and our vision around the globe. Gary will also be writing and editing a plethora of content for our new website, which is due to launch this week, while already authoring a wide array of articles about all aspects of life in, and around, Galt's Gulch, Santiago, the beach cities and Chile as a whole…as well as the economics of expatriating, living in South America, learning Spanglish, soaking up the culture, touring wine country, hanging out in Renaca during the summer months, becoming a resident and citizen of Chile, sipping on Chica in Curacavi and much much more. It is great to have him down here working with us full-time. If you have enjoyed his writing at Agora Financial or The Dollar Vigilante, please make sure to sign up for our newsletter updates and join us in the forums on our new website.

Some of our other new team members include Guillermo Ramirez (Project Management), Hector Riccardi (Legal Advisor), Fabiola Gutierrez (Farming Manager), Manuel Hermosilla (Environmental Expert), John DeToy (Construction Manager), Tatiana Moroz (Marketing Manager), Erin Gallagly (Sales Manager), Adolfo Aguirre (Environmental Planner), Renzo Rezzio (Permaculture and Agriculture Consultant), Gaelan Brown (Account Manager and Renewable Energy Consultant), Ronald Monroe (Account Manager), Jeff Greenlee (Sales and Management), Charlie MacCall (Sales and Admin), Diana Lozano (Executive Assistant), William McAlister (Account Manager), Juan Bermudez (Agriculture Specialist), Jorge Cabrera (Agriculture Specialist), Jose Ponce (Agriculture Specialist)...and with many others ready to head down to our beautiful corner of the world. We will be talking with our new team members in our new weekly updates for you, to give you some insight into their passions and excitement about being a part of GGC. We do hope that you all get a chance to come down and meet with them face-to-face.

As many of you may already know, a very good friend of ours and of the freedom movement, Wendy McElroy, became one of our recent lot owners at GGC. She is excited to join us down in Chile soon and wrote a very moving article about her experience in making the decision to distance herself from what many of us know is on the horizon for the failing systems of North America. Heartfelt articles, such as Wendy's, and feedback from all of our clients, are what drives me to do what I do…and I know it drives our entire GGC team as well. We are moved on a daily basis by the inquiries we receive from those looking to join our community. We do hope to talk with all of you soon, as we get close to getting caught up on our backlog of inquiries and continuing influx of new ones.

Our 5,000-square foot sales center and clubhouse, which we had hoped to have renovated this month, has been delayed a bit. We have our construction and agriculture teams laying out our plans for renovations on the clubhouse, guest haciendas, organic farm and more...and such plans are now underway...with full staff meetings for farming, construction, legal, sales, marketing and admin occurring weekly now to keep our large new team running smoothly. We will be releasing photos and videos on our website as all of the work is tackled and completed. It is truly an exciting time to see months of our hard work coming to fruition.

Pre-Sale Lot Program & Precious Metals Program

Our Pre-Sale lot program has been a great success, with our 1.25-acre lots nearly sold out, with the 2.5-acre and 5-acre lots close behind. Please visit our sales page to contact us for more information! 

As you may know, we announced our Precious Metals Program in order for our clients to purchase lots at GGC at significant discounts. We launched this program when precious metals were at some pretty low market values, so as to offer those who believe in precious metals (as we do…right after water, food and land) a great buying opportunity and to recover some of their losses if they wanted to use their precious metals for the purchase of a lot at Galt's Gulch.

Well, as you may also know, precious metals prices have since recovered a bit, so we have decided to no longer tie our purchase prices directly to a specific number of ounces, as we were doing, but rather simply offer 20% off on all of our pre-sale lots when purchasing with precious metals, as outlined here:

1.25-acre lots
 Pre-Sale Lot Program pricing - $48,500
 Precious Metals Program pricing - $38,800
 1st Phase pricing - $75,000

2.5-acre lots
 Pre-Sale Lot Program pricing - $92,500
 Precious Metals Program pricing - $74,000 
 1st Phase pricing - $128,500

5-acre lots
 Pre-Sale Lot Program pricing - $145,000
 Precious Metals Program pricing - $116,000
 1st Phase pricing - $195,000

The Founder's Club at Galt's Gulch

The Founders Club at Galt's Gulch has been a resounding success as well. So much so that we have decided to release four more lots located within our large organic lemon farming operations. These lots include fully-planted income-producing rows of organic lemons and some small areas of key limes…as well as our soon-to-be Guest Haciendas at Galt's Gulch. Both the organic food production and the Guest Haciendas will provide a nice return on investment, with absolutely no work to be done on your part. Our team manages these farm parcels full-time, with the fortunate Founder who purchases them receiving a monthly check for a 70% share of the net profits on farming revenues and 60% of the net profits on the Guest Hacienda rental, which we will soon be leasing out to incoming guests of Galt's Gulch when they tour the property. Please contact us for more details at our Founders Club page on the website.

Our Precious Metals Program pricing also applies to our Founders Club lots, with a full return on your purchase over three years (excludes the farm lots, which have an 80% return over three years) from Galt's Gulch and the passive monthly income from our organic farm management and Guest Hacienda programs.

Jeff Berwick and Tatiana Moroz were both at Libertopia this past weekend talking about GGC, with an on-going stream of conferences where you can find them and/or other GGC team members. Some of our upcoming events include Global Escape Hatch, in Bocas del Toro, Panama September 18th-22nd, LPAC, in Chantilly, VA September 19th-22nd and United We Stand Fest, at UCLA on October 12th.

Please don't hesitate to contact our team anytime. We'd be more than happy to share information with you on Galt's Gulch Chile


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