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A Rising Junior Gold Stock To Watch

August 26, 2014

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos]

You’ve barely heard from me in The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) Blog for the last few years in terms of my picks for gold and silver stocks. If you aren’t a TDV newsletter subscriber, where I comment nearly weekly on the markets and on precious metals stocks you’d think I’d all but disappeared.

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Jeff interviews David West An Anarchist Filmmaker

August 25, 2014

Jeff interviews conscientious objector and filmmaker David West, topics include: getting out of the military, conscientious objection today, US worship of the military, the rise of nationalism, pro war Christians, perverted hypocritical Christianity, entertainment as the best way to spread the message, Anarchist film-making.

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How Accredited Investors Should Follow the Marijuana Trend

August 25, 2014

[Editors Note: TDV Golden Trader Chief Editor, Vin Maru]

This is an exciting time to be an accredited investor in the medical marijuana/cannabis sector. Decriminalization is taking place around the world and that trend is gaining momentum. To be successful at investing, most sophisticated investors like to follow trends and get invested early while the trend is gaining momentum. Once you have maximum participation from the retail investing crowd, we can be assured the trend for that sector had pretty much peaked and will soon reverse.

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The Claims That The NSA Designed Bitcoin Are Unfounded - TDV Week In Review: August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014

Originally appeared at Bitcoinomics

A common hypothesis submitted by members of the bitcoin community argues that the National Security Agency (NSA), or some other government alphabet agency, invented bitcoin. Many bitcoiners laugh this suggestion off as “impossible,” but, on the contrary, there is precedent for such an assertion. But, that doesn’t make it true…

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Silver: As Close To A No-Brainer Investment As It Gets

August 22, 2014

[The following post by TDV Contributor, Jeff Clark]

Jim Rogers once quipped that he waits to invest until “there’s a pile of money just sitting there in a corner and I can walk over and pick it up.”

In other words, an asset that’s deeply undervalued, widely ignored, with potent fundamentals ready to kick in.

Is there such an opportunity in any of the precious metals right now?

One could make a case for all of them, given the likelihood of high inflation and the mainstream largely ignoring the industry.

But there’s one metal in particular that I think will deliver the most fireworks…

Why The Silver Price Could Double Or Even Triple

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Jeff interviews Anarchist Rapper Neema V on Anarchast

August 21, 2014

Jeff interviews Anarchist Rapper Neema V, topics include: self protection, Ron Paul as an Anarchist, politics will never work, a gun for everyone, rap as anti-state, rap as a vessel for spreading the message, Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, Tupac, Anarchapulco, state assassinations of those who speak out, optimism and decentralization.

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Snowbirds Flying Into FATCA Trap

August 21, 2014

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV contributor, Chris Horlacher]

Many Canadians, referred to as snowbirds, spend 3 to 6 months each year in the United States.  If they think to consult a tax adviser at all they're usually told that so long as they spend less than 183 days per year in the USA, they can rest assured that they will not be triggering any tax consequences.  A brief reading of the US tax code would appear to verify this statement; however there is a nuance that threatens to trap snowbirds in the IRS's web.

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The Vigilante's View on Ferguson and the US Police State

August 20, 2014

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

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Jeff Berwick with Sean Springer on Anarchast

August 19, 2014

Jeff interviews Sean Springer and A J Viviani about thier new movie project, an animated feature with an anarchist message, Uncle Samta. Topics include: the power of film to change hearts and minds, how mainstream theatre reinforces statism, an anarchist themed christmas movie, kickstarter funding, marketing and other aspects of film production, how over-regulation is killing the film industry.

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Ask Not For Whom the Bellwether Tolls

August 19, 2014

[The following post by TDV Contributor, Wendy McElroy]

“Bellwether” is an archaic word for a sheep with a bell around its neck that leads a flock. It now refers to an indicator or predictor of a trend.

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