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Feedback Friday - November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012

Well, TDVers, we’re getting ever closer to the election, and judging from your emails, comments, and queries, you’re as unimpressed with the inevitable outcome as we are—that inevitability being four more years of an ever increasing police state and reduction of civil liberty in the good ole USSA. You’ve come to the right place…we can help.

On to the feedback…


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How Not to Start a Business in Mexico

November 1, 2012

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV contributor, Ben Lagow]

Recently, during one of my frequent visits to, an article caught my attention. It was titled, “So, How Can I Make a Living in Mexico?" written by Jim Karger of The Dollar Vigilante. It piqued my interest because I had actually attempted to make it in business in Mexico.

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Remember, Remember the Sixth of November

October 31, 2012

They've mastered it.  Slow hand clap.  Huzzah!

The US democratic fasco-communist system has finally mastered the US elections.  Before it used to at least hold out some sort of imagined hope of a change.  McCrazy versus the Obamanator?  The creator of the internet, Al Gore, versus the wretched filth offspring of the Bush Crime Family?  At least they had a perception of having a difference!

But, Obambney versus Robama?  Well done, political/elite class. Well done.

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Hurricane Draws Out Political and Economic Fallacies

October 30, 2012

Throughout the next few days in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy you will repeatedly hear two great untruths:

We need government to protect us from natural disasters.

Natural disasters are good for the economy.

Regarding the first fallacy, let us consider today's New York Times op-ed commentary, which is predictably fawning about centralized political power.

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Mexico Joins the US and Others in Implementing Capital Controls

October 29, 2012

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by Jim Karger, TDV legal correspondent]

By 2014, the US Department of Homeland Security will be able to scan you at the molecular level from 164 feet, and you won't even know it. Starting 2013, the US Department of the Treasury will be able to scan every bank and brokerage account you have in the world, save a few possibilities. In both cases, if the government doesn't like what it sees, they can make short work of you and your money.

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TDV Week in Review October 28th, 2012

October 28, 2012

An infrequent visitor to the US might get the impression that the nation is a police state on lockdown where one is more likely to get detained or shot by the police than one is to have a good time. And that's largely true. At least on the surface...

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The Weekend Vigilante October 27th, 2012

October 27, 2012

Hello from Spokane, Washington,

I flew in a few nights ago through Mexico City and then San Francisco.  In SF I was forced at gunpoint to explain my reasons for being there.  The 20-something kid with a buzz cut looked me up and down and asked, "Who are you here to see?"  I replied, "No one."  He leered up.  "What are you here to do?"  I replied blankly again, "Conference".

He then began to type in the computer for about 20 minutes.  I can't even imagine what he was writing as I had only said two words... I'm not sure how that can be turned into a book.  But he typed away for what seemed like an eternity and then gave me my passport, "You can go."

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Feedback Friday - October 26, 2012

October 26, 2012

Once again, it’s time to address your concerns, TDVers. As always, we take Friday’s to go through your letters, emails, messages, and missives in order to provide you with the answers you’re so desperately in search of. The answers you’ll only find at TDV.

On to the feedback…


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How Many Bubbles in a Bar of Soap?

October 25, 2012

Quick, can you name all the people who were in the room when you were born? Could you give the name and number of every supervisor you've ever had? Or tell me the address or addresses of both your parents one year before your birth?

If you have trouble answering any of the above questions, then the US government may deny you a new US passport. And simply in order to apply, you may be asked to divulge some extremely personal information, though I can't imagine any good reason the government needs to know whether or not you were circumcised. reports: 

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So, How Can I Make A Living In Mexico?

October 24, 2012

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by Jim Karger, TDV Legal Correspondent]

There are hundreds of thousands of US citizens who would like to escape America now.

So, why don't they pick up and leave?


They don't have enough to live on the income generated by their savings for the rest of their lives. (Many actually do and believe they don't, but I will save that topic for another article.)

For those who want to live in Mexico, and who know they will need to work to stay here, this is for you: Some ideas on how to make a living south of the border.

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