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Feedback Friday - June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012
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Welcome to another edition of Feedback Friday!  Jeff is at the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire this week and speaking Friday night at 7pm in the Shire Pavilion if you are there.  He still found time to respond to some feedback, though.  So, let's get to it!


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FBAR, 8398, FATCA, And Capital Controls - The Trail That Leads To The Forced Repatriation Of Your Foreign Assets

June 21, 2012
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[Editor's note: the following post is by Jim Karger, TDV Legal Correspondent]

American taxpayers worldwide face a June 30th deadline to file with the U.S. Department of Treasury the Form TD-90-22.1, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, also known as the FBAR.

On its face, the FBAR is just another form in a long line of forms required by the US government of its citizenry. 

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Let Go, Live Free

June 20, 2012
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We’ve received an inordinate amount of emails lately from people who sound absolutely defeated.  They often state something along the lines of: “We know the Western world is in collapse but we have no real assets and we are stuck.”  They also usually go on to state that TDV’s advice is only for “rich people”.

While a large part of our advice and info is obviously to help people who have some assets protect them and our advice on how to protect yourself, through expatriation or second passports, has the ability to sound as if it takes some significant wealth to enact, that is simply not the case.

But before we get into that, let’s get some perspective.


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Hayekian Moments in Life

June 19, 2012
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[The following post is by Jeffrey Tucker, Executive Editor of Laissez-Faire Books]

I never tire of looking out the windows of airplanes. For all of human history, until just about the day before yesterday, no living person saw the world like this. People could climb up to the top of mountains and see the valleys below. But to see that whole view looking straight down was the privilege of birds and God. Then about 100 years ago, this changed and we could see what we never really experienced directly.

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Collectivism, Statism, And Fascism: Free Speech Silenced In Three Easy Steps

June 18, 2012
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[Editor's note: the following post is by Jim Karger, TDV Legal Correspondent]

Collectivism is the fiction that a "we" exists that has needs independent of, different from, and more important than the desires and needs of each individual who make up the collective. 

Statism is but one form of collectivism, but it is the most pernicious form because individuals are assigned to a State collective at birth, indoctrinated into the belief that their collective is superior to all other collectives, and that the defense of their collective is a moral imperative.

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The Weekend Vigilante June 16th, 2012

June 16, 2012
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Hello from rainy Acapulco,

There are only a few days of the year here that can be considered rainy so this is noteworthy!  We seemed to be right in the cross hairs of category two Hurricane Carlotta but it hit just south of here in Puerto Escondido and quickly fizzled last night.  The hurricane was estimated to reach here at 4am and it did.  But, by the time it got here it was just a gusty rain shower - and not much of one at that.

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Feedback Friday - June 15, 2012

June 14, 2012
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Welcome to this week's addition of Feedback Friday.  Most of the staff, and a number of readers and subscribers of TDV are all huddled in at AcaCondos awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Carlotta.  Don't worry about us, though.  We knew it was coming so we bought extra vodka, whiskey, tequila and lots of ice.  We should be fine!

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Capital & Travel Controls and Preparing for Chaos in Europe

June 14, 2012
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It looks like it is going to be another hot summer in Europe.  We really should change our logo for the time being.

The current liquidity crisis in the southern periphery of the Eurozone continues to spread. There are already quiet electronic bank runs in progress in Greece and Spain. On Monday, a bank "holiday" was announced in Italy.

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Slave On Slave Action

June 13, 2012
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That we, as humanity, have never been more enslaved is irrefutable.  Almost all of us, except the smart few who escape, are forced, by extortion, to hand over half of our incomes to the state.  We're forced to pay rent in the form of property tax to live in a house and like any good mafia, the state takes a cut of almost any transaction we do in the various forms of sales taxes, cigarette, alcohol and gasoline taxes, just to name a few.  We need permission to travel, permission to work and we are nearly constantly being surveilled in everything we write, do or say.  And, in many countries, if we break one of millions of ubiquitous laws, most of them non-crimes with no victim and no violence, we'll be kidnapped and put in cages.

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Those Who See Will Survive the Coming Monetary System Collapse

June 12, 2012
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It seems not a terrible lot has changed since the 1400s.  Leonardo da Vinci then stated, “There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.”

While we can't be certain of the percentages of each back then, certainly, today, those who do not see are the vast majority.  Those who see when they are shown are very unusual.  And those who see sometimes seem as rare as astatine - an element so rare that the total amount on Earth is thought to be less than 28 grams (1 ounce) at any given time.

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