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topic: No matter what passport .... be as free as you can.....

Withdraw your money, labor and consent to be a slave.... as much as you can.  

A boat gives you the ability to move your home whenever you don't like the local situation. Having a seaworthy boat that isn't a fuel hog is an answer.  A sailboat or a sleek low powered trawler.   Lots of boats going cheap now a day.    Especially Hurricane Sandy boats.

If a good percent of the productive people do the atlas shrug... the slave masters will be in a world of hurt.

If we remove all our money from the banks that aren't safe and pay no interest anyway....we could collapse the fractional reserve banking system... the slave masters will be in a world of hurt.

If we would assemble in numbers .... as free men ... and not slaves ..... the slave masters would shit their pants.   

And if we would commit to freedom over security .... being prepared to whip out our dicks and piss on the roots of the liberty tree .... the slave masters would know their days were numbered....

Do you want to wait to be cold and hungry before you act.   Do you want to wait till you have depleted your resources before you act....????

History tells us what to expect.... why go thru the whole cycle.... cut the cycle short .... grow a set of balls .... and withdraw your consent / prepare for that day that's diffinately coming .....  the day when the shit hits the fan.....







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