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TDV Week in Review August 25th, 2013

You Can Escape Hell...But First You Must Travel Through It

By the time you read this I'll probably be boarding a flight to Santiago, Chile after a long, long layover in Miami International Airport. 

I won't lie to you, good reader. The stress only increased as the day of departure approached. The hourse before my predawn departure from Minneapolis-Saint Paul produced something aking to a panic attack or two. I spoke to my intrepid editor-in-chief a few days ago about the mingling of growing excitment and anxiety concerning my coming departure. "Most people really get stressed about that sort of travel," said Jeff, "but it excites me." 

Fair enough! But in my defense I've been trying to get rid of all my possessions from two rental properties in addition to the prospect of leaving all I have known and all I have been trying to build up these past couple of years. My initial love of Minneapolis has only deepened in the two years since I arrived. I have routines and spheres of intimacy that it pains me to leave.

But there's nothing like a round of travel through the USSA to remind one of the wisdom in getting the hell out. 

Twice the flight crew announced how thankful they were for the "sacrifice" of the families who provide automatons and cannon fodder for the state. "To our veterans and soldiers, this American Airlines crew would like to extend its deepest thanks for your service and your sacrifice to protect our freedoms."

I can't believe I still have to hear this garbage. It's beyond pathetic. And I can't believe how mad it still makes me when I hear it. You'd think I'd have come to terms with it by now. But I also took a cold comfort in it this time around. It made me feel better about my decision to get rid of all my stuff in the States and accept the offer to go to Galt's Gulch, Chile. If Americans are still thanking the troops for defending America's freedoms, then there's clearly a lot of ruin left in that nation. 


Gart Gibson
Editor, The Dollar Vigilante

P.S. I'm looking forward to complaining about the US a lot less and singing the praises of Chile a lot more.

Before we get to the review let’s have a look at what you missed in this month’s TDV Issue. Kicking things off, in my “Memory Hole”, I discussed the latest Bernanke-led mess that is the Fed. Next, in his “Big Picture”, Jeff Berwick contrasted tragedy and our ability to adapt and change. Really interesting piece, a must-read.

Ed Bugos had a special edition “Review and Outlook”, with a look at new additions to the TDV portfolio, and analysis.

Jeff found stories whose hyperlinks you need to click in order to believe in “Other News from TEOTMSAWKI and TDV Related Tidbits”. James Guzman told us 5 items we need to make a house a home, anywhere. Last, we profiled the estimable Alex Jones.

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Here’s what we wrote about this week…

MONDAY, August 19

Get Your Kids Out of Public School in the US

Jeff Berwick warns of the dangers of US indoctrination camps, ahem, schools.

“Of course, again, we don't believe in forced schooling at all, and we prefer and strongly support unschooling.  Or, at least homeschooling.  We don't think such a thing as a "public school" should exist, since "public" means it is immorally funded with stolen money and immune to the free market forces that improve quality and lower costs.  But, at least in Chile if you are going to put your kids into public school, the transit to school isn't also part of the government monopoly and you have competing private enterprise options.”

continue reading…

TUESDAY, August 20

Berlusconi, Debt Bomb, and La Casta

TDV Italy correspondent Alexander Jousse on the habitual corruption in Italy.

“Once again Italy will take center stage in the global financial crisis, and the architect of Italy's impending disaster is once again former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. Not only is he trying to trigger another crisis in order to keep power, he is responsible for a lot of Italy's current problems. During the first few years of his premiership, he had plenty of opportunity to reverse Italy’s course by cutting government spending and reforming labor laws; instead he decided to push the pedal to the metal and increase spending and make laws to benefit himself and his friends. In this way he was a lot like that paragon of virtue and responsibility, George W. Bush; he talks about free markets and liberty, but had a very different agenda.” 

continue reading…

Wednesday, August 21

America Eats Its Young

Wendy McElroy confronts the manner in which Americans abuse youth through student debt.

“Obama just signed the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act. It was cheered as a victory for students in higher ed because it keeps federal student loans at low interest rates through 2015. The victory is Pyrrhic.

The law is more accurately called the Debt Serf Pipeline Act because students who use the loans are pouring their financial futures down the insatiable drain of the state. Like the grads before them, they are likely to end up moving back home and working two minimum wage jobs, if they are lucky enough to get them. Their subsistence wages will go toward enriching the federal government which expects to make $184+ billion on the loans over the next 10 years. Because Congress excluded student loans from bankruptcy proceedings, there is no way out for this generation of grads. The debt collectors will dig them up from the grave, if necessary.”

continue reading…

Thursday, August 22

Bonds "R" Us

Redmond Weissenberger on the latest Bernanke-led debacle that is the Fed.

"here was a slight hiccup in the US bond market recently. The yield on 10-year Treasury bonds rose 11 basis points, going from 2.712% to 2.82%. The jump, while relatively small, is demonstrative of much bigger implications for the overall economy.

The news brought a flurry of excitement from the talking heads on financial television. After years of suppressed interest rates - courtesy of Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve - it looked like we would finally be seeing some action. So what actually went down?”

continue reading…

FRIDAY, August 23

Feedback Friday – August 23, 2013

In this week’s Feedback Friday: Dimes, Galt’s Gulch, and more.

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SATURDAY, August 24

The Weekend Vigilante — August 24, 2013

In his weekly address to TDVers, Jeff Berwick checks in from Mexico City...

continue reading…


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