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Thank you for presenting the truth in such a refreshing and uncompromising style. It feels good that freedom is alive and kicking!

Patrick W., Germany

Thank you for adding info about the importance of Self Defense.  Beside you and Gerald Celente it is rare to even hear of this most important need.  As a professional self protection instructor with over 200 locations internationally, I often hear stories of those that come for our service after they have experienced the attack and the need, that they were not prepared for.  It is so much akin to your invaluable services, helping people to prepare for the future and in this case inevitable global crises about to unfold (as it has already begun).  It is really quite amazing that people do not want to fight, but they do often times fight those trying to help them. I am an ardent fan of your services and enacted some of the suggestions forwarded, thank you again for working to help so many.

Evan Pantazi, USA – Author and founder of Kyusho

I appreciate your blog & newsletter.  Tremendous insight!

Ralph S., USA

sometimes i forget that I am paying for this service, but then i realize that I would pay alot more. thanks guys for offering a great price for great info.

Luke B

 TDV is the only premium membership I continue to renew, as it is by far the most useful, and with the most actionable, spelled-out advice.  Keep it up.


Terry N., Canada

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