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What The Puppet Masters Don’t Want You To Know [VIDEO]

Conspiracy theories: they’re a viral internet sensation. Most people either love them… or love to hate them. Say what you will about this emerging era of hyper-skepticism, but one thing is for sure: the powerful “elite” have given us ample reasons not to trust them. And sometimes, the greatest deceptions are lies by omission. I…
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The US Government Is Coming For Your Guns

Over the past several weeks, government thugs in the USSA have essentially declared war against private gun owners, openly calling for confiscation of weapons. In some states, police have already been casting a wide net, serving warrants on hundreds of law-abiding citizens. Advocates of firearm restrictions have often said, “no one is coming to take…
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Recovering From Addiction Despite Government Making It Worse [VIDEO]

Most of society’s biggest problems are caused by government. Anyone who has experienced addiction, the prison industrial system or even rehab quickly realizes that the establishment is set up not to heal or free you but to keep you sick and dependant, unable to survive without their drugs. Jason Perz was prescribed heavy pain killers…
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Cryptocurrencies Are A Scam and Are Dead. I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong.

Juuuust kidding! It has been a rough year for cryptocurrencies… exactly as we expected and told subscribers and said publicly since December of last year. In fact, almost exactly one year ago to the day, I put out this video titled, “It’s Time to Rotate Crypto Gains Into Forgotten Gold Stocks” and followed up on…
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FascistBook Censorship Continues: Jeff Berwick Banned From FBIBook

We’ve been covering all the anti-establishment, pro-freedom, truth and alternative media censorship at FascistBook, especially since last month when FedBook Purged Hundreds of Alternative Media Pages. Nearly every good person I know has, at some point, been suspended from Facebook, which left me wondering how I managed to slip through their authoritarian, Big Brother, 1984…
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Gold, Crypto, and The Truth About Money [VIDEO]

“Have you ever conducted a genocide?” This is the ludicrous question that was seriously asked to my wife by customs “officials” when applying for permission from the criminal Australian government to visit an entire continent. We were eventually granted permission from the Queen so that I could speak at the Precious Metals Investment Symposium in…
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"A dollar vigilante is a free market individual who protests the government monopoly on money and financial policies such as fractional reserve banking and un-backed fiat currencies by selling those same fiat currencies in favor of other assets, often including gold, silver, foreign real estate and bitcoin."

The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) is not your typical financial newsletter. While we cover all aspects of the ongoing collapse of the US dollar financial system, we do it from a free market view. In fact we are the most thoroughly free market newsletter there is as all editors, writers and analysts for TDV are libertarian purists (anarcho-capitalists) grounded in free-market Austrian economics.

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Here at TDV we have absolutely no illusions about governments and central banks and their inherent tendency to steal, distort markets and cause physical and economic destruction…

Therefore our analysts can offer the best advice on how to protect your current assets and standard of living. We can also help you grow those assets, too.



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TDV is one of the few things I read as soon as it hits my inbox. It's very well written, and quite entertaining, but more important, sound and thoughtful. And at once radical and rational. Put me down as a big fan.

Jeffrey Tucker

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Jeff Berwick's Dollar Vigilante is a stalwart site and newsletter, always focused on the primacy of human freedom and the artificiality of any institution that stands in its way.


Lew Rockwell

Founder of the Ludwig von Mises Institute

Jeff Berwick is an adventurer and a world citizen, a financial expert and a great writer, an anarcho-capitalist and a fearless opponent of the power-elite. If you don't subscribe to his Dollar Vigilante, do it now. You'll thank me


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