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Violence In Venezuela: Urgent Warning To America [VIDEO]

My thoughts are with the people of Venezuela. Before its citizens were forced to dodge tanks and eat stray dogs and cats for survival, the South American country was a jewel in its own right. Their political system, dominated by the United Socialist Party, has led to Venezuela being ranked one of the most corrupt…

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Bankrupt US and Venezuelan Regimes Barring Travel to Citizenry Attempting to Flee

[cresta-social-share] Over the past few years we have watched the situation in Venezuela continually deteriorate as the country’s socialist regime led by Nicolas Maduro has helped to hyperinflate the nation into oblivion. For Venezuelans, this runaway inflation has come with a number of awful consequences. The situation is especially dire in Caracas where people often…

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The War on Cash Rages On in India and Venezuela

[cresta-social-share] Imagine you roll out of bed tomorrow to find out that US $100 and $50 bills were outlawed and deemed worthless?  Hard as it is to believe, this is now taking place in both Venezuela and India. It’s a war on cash. And it’s coming soon to your doorstep. This past Sunday, President Maduro,…

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