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AcaCondos : Discover Acapulco

Hello and welcome to Acapulco!

As you likely already know, my name is Jeff Berwick and I write The Dollar Vigilante , a newsletter focused on helping people survive the coming dollar collapse and strategies to do so including expatriation.

I was born and raised in Canada but defected in 2003 to a world that I found much freer.  Initially I tried to sail around the world as part of my quest to see the world but after I sank my catamaran in 2005 in El Salvador I kept going via backpack and ended up visiting nearly 100 countries and lived for a period of time in places like Hong Kong, China and Thailand before returning to my favorite place in the world: Acapulco!

Not many people know much about Acapulco.  It is a 500 year old city and port and was the originator of global trade when Spanish Galleons would travel bi-annually from Acapulco to Manila in the Philippines.  Still to this day most Acapulquenos are part Asian… and part African too, from the slave trade… and part Spanish too.

It also was the world's first true tourist destination as early as the 1950s and throughout the '60s and '70s it was the playground for the world's rich and famous.  But, then, the Mexican Government decided to build, from scratch, tourist zones such as Cabo San Lucas (to attract the West coast Americans and Canadians) and Cancun (for the East coast) and decided to leave Acapulco as being the place for Mexico's rich and famous.  It is still that way today and that is why I love it so much.  Today people, like the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, is putting tens of millions of dollars into the city while many other Mexican billionaires and multimillionaires dot the hillside in exclusive areas such as Las Brisas and Diamante.

As well, tens of thousands make the four hour drive from Mexico City every weekend to enjoy one of the most beautiful bays in the world.  This means that Acapulco has something for everyone… from the cheapest bars and restaurants to some of the most high class and prolific discos – such as Baby O's, Classico del Mar and Mandara – and best restaurants on Earth such as Becco al Mare and Suntory.
La Isla Shopping VillageThe city is currently undergoing another rebirth.  World class artists like Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Wisin and Yandel are regularly here filming music videos and new restaurants open each week adhering to all kinds of tastes.  People such as world famous singer Luis Miguel has just recently opened an opulent, outdoor shopping and leisure area called La Isla.  And the city has new convention centers and is currently building a new soccer stadium.

In other words, it's booming.  But, here is the great thing… not many people know it yet.  Real estate prices are still incredibly affordable and have yet to move up dramatically – which we think they will in the next few years.

As one example, I found one 30 year old building right on the middle of the bay in Acapulco that is surrounded by million dollar condo buildings that was selling condos in the range of $60,000 or less!  All they needed was some refurbishment – which we did – and I was sure they’d be worth much more… and I was right.  This is now known as AcaCondos and is doing very well.  Then, upon selling a number of units I realized that most owners (not all, but some) didn’t want to live here year round but to either have the units as a full time investment property or just to use it for a few weeks or months per year in the winter… so we set-up a boutique hotel concept called Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites in which we rent out the rooms on their behalf.

That too has been a big success.  It is the #1 rated boutique hotel in Acapulco on Trip Advisor and our rental occupancies continue to rise every year.

But, then we heard from other potential buyers that they are interested in more than just studio and two bedroom condos and penthouses on the beach… some want larger homes or homes or condos in different areas.  So we then set up a service to help foreigners find the property of their dreams in Acapulco.

All told, we are now an all-service company that can help anyone find exactly what they need.  Even better, we can offer you to come down, pick you up at the airport and you can stay in some of our privately owned suites at a substantial discount while you check out potential condos or homes for sale!  It is the ultimate turn-key solution… and believe me, I wish this existed four years ago when I first tried to buy here… I couldn’t even find a real estate agent who spoke English (and back then I knew no more than “una mas cerveza, por favor”) and many of them tried to take advantage of me.  But now we are building a large expat community here who can help you find your way until you learn a few Spanish words… which isn't as hard as it looks once you are immersed in the environment.

So, if you are looking to move to Mexico or just to own a great revenue producing property (ROI’s can be as high as 15% per annum or more!) you’ve found the right place.

Enter your info below and let us know how we can help.  Then, come down and have a cerveza with us on the beach and let us show you what is available.  Believe me, you won’t be disappointed!

Jeff Berwick