Is This What Government is for?

It is our intention to put insights and analysis on daily news events and other areas of interest in our Blog which did not meet the criteria for inclusion in our monthly newsletter.  That is a long winded way of saying that we are going to use this space to just casually post items of interest that passed our desk during the day.

And so, with that, let’s begin!

I was speaking to an old friend today.  We lost contact for years but Facebook reunited us.  For those who don’t use Facebook I really recommend it.  It has become invaluable to me to keep contact with old friends and colleagues and family.  Everyone is on it.  I realized that when my grandfather called me two years ago to ask me what my Facebook account was!

Anyway, we were catching up on a lot of missed time together.  I first met him when I used to own a recording studio in the early 1990s and he would come in to record Voice Overs for commercials, video games and cartoons.  He’s one of those guys with a really deep and charismatic voice – he’s usually the villain in most things he is cast.

I was going through his resume and was amazed by the amount of big name video games he starred in.  He played lead roles in such video gaming household names as Halo Wars and Call of Duty 4.

My comment to him was that he must be doing really well.  His response was that it was a really painful thing to find out that after working for years to reach the top levels of his craft that the paydays were very, very small.  Many of his lead roles in multi-hundred million dollar video games netted him a paycheck of less than $1,000!  I was shocked at how little they get paid.

I even quickly did some YouTube searches of Voice Over guys and came upon this clip of James Earl Jones recounting his role as the voice over actor for Darth Vader in Star Wars.  His paycheck for being a voice that everyone in the world knows: $7,000!

That was all interesting but none of this would have seen the light of day in The Dollar Vigilante blog until my friend recounted, “If it weren’t for certain gigs, like this gig I did for the US Governments National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which paid me $3,000, I’d barely be getting by!”

He went on to state, “The funny part of that gig was that it never even saw the light of day.  The commercial itself was too gruesome to air on broadcast television.”

Here is the commercial for those interested.  It comes in a “bloody” version and a “non-bloody” version for those who may be squeamish!

But the blood wasn’t the part that made me want to puke.  What made me want to puke is that there is actually a department of the US Government called the “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” which likely employs countless bureaucrats who sit around and plan ways to spend taxpayer money to scare people into wearing seatbelts!  And not only are they making literally ridiculous amounts of commercials for this (see their website page where they have dozens of radio, TV and web spots ) campaign, many or all of which never even get to air.  And that is actually a good thing, because if they did make it to air, that means that US taxpayers are then paying big dollars in advertising to be told to wear their seatbelts by means of scare-tactics!

In essence, the US government is going to your door, saying that you need to give them $10.  You ask them why and they just tell you its for your own good so just do it.  They then hint at jailtime if you do not pay your taxes.  Then they go and use your $10 to pay people to come to your door with blood on their face and try to scare you into wearing your seat belt.

Where in the US Constitution is this stipulated as a role of government?

It’s just one of, literally, a million departments and agencies all spending your money as fast as they can on wasteful and useless projects.

Does watching that commercial make you want to wear your seatbelt?  Or does it make you want to grab a pitchfork and a torch and head down to Congress?  If you chose the latter we are with you!?