Resurrection + another track for your iPod

Oh how I wish I could resurrect people.  The hypothetical question is often asked, “If you could bring one person in history back from the dead and have a conversation, who would you choose?”

I know who I'd pick!  Right now!  Bring back Thomas Jefferson, my favorite of the “founding fathers” of the US and the principal author of The Declaration of Independence.

Why?  I just think seeing the look on his face after he took a quick survey of his United States of America would be priceless!

Sure, at first, he'd be astounded that he'd been resurrected.  And very quickly he'd see all the amazing innovations, many of which were developed in free markets that he helped create, such as cars, airplanes, antibiotics, nuclear reactors and the internet.  He'd be in awe… for a moment.

But then I'd show him just a random sampling of headlines from the last few days in the USA.  That is when the magic would happen.  Get your camera ready!

Feds Admit Storing Checkpoint Body Scan Images
Feds Raid Amish Dairy and Threaten Action Over Raw Milk Sales
Young Buck's Home Raided by Shotgun Toting Feds

I am certain after seeing just a few of these headlines we would get to see a facial expression never before seen in history.

And then to save him from any more pain we could show him this video and he'd immediately have a heart attack and return to his peaceful slumber:


And now, for a bit of light entertainment, check out this hilarious video about what 99.99% of politicians are really all about:

And finally, here is an excellent track for your iPod from the Foo Fighters called The Pretender.  The video is incredibly well done.  The theme of the song and the video is about standing up to the oppression of your government.  The clash scene that starts at 3:15 of the video is truly epic and should keep you energized in the gym as you prepare for the coming currency collapse and riots!

You can view it at YouTube at this link:

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