Wake Jefferson Back Up + another iPod track

Yesterday we resurrected Thomas Jefferson to give him a glimpse of what has transpired in the USA in the last 300 odd years since he wrote the Declaration of Independence.  After seeing just a few items he had a heart attack and died again.

Well, let's wake him up, just one more time!  I gotta see his expression when he sees today's headlines!!

Portland Lemonade Stand (Run by 7 year old) Runs Into Health Inspectors, Needs $120 License to Operate
Man Faces 16 Years in Jail For Putting An Encounter With a Policeman on YouTube
General Motors (Now Owned by US Government) Donates Money to Lawmakers' Pet Projects

What follows are the transcripts of my conversation with Thomas Jefferson (TJ):

TJ: What the dickens!  Oohh I have just awoken from the most terrible of nightmares.

Jeff Berwick (JB ): It's a nightmare, alright, but you weren't sleeping Tommy.  Take a look at these headlines, just from today, in 2010!

TJ:  This can't be!  By what right did these men from the government have to forcibly shut down that little girls stand and demand money from her?  We must revolt!

JB: They are going to revolt.  It's called the Lemonade Revolt.  You can sign up for it on Facebook.

TJ: Facebook?  I don't know of what you speak but this Lemonade Revolt doesn't sound like much of a revolt to me.  We need to take arms with our muskets and take back the republic!

JB: I'm with ya!

TJ: And what is this, the government owns an automobile company?  How could they possibly?  With what money could they purchase a private company?

JB: Oh, you are going to love this, income tax!  Plus thousands of other assorted taxes and levies.

TJ: You must be gilding the lily!

JB: I don't know what that means.  But I'm sure you are right!

TJ: Well, at least tell me that we have managed to keep those dogs in England away from our sacred republic.

JB: Hmm, not exactly.  They are, sort of, the only friend the US has right now.  In fact, England joined the US when they went and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.  The US & the UK are in NATO, together, along with 26 other countries.  And the US is now threatening war with Iran and is conducting daily drone operations in Pakistan.

TJ: Congress approved all of these wars and alliances?

JB: Not really, they don't really go through the trouble of “declaring war” anymore, the President just, sort of, decides.  The last President used to call himself, “The Decider”, in fact!

TJ: And who is now the President?

JB: His name is Barack Obama.  He actually just won the Nobel Peace Prize!

TJ: Has no one listened to anything I said?  “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none?”… “Conquest is not in our principles.  It is inconsistent with our government?”… Any of those sound familiar?

JB: I thought you coined, “They hate us for our freedom?”.. No?

TJ: Ohhhhh, I feel feint.

And with that we bid Thomas Jefferson farewell yet again.  Perhaps one day we can resurrect him and show him something we can be proud of!

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In the meantime, here is our latest pick for your iPod.  It's an old rap classic.  Rap, in fact, was a musical art form founded on the basis of freedom as American blacks were so oppressed by the system that it was almost always central to the message of rap.  This track and video have great lyrics and message and are from one of the best and wisest rappers, known as the teacher, KRS One.?