TDV Idiot Politician of the Day (IPOD)

Politics attracts the most interesting sociopaths.  Take, for example, this guy!:

Why do these people end up in politics?  The main reason is just that people like this, and 99% of all politicians we have ever heard of or met are so delusional and incompetent that literally the only place they have a chance to succeed is in politics where their insane ranting might somehow be construed by lower mortals deeply ensconced on their couch and high on cheesies and twisty bread as being “my kinda guy/gal”.

You may be surprised, but the man who consumed a truckload of cocaine and quaaludes above didn’t even rank #1 in our Idiot Politician of the Day (IPOD) award.  He came a solid second though.

First place goes to Linda Thompson, the mayor of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania who was quoted this weekMayor Linda Thompson saying, “To disrupt our services because we can’t make a bond payment would just be unconscionable. And as a leader I couldn’t do it.”

She was explaining the city’s refusal to repay part ($3.29 million) of the $288 million it owes for an incinerator it bought. The total obligation for the incinerator comes to roughly $6,000 per citizen of the city.  Yes, you read that right, a quarter of a billion dollars for a fire-machine.

But, as egregious as that might be, the fact that they spent that kind of money on an incinerator wasn’t what nabbed Linda our IPOD award.  Her stating that it would be “unconscionable” to pay back debt and cut “services” was what did it.

Can you imagine this happening in the free-market corporate world?  The CEO of, for example, British Petroleum, making a statement that their oil sales revenue is down but “it would be unconscionable to cut our spending and pay back our current debt obligations”?  Of course not.  That would be crazy.

But in the world of politics, everything is turned upside down.  In the world of municipal politics it is crazy to think of cutting services and it is good to not pay back debt.

After all, if they don’t pay, surely the State will bail them out.  And once the State is bankrupt, surely the federal government will bail them out.

And that is why gold hit yet another all-time high today over $1,270 USD today.

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