Obama’s Stash & Another IPOD Winner

Hello Again TDV’ers,

It’s the weekend and I wasn’t going to post anything to our blog today.  But then I stumbled upon 3 YouTube videos that were too hard to resist passing along to you.

The first is a television advertisement approved and paid for by Hillary Clinton, today’s Idiot Politician of the Day (IPOD) winner, when she was running for President.  The audacity of this commercial is unbelievable.  The video, below, is of Hillary Clinton wrapping her Christmas presents to give out to all the good little American boys and girls who vote for her.

She lovingly and meticulously writes out the cards for each.  “Universal Healthcare”, reads the first.  Free doctors and medicine for all!  How giving and selfless she is!

“Alternative Energy”, read the second.  I’m not even really sure what this means.  Is she giving us some alternative energy that didn’t previously exist?  That one is just confusing.  But no one ever said anything she says or does has to make sense.

“Bring Troops Home”, reads the third.  Ok, this one isn’t too bad.  It’s a lie, she wouldn’t.  Just like Obama.  But at least she’s lying about something decent.  Hey, we are trying to find something nice to say about her, that’s all we got.

The fourth reads, “Middle Class Tax Breaks”.  Well, that doesn’t sound bad either.  But why is she favoring middle class over others… why is she stealing less from one group and not from another?  I’m sure she has a good reason.

And, in a script obviously written by the comedic mastermind that is Hillary Clinton, she cutely acts like she can’t find her last gift she wants to “give” to the American public, “Universal Pre-K”.

Universal Pre-K?  I admit, I had to Google that just to find out what it was.  Apparently it means pre-kindargarten.  Is that really something someone would even want?  Well, it doesn’t really matter.  The point of all this is the way in which it is all depicted.

Hillary acts as though these are all “gifts” she will give you if you vote for her.  It makes you wonder if she doesn’t even understand where all the money would come from to pay for all this.  The woman seems absolutely bat-$hit crazy so it definitely isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that she just thinks that the government has some secret, unlimited supply of resources from which, if only the right person were to be in charge, you could just reach in and grab it and give it away to everyone.  Some sort of secret stash.

But surely the American public would never be fooled into thinking that all of these government programs are paid for by some magical stash that the President has access to, could they?


Hmm. Surely that must be just a one-off thing. Maybe there are one or two people in Detroit who think government money comes from Obama’s stash.


And with that, we give up.

Until next time,

Jeff Berwick

Chief Editor


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