99’ers Need a Revolution to Avoid Becoming 499’ers

60 Minutes did an excellent piece on the plight of many “99ers” – people in the United States who have been unemployed for 99 weeks or more.  You can view it below:


Here at TDV we talk about these kinds of things everyday but sometimes you need to put a human face on the data to realize that we aren’t just talking about numbers.  We are talking about millions of people, families, hopes and dreams.

The question naturally arises, however, what could these people have done differently to avoid this fate?  The answer is actually quite simple.  The one major mistake that is pervasive is that they did not educate themselves on the economy and on the activity of their government.

And no, watching the US mass-media cabal nightly news doesn’t count – we mean really searching for the truth and questioning everything.

It isn’t like the information isn’t out there.  We’ve been talking about it for quite some time and long before us were people such as Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Doug Casey and many more.  The internet has given the world access to all information – it is just a matter of using it.

Had they done research on how the US economy works and how it has been hollowed out by decade-after-decade of booms & busts brought on by the Federal Reserve and how their own government has been spending them into bankruptcy (as we pointed out in our “Gotta Support the Troops?” post on Monday) then they would have began preparing long ago for today’s crisis.

Had they looked at how the US economy had been living on borrowed time with borrowed money for decades they would have known that most of those jobs they held in the 90s and 00s were unsustainable.  They would have also watched how the Federal Reserve continued to inflate the US dollar into worthlessness and possibly have bought gold a decade ago, at $250/ounce or even two years ago at $600 and would be in a much better financial position even without having a job.

But sadly, the great majority of them did not.  And since you can’t change the past the question is, how can these 99’ers now manage to stave off becoming 199’ers or 299’ers? Without change, and no, not the kind of change Obama reads off his teleprompter, this greater depression could last 10 years or longer. 10 years would make them 499’ers.

At this point there is really only one hope for change that can possibly create a healthy economic environment in the United States.  The only chance the US has is to default on its national debt today, shutter the Federal Reserve and reduce the federal government and it’s thousands of attendant agencies (DEA, CIA, FDA, SEC etc) in size by 95-100%.

If this were to transpire we would see 6-24 months of a painful, chaotic transition in the US as the entire populace readjusted to a brand new world without credit and changed over its systems to a new currency, likely based on gold and silver.

However, once that necessary purging was complete the US with its wealth of hard-working, ingenuitive and entreprenurial people would quickly build the US back into one of the wealthiest places on earth.

But continuing on down this path of massive deficit spending paid for by money printed out of thin air and a massive government that has sucked the private sector completely dry will only see this cycle continue on for years and years until it finally reaches the same point, a total collapse.  It would be much more efficient to end this death spiral now.

As individuals this change is not possible but if enough people were awakened to the truth about the US government and the Federal Reserve it is possible that a new American revolution could take hold.

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 Jeff Berwick

Chief Editor


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