Democracy is Dangerous… and Stupid

As Americans go to the polls today we only have a passing interest.  Both of the US political parties stand for big government and, as Barack Obama showed, it matters not what color tie they wear or whether their teams mascot is a donkey or an elephant.  Once elected they will continue to work towards more government and work for their owners, the big banks and corporations.  Not that it will matter much longer anyway, since the US government is now beyond bankrupt and have taken many Americans with them.

And so our only interest today was in one particular proposal, the decriminalization of marijuana in California – which, if passed, could potentially be the beginning of the end of the horrible War on Drugs which has ruined millions of lives and destroyed freedom worldwide.

Any other interest we had in these elections were for purely personal reasons.  Like just wanting Barnie Frank to lose so we’d never have to hear or see him again.  But, alas, a headline just passed by saying he won.  Well, maybe Pelosi will go away.  We’ll take anything we can get.

But the biggest problem with democracy is this: One stupid man can rarely do much damage.  Sure, you could be a mentally deranged sociopath but the most damage any one person can do is to head to the town square and begin firing off rounds.  No more than 20 or 30 dead.  No big deal.

But when thousands or millions of stupid people “vote” for something, and they get it, then all of a sudden the power of the stupid person has just exponentially increased.  This is the gravest problem with democracy.

As example, if there were no democracy in the US, what do you the think the chances would be that a significant amount of the citizenry of the US would a) feel threatened by Iraq and b) would gather together all their money and buy some planes and fly over to Iraq to start shooting people?  The chances are pretty slim.  It’d cost millions of dollars even just to put a rag-tag group of people together and, of course, once they got to Iraq they’d get killed pretty quick.

However, with democracy, millions of stupid people can buy into what one man, in this example, George Bush Jr. said, and through the power of democracy they can use all the resources of ALL the people in the land to do the stupid things the stupid people want.

Without democracy stupid people would be limited to using their own resources to do things they want – resources that would run out pretty quick because, well, they are stupid.

With democracy millions of mentally defective people can elect someone who they feel best represents them, and that person then has the power of millions of stupid people – despite just being one stupid person himself.

The good news is that no democracy can ever last long because the stupid people will keep doing stupid things until it finally is bankrupt and the stupid people will have to go back to just ruining their own lives instead of ruining the lives of others by committee.

Meanwhile, here at TDV we’ll just keep taking advantage of all the stupid things they do.  Speaking of stupid, tomorrow Ben Bernanke will be announcing his grand plan that he dreamed up about how he is going to save the world economy by, get this, printing up pieces of paper and painting pictures of dead presidents on them and issuing them at unheard of amounts until everyone “thinks” they are rich because they have so many.  Then we’ll all be rich.

You can take his word for it.  Us, here, at TDV will be buying more gold & silver and other real goods such as agriculture and energy and two new stock recommendations that we featured in the November issue of TDV that went out last night – our portfolio is up an average of 30% in the last 3 months alone.  Subscribe now to get access to all of our information and analysis on how to survive the coming dollar crash.

Jeff Berwick

Chief Editor