Gold, Guns and Gettin’ Out of Town

Thank goodness for the internet.  Without it all we would have is the propaganda dispensed by mass media, which owns and/or is owned by the government.  But with the internet all 6 billion+ human inhabitants of this fine planet can easily create interesting and innovative ways of voicing their point of view.

Just in the last few months we’ve posted links to numerous great videos that were created by individuals and are exponentially better than any Saturday Night Live skit in terms of wit, creativity and intelligence.  Some of these include the great “Fear the Boom and the Bust” – Keynes/Hayek Rap, Rap News 4: Wikileaks vs the Pentagon (the internet Kill Switch Video) and “Why Can’t Chuck Get His Business off the Ground?”

All of those videos, plus countless more we’ve linked to here in the TDV Blog put to shame any Saturday Night Live piece.

Today we feature another.  It is called Gold & Guns and is featured below and it is done using a website called XtraNormal which allows any person to make a “movie” on the internet very easily.

Subscriber’s to TDV will quickly recognize many of the arguments and areas we cover in this video, including Gold (the purchase of gold & silver bullion and precious metals stocks for security and wealth), Guns (Survival planning for the coming financial system collapse and subsequent chaos) and Gettin’ Out of Town (Expatriation of Ass & Assets that we cover in our newsletter to geographically diversify your assets as well as yourself through 2nd passports and residency in locales which offer more freedom).

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And now, as promised, a great video on why you should own gold, silver and be preparing to protect yourself from the bankruptcy of the US government and collapse of the US dollar today: