Radio & Conference Appearances This Week

Ed Bugos here.

Jeff is currently overnighting in Mexico City en route to his two speaking appearances at the Calgary Resource Investment Conference this weekend.

As a side note, Marc Faber did an excellent television interview from Mexico City a few days ago and had some great insights into the markets, Mexico and gold.  The best part is when Faber tells the Bloomberg host to “calm down” in the final minute of the interview.  View it here.

Jeff has been doing a flurry of radio and podcast interviews of late himself and only hasn’t been doing many television interviews because not many news outlets have studios in Acapulco.  He hasn’t mentioned it, and probably hasn’t had time to, but the message we are delivering here at The Dollar Vigilante has continued to grow at an incredible rate.  Poor Jeff, who normally happily lives on the beach in Acapulco, has been deluged by interview and conference appearances requests.  In the next month alone he is speaking at the Calgary showSaskatchewan Investment Conference and the New York Hard Assets Conference as well as attending the Casey Research Summit in Boca Raton.

I consider that a good sign.  The more that people can become aware of the dire state of affairs in the western financial and political system the better.

Last night Jeff did an excellent Podcast with Stirling Faux of Talk Radio Network.

Some of the topics included:

  • How close are we to the dollar collapse?
  • Is the collapse inevitable or is there a way to avoid it?
  • What’s the fastest we could see a recovery after a collapse?
  • How is the collapse likely to occur?
  • How can individuals best position themselves  to make it through this?
  • Who will “guide the ship” after a collapse?  Will it be “anarchy” and chaos?

Excellent questions and even better answers.  You can listen to the broadcast, entitled “It’s NOT About our Childrens’ Future” here:  Or you can download the MP3 here or Subscribe to the Podcasts here.

As well, Jeff is speaking both on Saturday and Sunday at the Calgary Resource Investment Conference.  He is speaking at 2pm this Saturday in the featured main Speaker Hall on the topic of “Surviving and Prospering During and After the Collapse of the US & Canadian Dollar”.  He is then holding a workshop at 11am on Sunday entitled, “21st Century Portfolio Strategies with Q&A on Geo-Political Portfolio Diversification & Expatriation”.  He has left off a significant portion of his talk on Sunday for a Q&A period.  So if you are at the show and have any questions of portfolio strategy, expatriation or other similar topics, Sunday is your opportunity.

See the full agenda for the Calgary Resource Investment Conference here: Agenda.

Jeff, time willing, will be back on the blog either tomorrow night or after the conference on Monday.

Ed Bugos

Mr. Bugos is the Dollar Vigilante's Senior Analyst and founding partner. He is an Austrian economist and has been a dedicated investment professional since 1989, having started his career as a stock and futures broker on Howe Street at one of Vancouver's leading brokerage firms. Ed retired in 2000 warning clients about the tech bubble, and launched an online digest forecasting gold's revival and bull market when it was just $285. He saw the value in bitcoin as a potentially sounder alternative to the present fiat currency system as early as 2011 before many of his Austrian peers. Ed has built a career record of being early on major economic trends, bullish and bearish.

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