[Editor’s Note: the following is a book review from TDV Correspondent, Gary Kinghorn at Doug’s Gultch in Cafayate, Argentina.  Gary is typical of many of the residents in Cafayate… smart, freedom loving and entreprenurial.  While here at TDV we don’t believe we need a piece of paper (Constitution) to be free, Gary’s review of the book “From Sovereign to Serf” shows how that document has been subjucated completely and is, in our opinion, just further proof that a minarchist system does not work.  A bio of Gary Kinghorn is below]

Bio: Gary Kinghorn is currently a senior marketing manager at Cisco in Silicon Valley, and is a part time ex-pat in Argentina at La Estancia de Cafayate. He is a long-time student of the Austrian School of Economics and previously worked as a financial advisor at Citigroup/Smith Barney. He continues to follow and offer advice on the economy, geopolitical landscape and asset protection strategies.

While on my extended stay at La Estancia de Cafayate in Argentina, I was fortunate to meet up with Roger Sayles, a full-time ex-pat living in Mendoza, about an 18 hour drive south of Cafayate. Roger is just getting ready to release a phenomenal new book, “From Sovereign to Serf, Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words”, (online download at http://serfs-up.com) based on his nearly 20 years of research into the rights and status that U.S. citizens have (and don’t have), and how we have evolved from Constitutionally protected, God-given liberties, to our current rogue police state and subservience to a faceless 1%.

We all like to speak about freedom and democracy, and most of us like to think we are still free and endowed with the rights of our Creator, but, as we should all be aware, the devil is truly in the details. In this case, there is a string of legal details, laws, declarations, policies and acts that have relegated nearly all Americans into a legal status that is legally equivalent to feudal serfdom. Most importantly, this was not done through general governmental incompetence, or misguided ideological attempts at making the country better, fairer or more efficient. This was treason and deliberate deceit on the part of the few, over the course of generations, to undermine the Constitution, and bring the US national back into a state of control and subjugation (and exploitation). In short, folks, we’ve been had. 

The myth of the land of the free does not fit your legal reality. But if we are not free, who then are we subjects to? Who is the Sovereign? And what obligations and debts are imposed upon us? And are we truly subjects, or have we identified ourselves with fictitious legal entities (e.g., a “U.S. Citizen”, a “person” or a “Corporation”) which have restricted rights and obligations? How did we “volunteer” to identify ourselves with such legal fictions, or were we forced? And is there a way out, once we have contracted ourselves into this status?

Roger has done a masterful job of enumerating exactly where our rights come from, how they are interpreted legally, and how they have been continually eroded since virtually the inception of the Republic, and certainly since the 14th Amendment and subsequent legal deceptions. This is a topic I have been looking into over the last several years, and been exposed to through various groups and activists, but I have not seen a clearer, more thoroughly documented explanation as to how we have arrived at the point we are currently at.

Perhaps the most important point to realize is that citizens of the US originally had God-given rights (to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness), and the Constitution protected these rights, but did not grant them. However, any contract you make as an individual, or collectively with others, is more specific than the Constitution and can remove rights and assign obligations to you in exchange for compensation. For example, my contract with an employer removes certain rights to free speech I might otherwise have (against the disclosure of trade secrets, among others). And you have entered into many contracts, some hidden, and many misleading. Your birth certificate is a form of contract. Applying for a Social Security number is a form of contract. Getting a passport is a contract. If you have a bank account, you have entered a very lengthy contract which you almost assuredly have not read, nor understood.

Now you should be able to understand why our Constitution seems so irrelevant. The judge is ruling on a more specific contract, which you may not even know you entered into, and nobody will be quick to explain to you. What deceptions have been foisted on us in these contracts? This quote from Congressman Louis T. McFadden on the floor of Congress in the 1930’s is very telling: “The ‘New Deal’ lawyers now have no hesitancy in appearing in court and asserting that private citizens can contract away their constitutional rights”.

The next point to understand is how the 14th Amendment created a pair (or more) of fictitious entities that undermine our God-given rights. Prior to the 14th Amendment, US Citizens (capital “C”) were citizens of their respective states. The 14th Amendment created a new Federal jurisdiction, ostensibly for the recently freed slaves, declaring them to be U.S. citizens (small “c”) under this Federal jurisdiction, and granting them certain “civil” (man-made) rights, not equal to the God-given rights declared in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Although not articulated in Roger’s book, the 14th Amendment, to my recollection, created a fictitious corporate entity, “The United States”, under a very different structure than the country existed prior to that point. The United States corporation went bankrupt in the 1930s and the future labor and land of its U.S. Citizens (i.e., serfs) were put up as collateral to the international bankers for the “money printed out of nothing” bailout we received at the time. But that’s probably a story for another day.

As Roger points out, the U.S. Passport application is one of the windows into this surreal legal world we have contracted into. If you have applied for a U.S. Passport and declared under oath that you are a U.S. Citizen, you have “volunteered” yourself into this more restrictive status of citizenship, and identified yourself with the fictitious entity created in the 14th Amendment for the purpose of restricting the rights of slaves. As “compensation” for your declaring yourself in this status and the obligations that go along with it (I’m just guessing here, but maybe having to pay the “voluntary” Income Tax might be a consequence), you presumably get a pretty blue folder with some gold embossed printing, and the ability to get onto airplanes bound for other countries (OK, so it may be worth it after all).

While Roger doesn’t focus nearly as much on the Social Security application and the birth certificate, also declaring newborns as U.S. Citizens, I know other groups that are equally focused on the legal ramifications here. I know of Christian groups that are working to get out from under the civil (govt.-granted and administered) rights they have contracted into by virtue of having a Social Security number. Searching for concrete legal mechanisms to get out from under these contracts is an arduous task. They are looking to rescind their Social Security numbers, electing to navigate life without one, nor a driver’s license or passport somehow, all in an attempt to reaffirm their God-given rights and their own Sovereignty, or to be subjects to God/Christ’s Kingdom, and not the state (or the international bankers if you think they are the Sovereigns, and not the state, but again that’s a topic for another day).

Roger makes a very interesting personal point, that indeed, for him, his journey has been something of a “spiritual battle”. He claims that each of his teachers along the way mentioned that to him, and for years he didn’t really appreciate what it meant. But amidst understanding everything he needed to research about Constitutional Law, Banking Law and finance, history, and geopolitical ramifications, this was how he finally understood it. Like it or not, it is a battle in which each of us is, or soon will be, heavily engaged. As he points out, “it is the ancient and timeless battle of good versus evil”. I’ll leave you for now with Roger’s own summary from his introduction which captures the importance of this book most eloquently:

“The United States is only the second country in history where man has been able to receive God-given, Natural Rights. We have been collectively tricked out of those Rights and been placed into the legal status of bondage and slavery. Legally, you are merely an asset owned or pledged by the federal government. International bankers own and control you and those whom you love as pieces of property to be used, bartered, bought and sold as collateral in their bogus paper money schemes! If that doesn’t make you mad or send chills up your spine, you may not be the person who is supposed to be reading this book.”