Feedback Friday – August 17th, 2012

With Gary Gibson now on board fulltime as Editor, it has been an exciting time here at TDV. A few great questions this week from you, our dear and loyal readers, about Darrius Kennedy, prohibition, and what to do with money and where to move it.

Let’s see how you’ve reacted to our ever-growing TDV family and the week that was in the neverending quest for freedom and liberty.


IN RESPONSE TO: Why You Should Root for the Maniac with the Knife


I had seen a longer video of Darrius Kennedy being taken down in Times Square earlier and I wondered, “The Dollar Vigilante crew is not going to get ahold of this video and try to spin this, are they?”

You did.  Butcher knife drawn, threatening, walking backwards 7 blocks through Times Square. How many commands do you think he was given to drop his weapon or get on the gound? I’m willing to bet a whole bunch.

The Dollar Vigilante can make a number of good points. But this isn’t one of them.

Anonymous, USSA slave state of Illinois

Gary Gibson’s Response:

I figured there’d be a lot of responses like this.

Yet many who read this site claim they would happily die in a shootout if the government passed a law against gun ownership and came after their guns.

Do you see the double standard? Prohibition on drugs is just as unjust. Darrius responded the way the gun-owners claimed they would when the state came and harrassed him as they attempted to enforce their nonsense.  Darrius walked the walk that all the gun owning libertarians and neocons claim they will walk when the time comes. Yet they don’t understand that drug use is as fundamental an issue of liberty and self-ownership as gun-ownership.

Here is a video of some trigger happy NYPD cops shooting a dog who was trying to protect his owner who was having a seizure.  As you can see, yet again, no one does anything.  Even touching a cop in that situation will wind you up in the same situation as the dog… and no one seems to want to take any risk for what is right anymore.

Well, that is, except for hero of the week, Roger Pion, who crushed 8 cop cars with a John Deere tractor after they kidnapped him for growing flowers.



The Cash Gods have smiled kindly upon me and I will soon be coming into a large sum of money. My quandary is this – where can I safely store it until I can diversify abroad? I’m fairly new to the concept of financial planning and actually making my money work for me (what a  concept); but know enough to be wary of placing money in US banks. 

Any help or guidance you can provide would be ever so appreciated.



Jeff’s Response:



To begin, note that the government who claims to own you has made it illegal for anyone except government trained and registered financial advisors to give you financial advice.  That’s because they want to make sure that financial advisors tell you to buy Treasury bonds and to keep your money in US dollars.  But, you came to the right place, because I don’t care what they say!

Probably the best advice for someone who hasn’t had a large amount of money before and has some now… especially if it wasn’t something you earned yourself (because people treat money they actually earned much differently than money they inherited or won – like all the cases of people who win the lottery and are now broke) is to take it slowly.  Don’t rush into any particular investments.

Here, at TDV, we recommend a very general portfolio of 30% in gold and silver bullion, 20% in gold mining junior stocks,  15% in gold mining major stocks, 15% in agriculture and 10% in cash.  If you can’t handle volatility very well then you may want to avoid the gold mining juniors that we recommend in the TDV Premium letter… but if there was ever a better time to buy those stocks, it is probably now.  If you do buy stocks remember to register them.  It is very important to do that.  We’ll talk more with an article from Jim Karger on Monday about why that it is important.  If you are a TDV subscriber you have access to our BulletProof Shares report for free.  If not you can purchase it for $44.95 here.

As for the gold and silver bullion portion, we believe it is critical to get a significant portion of it outside of the control of your own government… and put it in as many different jurisdictions as is feasible for the amount you have.  For that, we wrote a living document called Getting Your Gold Out of Dodge (GYGOOD).  It also is free for subscribers or $44.95 and you can purchase it here.  GYGOOD outlines numerous places worldwide that you can buy, sell and store gold as well as info on international transportation.

Beyond that, the first step you should take is to open an offshore International Business Corporation (IBC).  It’s perfectly legal, just ask Mitt Romney.  And you should also open a foreign bank account or two.  Unfortunately, for Americans, that is difficult but we monitor banks worldwide and help Americans find banks that will still accept them and their IBC’s.  All this info can be found at

And, finally, because as you noticed that it is very difficult to transact internationally as an American you should also get a second passport… and if you have any interest in leaving the US, renounce your US passport.  Most of the countries where we help facilitate getting a passport have no income tax so as a nice side benefit you could end up saving very large amounts of money by deslaving yourself.  You can get more info at

How much you want to bet that your government registered financial advisor wouldn’t tell you to do any of the above?


IN RESPONSE TO: “Why Do Fascists Fight Communists? They’re Two Ugly Semi-Identical Twin Brothers


Great article today about fascism. I want to recommend “Omnipotent Government” by Mises to you and fellow readers.

In this little gem, Mises analyzes by way of the rising of the Nazi party in Germany, how bad economic policy leads to xenophobia, anti-foreigner laws and regulation, and practically whips the mob of the common people (who don’t see through the economic bullshit) into being Nazis.

The short version:

1)Create artificial scarcity by way of bad economic policy

2)Use scarcity as excuse for more bad policy (wage laws, tarifs, import restrictions, economic planning)

3)When these fail, blame speculators and capitalists (sound familiar?), and of course, everybody who’s “not US”.

Definitely worth checking out. I was amazed at how Mises can explain the coming to power of Hitler by way of economic policy.


Jeff’s Response:

Yes, it’s an age old formula as this newspaper clipping from 1934 shows:


Thanks for the Mises book mention.  Mises was truly a genius.

That’s all for this week!  If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or hatemail for us please direct it to [email protected].