TDV Week in Review August 19, 2012

Another week has come and gone, and what a week! Knife wielders, prohibition, Julian Assange, new website, trips to Paraguay, fascism, communism, the Olympics, and so much more.

New this week, TDV Editor Gary Gibson begins a Sunday tradition of adding some thoughts to end your weekend, called Notes from the New Underground RailroadA great way to finish up your Sunday. And during the week don’t forget to check out the Parting Shot by TDV Editor Gary Gibson following TDV posts. The newest member of the TDV family adds his unique and informed voice to our dynamic and diverse writings.

Black Bagging Begins

“You sure you want to go back to the US? Ever?”

Last Sunday I wrote that I was heading back to the US early the next morning. That very night Jeff and Ken made me reconsider. There was nothing I absolutely had to go to the US for. All the business I was planning to wrap up could be taken care of by friends and family still in the States. There was work that I could be doing with the TDV team both in Acapulco and other Latin American countries where the company has interests. So I canceled my ticket back to the US. The next day news came of the kidnapping of Brandon J Raub. Jeff sent me a link to the story along with the note: “You sure you want to go back to the US? Ever?”

Living as a permanent tourist (P.T.) really is good for the soul. Nation-state tax farms generally treat tourists way better than they treat their citizens. Nation-states see citizens as livestock while tourists are treated more like pampered show breeds. Businesses and governments generally want to keep tourists happy. Tourists generally can’t have their income stolen in the form of taxes from government. Instead they get treated like valued customers by businesses who want coax them into spending. In short, tourists get persuaded instead of coerced. Being a permanent tourist is the closest any of us will ever get to enjoying a life free of state coercion.

But you have to find places where you will actually enjoying being a tourist. Right now I’ve only lived in three countries: the poverty-ridden Caribbean island of my birth, the US and now Mexico. I spent over thirty years living in the US. I started at age two and only just recently stopped at age 36. Even though my inner anarchist revels in being outside a Western welfare and police state, I got very used to the trappings and conveniences of life in the United States. And even though the women there are usually various shades of leftist shrews, I was very fond of them. It definitely is not easy to just blend right into a totally different culture.  Guys like Jeff seem to have this natural ability to do so but many of us are not so easily adaptable.


So I miss the US. With its unbelievable abundance of consumer choice, its variety of tasty and cheap commercially available food that I have grown adapted to eating, my house, my extended family, my cat. While on one hand I felt constantly on edge living with those nationalists and statists, on the other hand, my soul rejoiced every time I hopped in my Kia Soul to drive to the mall or to a Burger King.

Now, however, that slight, constant tension I used to feel has bloomed into something more akin to terror. The US government has crossed yet another Rubicon. Federal kidnappers joined with local uniformed kidnappers to take away someone who publicly called the government the illegitimate thugocracy that it is. Marine veteran Brandon J Raub made hints about revolution on his Facebook page. For that he was kidnapped and is even now being lined up for “re-education” in a mental facility.

Brandon hasn’t been officially arrested. The Secret Service, the FBI and local Chesterfield cops showed up to his door. Someone put handcuffs on him and then put him in a car and drove off with him. But none of these three groups involved will actually admit to arresting him. The FBI say they didn’t arrest him. The SS say they didn’t arrest him. The Chesterfield PD claim they just transported Brandon on behalf of the FBI. So no official arrest. Just a kidnapping by government agents because Brandon called the entire government a bunch of criminals in desperate need of prosecution.

Brandon is a military veteran. The government considers vets to be a prime source of potential domestic terrorism. When people like that publicly post about the need for revolution, the government police are bound to pay attention and take action. Does this mean that the rest of us non-veteran, libertarians and anarchists need not worry about eventually ending up in FEMA camps getting “re-educated”?

Yes, we should be very worried. Cases like Brandon’s always come first. An almost credible action on the government’s part to respond to someone who could be construed as potentially dangerous. I mean, there he is posing with guns and egging on a second American revolution. Potential domestic terrorist. If I were the criminal government, I’d want to lock him up, too, make an example of him and teach him to sing a different tune.


Brandon is the kind of guy whose kidnapping will make a great first case to the US masses who still trust not only their own government, but who love the very idea of government. The bigger the better. These people will cheer when the US government eventually starts rounding up the anarchists, anarcho-capitalists, voluntaryists, libertarians, constitutionalists, minarchists and the people with Ron Paul posts on Facebook. They will come for them all. But they’ll start with those of us talking smack about taking back the country and implying they’ll use their guns to do it if necessary.

And the rounding up looks like it’s starting. It’s bad enough watching the US government trying to get their hands on Julian Assange. Reading about Brandon’s kidnapping was a real wake up call. Kind of like being held hostage during a bank heist and watching one of the robbers execute a fellow hostage. The dead hostage might have been a stranger to you, but the execution makes you realize that the criminals who hold your fate in their hands mean business. Your life is nothing to them and they are willing to do horrible things to you just to make a point.

The US is becoming officially off limits for those who openly love things like liberty and wealth. The politicians will eventually make it an official crime for those with significant assets to leave (and that’s when already having non-US residency is going to come in very handy). They are going to start “disappearing” dissidents permanently soon, too. I would love to be wrong about all this. But I believe it has to happen at this point. I think it’s far wiser to wait outside of the US while the economic and political systems have their breakdowns. As Jeff often says, it will probably be a great place to go in 10 or 20 years after the welfare and police state collapses. In the meantime, it will just get more dangerous till it becomes a true nightmare.

Meanwhile, I’ll hang around here in Latin America for a while and then may cross the Pacific and check out some Asian countries and find a place that suits me the best.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even find a place that I like better than what I used to like about the US… it’s a big world out there and I’m curious to go see it, and report back to you on what I find, but I just wish it was something I wanted to do on my own volition… not was forced to do by the US Government… who has made me abandon a place that I had become very comfortable in, but which is now too dangerous for a liberty minded person like me to stay. 


TDV Editor

Now, on to the review of the week that was…


Why You Should Root for the Maniac with the Knife

TDV Editor Gary Gibson considers the Darrius Kennedy incident in New York City, as well as prohibition and the continued building of a police state in the USSA.

Leave it to us to take the side of a stoned, “knife-wielding maniac” against the cops. At TDV we call the US one of the most dangerous places in the world as I did in yesterday’s post. Are we employing hyperbole just to make our case against the USSA? Nope. Odds are that a US citizen or resident will do at least three things per day that could get you locked up in federal prison for years. That’s because politicians and regulators constantly come up with laws designed to legislate every behavior and transaction imaginable.”

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Dear Slavey — August 14th Edition

Everybody’s favorite libertarian/anarcho-capitalist advice columnist answers reader’s questions about living a better life.

Eliminate toxic people. If someone is adding more to your stress than taking it away – turf them from your life. And if you aren’t allergic, get a dog. The unconditional love and fun they’ll bring you will help maintain your sense of hope.

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The Fiat World

Jeff shares part of his essay from “The Big Picture” on the corruption of society by the empowered state, and considers the Olympics and the British pound though the lens of that absolute corruption.

The Olympics were held in the UK this month and the number of items we can point out about the country that provided the inspiration for the book, 1984, are lengthy.

Look no further than the currency used in the UK, the British Pound Sterling.  Not one in a million English citizens see the irony of calling a piece of paper with no backing a “pound” of sterling.” 

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Why Do Fascists Fight Communists? They’re Two Ugly Semi-Identical Twin Brothers

After a viewing of the documentary pointed me to the documentary Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler from National Geographic, it got TDV thinking about the fascism and communism as philosophical opponents. Turns out, fascists and communists are pretty much the same damned thing, agues Jeff Berwick.

“Fascism is inherently anti-capitalist. Capitalism is the economic arrangement that comes out of liberty. Liberty—and its economic arrangements—are anathema to fascism. Fascists let people keep their own property, both the means of production and the consumer goods produced by those means. But fascists tell everyone what they can do with their bodies and their stuff. In fact business under fascism is automatically corporatist; because business has no choice but to collude with government.” 

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Feedback Friday – August 17th, 2012

Friday’s time TDV gives back to our loyal readers, answering your questions and concerns about the week that was in the TDV universe. This week, Darrius Kennedy, prohibition, and what to do with money and where to move it. Engaging and controversial as ever. No better way to end the week.

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SATURDAY, AUGUST 18                 

The Weekend Vigilante August 18th, 2012

Your weekend read from TDV as we get ready to launch a new and improved, more functional and interactive website on Tuesday as Ken Johnson, Gary Gibson, and Jeff Berwick head to Paraguay to see first hand the citizenship processes of a number of our clients and to meet with our agents on the ground to make sure everything is running smoothly for our Paraguay segment of TDV Passports. In the Weekend Vigilante, TDV looks at Facebook motivated arrests, David Gee, the plight of Julian Assange, and much much more.

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