The Weekend Vigilante August 18th, 2012

Hello again from Acapulco,

It's been busy around here.  We are set to launch our new, improved website on Tuesday which will have many more ways for TDV subscribers and readers to interact which we're all very excited about.  Plus, Ken Johnson, Gary Gibson and I are preparing to leave for Paraguay tomorrow to oversee the citizenship processes of a number of our clients and to meet with our agents on the ground to make sure everything is running smoothly for our Paraguay segment of TDV Passports.  So, we'll be speaking to you from there for the next week.


In the meanwhile, the phones and email lit up yesterday with citizenship/passport enquiries.  The last time that happened was after Chuckles Schumer announced his Anti-Expatriation Act… and like almost all government programs it elicited the exact opposite of the intended response and drove anyone who was thinking about expatriating to get out even faster before Schumer starts outright executing people trying to expatriate!

This time around we quickly found out what had once again gotten people scurrying for the exits.  It was the news that an ex-marine named Brandon Raub had been picked up by a litany of 3 letter government agencies for some of his "revolution" inciting Facebook posts.  Upon hearing the news a number of us in the office all stared blankly back and forth at each other.  This could be the next step down the fasco-communist rabbit hole, we all were thinking.  One American who now lives here in Acapulco was the first to chime in, "Well, that's it, I'm never going back."

"Hold on," I said.  "Let's get at least some more info on what happened before making major life decisions like never returning to the USSA."

So, we dug a little deeper.  This YouTube video does a good job of showing all the posts on his page – which you can't see unless you are his friend… or the CIA, apparently.  Most of the posts were not much different than you'll see on my personal page or on the TDV page… a number were to do with the US Government being corrupt, thieving and murderous… which it is.  And, how the government's version of 9/11 is impossible… which it is.  Again, we looked back and forth at each other with blank stares… if you can get taken away for writing this on Facebook then none of us can go back to the USSA.

The rest of his posts mostly talk about how a "revolution is coming".   Although he mentions that "justice will be served" and "the cavalry is coming" there was only one post on his page that could be considered worthy of getting taken away for questioning.  It was this one:

"This is the part where I tell the Federal Government to go f**k itself.  This is the part where I tell Generals, training our young men to fight Americans, I am coming for you.  The veterans will be with me."

He has lots of pictures of himself with guns and he appears to be the kind of guy to which Jim Karger's, "When They Come For Your Guns… You Will Turn Them Over" article was targetting.

Interestingly, here is another guy who talks big about a violent revolution and then when they come for him he quietly goes away.  Worse, what did a lot of his gun-owning, patriot friends do?  Lock and load?  Storm the jail?  No, they put together a petition!  Proving Jim Karger right, yet again.

What can we take from this event?  Above all, be very careful what you write about the US Federal Government on the internet!  If you can be black bagged and taken off to a secret prison (there was no record of his arrest which means he was likely taken away under the new indefinite detention NDAA scheme) then how easy will it be for them to find something they don't like you saying and take you away in the middle of the night?

We wish Brandon Raub all the best and hope he does not get tortured and is released soon.  Apparently, posting angry messages about the government is a mental condition as he was brought to John Randolph Mental Hospital.  Pyschology was a very common political tool the Soviets and the Nazis used to silence political opposition.

It is too bad he didn't read Jim Karger's article and heed his words… this concept of an armed revolution against the US Federal Government is simply not going to work and will just result in a lot of people like Raub being taken away to secret prison or reeducation camps.  This is the new fasco-communist USSA… it differs very little from the USSR or Nazi Germany nowadays and they've got incredibly advanced surveillance (the police can now track any phone in the US via GPS without a warrant), propaganda, indoctrination programs (schools) and a police force that looks and acts more like the military every day.

Just ask Sheriff David Gee!


I couldn't believe this was real when this was sent to me earlier today.  From the bizarre photo to the entire letter… I thought this had to be from… no such luck!

Sheriff Gee, all decked out in his fresh people-bashing gear for this photo opp, is Hillsborough County's obviously delusional Sheriff.  Hillsborough is home to the upcoming Republican National Convention.  He's spent two years planning for this one event!  And, he's really excited to tell you about all his plans.

He starts off addressing his constituents warmly with the type of greeting that shows he sees us all as different and wonderful individuals.  The letter begins, "A letter to the public from Sheriff David Gee:"

He then goes on to say that this a herculean task but that he is ready to handle it.  He talks throughout the letter as though he is about to make a major offensive into Fallujah, like the following:

Tactically, we are ready. Security plans for the venue and the perimeters are set. Boundaries, protests zones and parade routes are established for the thousands expected in downtown Tampa. This is a special time for local civic pride as Tampa Bay gets ready to shine. To the agitators and anarchists who want only to bring a dark cloud to this event, let me be clear: criminal activity and civil disturbances will not be tolerated and enforcement actions will be swift.

Getting more and more giddy as he writes he concludes by saying:

There will be arrests. The question is how many. We are prepared to handle any number of RNC-related arrests through our Orient Road Jail. We are committed to due process and the rule of law regarding RNC-related arrests. We have procedures and policies in place to ensure an orderly and lawful process for anyone arrested. 

Boy, Tampa sounds like it will be a lovely place to be in a few weeks!

By the way, do you know how you get around Posse Comitatus?  Just give the police all military tanks, weapons and uniforms… but, just write "Sheriff" on the front of the uniforms and tanks… and voila!


Between a person being arrested for writing anti-government stuff on Facebook and seeing how the police are militarizing in Tampa we could be excused for being a bit down this week about the ongoing war for freedom.  Then add to that how Julian Assange, who mostly just exposed the government and leaked documents they didn't want to be seen has had to take refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK.  He's not formally charged with anything in the US but he believes the US will try to extradite him and put him to death!  Again, for doing similar things to what we do here at TDV… exposing the governments for what they are.

Some people ask us how we are so "brave" to keep fighting the information war against western governments so brazenly.  To that, I say, if I were a US citizen and if I lived inside the US borders there'd be no way I'd write the things I do.  I'd probably be in a mental facility right now sitting beside Brandon Raub getting injected with all manner of psychotropic chemicals if I were a US citizen and lived there.

But, thankfully, I saw all this coming and left my country of birth, Canada, nearly a decade ago and now am a citizen of a nice little Caribbean country who couldn't care less what I write about the western governments!  And I also have homes and hideouts in places like Mexico and Argentina… also places that don't really care about the things I do.  

It is only now, however, that I am considering never even travelling to the USSA again until after the collapse… and Canada, its stepbrother, either.  I've already cancelled one conference, the Chicago Hard Assets conference.  Instead I am going to favor conferences outside of these countries… like the Global Escape Hatch conference in Panama this September where a number of TDV subscribers will be joining myself and other TDV staff to work on their own escape plans.

Unless things devolve further in the immediate future I will still probably attend some events in the US and Canada… I will just be reducing them over time as the situation there worsens.  As one example of how I try to arrange my affairs, I still plan to attend Libertopia in October in San Diego.  But rather than flying in to San Diego and having to deal with the TSA and the US airport gestapo I will instead fly direct from Acapulco to Tijuana and just walk across the border.  The Tijuana border is a much, much more relaxed affair… often times you just walk through and they just wave people along, not even looking at their passports as thousands of college kids return late at night from the land of the free where they are allowed to drink alcohol when they are 20 years old.


We'll talk to you from Paraguay this upcoming week.  If you are stuck up in the US watch what you say and do!  They're watching.


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