Hello all,

I hope you’ve been settling in to 2012 nicely.  While we try to keep things as light as possible here at TDV, we can’t help but wonder if the world’s governments aren’t trying to make sure the promise made by the Mayans is kept!

A friend to us at TDV, Gary Gibson of Whiskey & Gunpowder, awoke us to this building threat this morning when he made mention of this article, “Western Forces React to Iran Hormuz Threat“.  The article states:

“A buildup of Western naval forces in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea is a reaction to Iran’s threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, military experts say.U.S., Russian, French and British air and naval forces moved to the Syrian and Iranian coasts during the weekend, Israeli military intelligence Web site DEBKAfile reported Monday. The Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov anchored earlier than planned at Syria’s Tartus port on the Mediterranean Sunday, causing France to respond by consigning an air defense destroyer to the waters off Tartus, DEBKAfile reported. Canada also was sending a warship, the HMCS Charlottetown, to the Mediterranean where it would take over from the HMCS Vancouver.”

We’re sure nothing could possibly go wrong having so many warships from such a wide variety of countries all in one small geographic area!  Heck, even those ever more forceful peacekeepers, the Canadians, are there… Maybe every country on Earth should send over a warship or two and they can play bumper boats until someone ‘accidentally’ shoots down an airliner or a ship accidently gets sunk, like when Israel ‘accidentally’ attacked the USS Liberty in the Six Day War.

This has got bad news written all over it.  It makes us wish our home in the middle of nowhere in Argentina was already built… maybe we should go for some sort of nuclear bomb fallout shelter instead of a guesthouse!


Speaking of Doug’s Gultch in Cafayate, I have been told that due to demand there will be two events in Cafayate this March for prospective homeowners.  We will be sending out a full email invite next Sunday to you but I wanted to include the details here today because I hear the events are already filling up just from people who have been enquiring on their own.

So, if you want to ensure you can reserve a space (they are limiting each of the two groups to 30 people), go here to see the details as soon as possible: http://www.dollarvigilante.com/galtsgulchmarch2012.  And send an email to [email protected] to notify them of your interest.


The entire crew of TDV will be in Vancouver next weekend for the Vancouver Resource Investment conference.  Myself, Ed Bugos, Vin Maru of TDV Golden Trader and TDV Manager, Michael Bach, will all be in Vancouver.

Again, tomorrow, we’ll be sending a full email invite to the event, but we wanted to let you know that we’ll be hosting a special TDV Meetup at some point during the conference.  We haven’t made an exact time or date yet, but watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds for an announcement.  It’ll be quite informal but it is a great way for us to meet other dollar vigilantes for some light hearted drinks and conversation.


Speaking of Vin Maru, his TDV Golden Trader newsletter has been off to a great start!  His first five trades have all been winners:

Not too bad for a few months work!


The media yet again comes up with another creative way to dismiss Ron Paul in this funny video from The Daily Show:


And, finally, I was recently on the SGT Report and had an enjoyable and interesting conversation with Sean about liberty, anarchism, the internet, second passports and more.  You can hear the interview directly at SGT Report or see the video here:


That’s all for another fun and exciting week!  Have a great weekend!