The demons in Hell apparently understand the value in keeping one's word more than anti-capitalist hippies and regulation-craving statists do.

First a confession: I've become slightly addicted to the series "Supernatural". I haven't owned a television in over ten years. But once or twice a year I will discover a series that I actually like and watch the entire thing online over the course of days or weeks.

"Supernatural" is the story of two young men who fight ghosts, demons and a wide variety of earthly monsters. The demons are essentially really powerful ghosts who've been tortured for centuries in Hell, then become part of Hell's power hierarchy and then return to Earth to cause all kinds of trouble. One variety of demon is the deal-making crossroads demons. They are literally conjured at crossroads when humans want to make the standard demonic deal: some supernatural favor in exchange for their soul spending eternity in Hell (a truly bad idea, but if that's what they want…). The standard deal, the one that every single human gets, is a ten-year period before collection to enjoy the wish for which they've traded their soul. 

But in one episode, one crossroads demon gets greedy. He enlists the aid of another minor demon to kill any human with whom the crossroads demon signed the "soul in ten years" contract just days after the deal was made. The contract says ten years, but these unfortunates end up dead within a week. Technically the crossroads demon is still within the stipulations of the contracts, he says, because he didn't do the killing himself. 

The King of Hell, however, doesn't agree. And when he catches up with the crossroads demon (and right before he drags him off for an eternity of torture as punishment), the King of Hell explains why:

"I only have one rule. Make a deal. Keep it. There's a reason we don't call our chits in early: consumer confidence. This isn't Wall Street. This is Hell. We have a little thing called integrity. This gets out, who'll deal with us? Nobody! Then where are we?"

Exactly. It's the same self-interest that makes the free market serve mankind, not "exploit" it. Granted  the crossroads demon are just pieces of fiction…and the consumer pays for the wish with his soul…but you get the point. The demons don't welsh on the exact and very explicit terms of the contract because it would destroy their credibility in the market. Then they would get zero business. Their trade would die entirely. Hell would lose out on a very lucrative way to get the souls it wants. Therefore any demon who risks that credibility and tries to collect early is…dealt with…harshly.

The free market doesn't require angels and saints or government regulation to keep from enslaving mankind and destroying the planet. It only requires self interest and the desire to stay in business by living up to your side of the deal. Even the hellspawn who have to do business understand this. If only more people on Earth understood it, too. 


Gary Gibson
Editor, The Dollar Vigilante

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MONDAY, November 19

Government Plans Retirement Heist, Calls it Charity

Jeff Berwick on the government's shameless and criminal theft of retirement funds.

An immoral, thieving representative of the liberal Pension Rights Center, Rebecca Davis, testified that the government needs to get involved because 401k plans and IRAs are unfair to poor people. She demanded the Obama administration set up a 'government-sponsored program administered by the PBGC (the governments’ Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation).' She proclaimed that even 'private annuities are problematic.'

"In essence, the US Government is pushing to have all retirement funds nationalized to protect the poor people. But, before we get into some more details of how your IRA or 401k will be spirited away, let’s look at the basis upon which they are saying this is necessary.

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TUESDAY, November 20

Remove Your Children from the Line of Fire

Wendy McElroy on the importance of second passports to protect your children.

Why do your children need dual status? Because they should not have to pay the price for a run-away government that is burdening their futures with debt and displaying an increasing contempt for their civil rights. If America is rocked by the imminent social and economic upheaval that so many forecast, then your children's freedom and safety may depend upon their ability to leave and be immediately welcomed elsewhere. Protect them from statism just as you vaccinate them against disease.”

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WEDNESDAY, November 21

Neither Management not Labor Killed the Twinkie: We All Did

In light of this week’s news that Hostess will shutter its Twinkie bakeries, Jim Karger assesses who’s to blame.

Both sides point their fingers at the other as evidence of why America is failing, and both seek to eliminate what they see as unjustifiable greed (translated, not their own greed), by legislating away the right of others to be, well, human. The right wants to eliminate the poor man's attempt to collectivize, to join forces to maximize their economic power, while the left wants to put hard limits on profits, salaries, and the perquisites of capital, thereby killing the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg.

"The answer, both sides believe, is to correct a manufacturer's defect in mankind. Yet, for longer than anyone can remember, no amount of shrill, whiny moralizing has changed man's desire for more, and both sides are willing to force their beliefs on the other at gunpoint, urging government to enforce what they consider to be the "greater good", on one side the cheerleaders of crony capitalism and on the other, detractors of capitalism, regardless of brand. In both cases, the otherwise invisible hand of the market suddenly appears with a gun in it. Both seek a State-enforced solution.”

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You Can’t Secede…Because We’re Exiling You

US elections are typically followed by threats of secession, and this year they were more abundant than ever. Jeff Berwick considers the government’s reaction, forced expatriation.

On January 20th of this year we penned an article entitled, ‘Forced Expatriation Coming to the USSA’.  In it we stated, ‘We can clearly see that the United Soviet States of America is putting in place the necessary tools to be able to strip whoever it likes of the so-called "privilege" of being a US citizen.’  And, yet again, it looks as though it is coming to pass.

"With the massive influx of personal petitions to secede from the USSA, many right wing thought leaders have lashed out and are now petitioning for a process wherein anyone who signs a petition to secede is stripped of their US citizenship and deported.”

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Feedback Friday – November 16, 2012

Feedback Friday, your chance to ask TDV editors, contributors, and correspondents anything about our articles, our opinions, and the ongoing fight for your freedom.

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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24           

The Weekend Vigilante November 24th, 2012

Jeff’s back in Acapulco, and in his weekly address to TDVers considers the far reach of propaganda. He also has a discussion with TDV concierge Barry Soloman in Cabrera, Dominican Republic.

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