[Ed. note: This article is by Alan Lynch, a TDV reader who is sharing some of the steps he is taking to protect himself during TEOTMSAWKI]

These words were spoken by astronaut Neil Armstrong, who, supposedly, was the first person to walk on the moon on July 21, 1969. There is a fair amount of evidence that it never happened.  But, whether it happened or not, the words themselves have some value.

Neil Armstrong’s quote does have some foundations that we can use to prepare for the death of all ‘paper’ currencies.

If you make enough small steps towards a goal, you will eventually get there. I myself, follow this mantra. After some failed attempts at going full swing into goals, and failing to achieve them; I used the method of educating myself on the specific topics that would enable me to achieve my goal, and then implemented what I had learned, via small steps. This way, I found that the changes I made were more likely to stick, and I was less prone to the shock of change. Plus, by arming myself with more knowledge I became better equipped for the situation. Makes sense, right?

My ideal situation is to become totally self sufficient and not be dependant on the government in any way. Now, I understand that this is no easy feat – it will take time and small, progressive steps are the easiest way to accomplish this.

Here are some small steps I have made, which have equated to a giant leap:


Try to dump (no pun intended) paper currency and get involved with real money – GOLD/SILVER.

After finding some great people; Stefan Molyneux, Doug Casey, Mises, Rothbard, and Jeff Berwick, I soon realised what was ‘really’ going on in the world,– I really started to enter the arena or REAL MONEY.

I educated myself by reading all the books on real economics (Austrian) that I could get my hands on. I started with all of Doug Casey’s then progressed from there. I also signed up to all the top Austrian economics websites and subscribed. Once I felt comfortable, I started buying some physical silver initially. When that bar arrived, I don’t know why, but it felt good holding this bar of precious metal. I started to get the bug; I progressed onto some physical gold and after accumulating small amounts every now and again – I had made a giant leap. I think about 30% is a good allocation to have in the physical precious metals as they recommend at TDV (although as Jeff has stated, anything up to 100% is reasonable).

By doing this I have freed myself up from the debt ridden paper currency, which has lost 98% of its value since the Federal Reserve reared its ugly head in 1913. Make the small steps and you will feel like you really have made that giant leap ahead of the rest of the brainwashed individuals.


OK so we all understand that we need to be fed and watered to survive. But some people are so dependent on supermarkets, that if they were to close or be emptied tomorrow, what would people do?

Now, I appreciate that it probably won’t happen tomorrow, but in the very near future we could see mass panic, as people lose their wealth, unemployment rises, fuel costs increase, food prices increase and the list could go on and on. So in that case, what are people doing to ensure their survival! Well 90% of people probably – not too much. Now, following my ‘small steps’ mantra, what could we do?

Well, I have been steadily stocking up on long shelf life foods, collecting large gallons of mineral water, medical stores, a first aid kit, growing food… and again this list is not exhaustive. Every individual person’s list may be different, but we will all need some food and water supply for the future.

Another reason I stock up is because food is not getting any cheaper, so you could think of this also as a hedge against inflation.


A very important aspect of surviving the coming collapse is shelter. Now, for some people their shelter will be their home, others, perhaps, a barge. Shelters will differ from person to person. I personally, live in a small house. So using our ‘small steps’ again, and appreciating that we will all need to keep warm (unless you are lucky enough to already live in Acapulco or Cafayate or other similar places) and protect ourselves from the elements, we will require some form of shelter. Now, with the housing bubble that has popped, it is a long topic as to whether to own your own home or rent. Obviously it would be better to own your shelter outright, as debt is a form of slavery – by definition. So it will differ from person to person. The steps I have made over the last 6 months have been to get my home as ready as possible…think of it as your fortress, that you will want to protect. Imagine the possibility of invaders, and seek methods to deal with that situation

Shelter should be comfortable, well equipped and fit for purpose. I have tried to sell any junk that I will not need that was just gathering dust. It’s amazing how light you feel when you get rid of old junk, and make some money in the process.


Energy is essential to our quality of life. Think of electricity, fuel for the car, central heating…it all boils down to energy. We are so dependent on the government monopoly energy providers that most have no back up plan if these fail.

Although government sponsored “renewable energy” is anything but renewable, solar energy and wind turbines on a small, single home scale can be of use to continue to provide electricity in the event of the grid going down.

Some small steps to take that I have been recommending are;

Be able to heat your home in the event of a collapse. I have got some portable propane heaters and have stocked up on canisters.  Store some petrol in large containers, in the event of fuel for the car becoming scarce, or fuel costs rising substantially. Consider a petrol generator to power your household goods.

Have a look into cheaper methods for solar energy, like, passive solar heating, homemade panels, solar radios and wind – up torches.

Stock up on candles also, which could be of use in the event of no power from the providers.


By starting off slowly and becoming more independent, you really will feel more in control of your life. The feeling of knowing that I could survive, for some time, if things went into turmoil, is very satisfying.

Also, if the state of affairs doesn’t get any worse (which I highly doubt) then I will feel happy knowing that I have saved money, and have greater level of independence. So either way…I win.

There are many other methods we can use to attain self-sufficiency, which we can talk about in a later article. I have some great methods for saving money and becoming thrifty, and making your own home cleaning products, which are completely natural and far more effective than the chemical ridden products out their today.

So by taking small steps we can ensure that we have taken a great leap in the survival of mankind. Thanks for the advice Mr. Armstrong.

Alan Lynch lives in Birmingham, UK and works as a Firefighter and operates a Birmingham based driving school.  Alan is into philosophy, anarchism, free-markets and voluntary interactions.