“I'm afraid you may be going over the edge.”

I was speaking last night via Google's new “Hangout” video-chat feature to one of the very few non-anarcho friends I have left. She's watched me flee the country and continue to post an unrelenting stream of anarcho-capitalist, anti-state propaganda. She fears that I may be growing paranoid, delusional and obsessive with my anarchist philosophy and my worry about the US government.

“Don't you think there's room for other points of view? You seem so dismissive of any political thoughts that don't fit into your anarchism or your fear about America becoming a horrible police state,” she said. She asked me this just days after three Blackhawk helicopters performed civil unrest response war game exercises above the Minneapolis downtown where we used to share a home. 

What could I say? She was right about my intolerance and my worry. I am dismissive of any political views that aren't anarchist (or market anarchist or voluntaryist) and I'm deathly afraid of the US police state now and I'm sure I will have more reason to fear in the future.

Everyone who hasn't embraced anarchism is a statist to one degree or another. They may not be totalitarians, but no matter what it is they want politics to accomplish, ultimately they are willing to have someone point a gun at other people to take their money or make them behave a certain way. I'm against the initiaton of force and all politics is about initiating force. So yes, people who aren't anarchists are inherently violent people who want to control others. And I can't ignore that.

That's also why I have "neo-abolitionist" as my middle/nickname on my Facebook page. Just like abolitionists of old, I want to get rid of slavery…of using violence to get people to do what you want them to. There is no middle ground for me. In a bit of irony when it comes to my stance on liberty, the mildly retarded mass murderer George W. Bush summed up my position best: "You're either with us or against us." (Unlike George, however, I am only willing to use violence in actual self-defense when it's justified.)

“But there are people who agree with you on many things, but not everything," said my friend, "And there are other kinds of anarchists, too. My friend Thomas, for example. He's an anarchist and he only agrees with half of what you post. The other half drives him crazy.”

That's because her friend Thomas is an "anarcho"-commie who thinks private property is "authoritarian". That is to say, he's actually no anarchist at all but as complete a statist as you can be because communism is an economic arrangement that requires totalitarian control to enforce. Property is quite the natural concept in a world of scarcity. Thomas craves a world where the collective or some powerful minority therein makes sure no one ever accumulates anything, while leaving everyone free to do whatever drugs they want and have any kind of consensual sex they want. He loves the anti-war and anti-Republican Party/Religious Right/warmonger stuff I post, but he can't stand when I post anything about private property or economics. 

And so it goes with the statists on the other parts of the political spectrum. The fascists on the right hate when I mock their enthusiasm for the collectivized state violence known as war…or when I mock their anger at brown people crossing over their ridiculous geopolitical borders. But they just love when I bash Obama and the hippies who hate private property and who long for worldwide shared poverty.

It's a can't-win situation, dear reader, something that just about every market anarchist or voluntaryist has figured out. Standing outside of the left-right statist spectrum puts you in a very lonely place. While it may be a bit better outside the Western world, 99.9% of humanity thinks your notion of non-aggression, liberty and free markets without the institutionalized violence of the state there to screw it up is not just unworkable. To them it's absolutely bonkers and may require your forced institutionalization. 

You may get to the point where you simply stop talking about your beliefs to the people in your life. Like me, you may keep your opinions to message boards full of like-minded posters. You may passive-aggresively share clever pics and quotes about anarchism on your Facebook page. That way your views are out there and if anyone complains, you can always say, “Hey, you don't like it, simply stop going to MY Facebook page."

I'm not saying you should stop attempting to enlighten. But be careful of getting into pointless arguments that just get everyone pissed off. For my part I know that I'm not going to change my mind about non-aggression being the basis for all human dealings. And I certainly can't expect other people to abandon positions they've held for years just because I flash the light of reason at them once in a conversation. So I no longer go looking for such arguments (though I admit the Facebook posts could be perceived as baiting). I'd rather speak to other converts and live according to my principles than argue. (That's why I've adopted the permanent tourist lifestyle. It is currently the best way to keep personal involvement with the state to a minimum.)

I can understand why my friend thinks I'm going over the deep end, however, even if I think she's wrong. I fear and loathe the state, especially the US government which I fear and loathe more each day. The horrors I expect from the US surely seem like the stuff of paranoid delusion to most people. FEMA detention camps, martial law, miniature insect-like drones monitoring every move…

So let me be clear about this. MOST Americans are simply not going to be shot by the militarized police or FEMA agents. Most Americans will not be rounded up into FEMA camps. Most will simply acclimate to the full panoptic and police state model. They will get used to having the state be able to look at every single transaction, to know about and record every movement, to shut down their vehicles remotely, seize all their assets, or even kill them within moments of deciding to give one of the omnipresent drones the order. And they will behave out of constant fear. Despite the continuous stress of being subject to monitoring and to potential legal violence, many in the US may be able to live their lives as fairly contented slaves of their state.

Of course, the US government is in massive, probably unpayable debt. That fact along with the central bank's depredations are debasing the currency, shoving the middle class into poverty and gutting the economy. So I'm not sure just how contented the subjects of the US police state will really be. I may be wrong about where all this is heading. I'm completely willing to admit that. But I maintain that's it's best to act while everyone thinks your actions are extreme. That way you avoid the rush. I'm glad I set out on the New Underground Railroad ahead of the crowds. If we here at TDV are right, it's only a matter of time before the powers that be shut the paths to freedom down.


The Dollar Vigilante

What a week. Just when we all thought that US politics couldn't possibly become more of a parody of itself, Clint Eastwood lectured a chair and his curmudgeonly routine upstaged Mitt Romney on the biggest night of Romney's privileged life. When his message should have been carried from the RNC about how much richer he was going to make already rich white people by taxing poor people into early graves, the mainstream media and twitterverse were all concentrating on Dirty Harry. SNL, eat your heart out.

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When We Wake Up November 7th…Nothing Will Have Changed

Jim Karger's cathartic release on the lesser of two lessers, the “choice” for President of the USSA, Barack Romney and Mitt Obama.

And we will know what America gets when we wake up November 7, 2012. There will be celebration and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

And it will all be for nothing.

Because nothing material will change, regardless who is elected. On the economy, foreign policy and civil liberties, you could put the differences between Obama and Romney in a thimble and have plenty of room to spare.  Their positions on the most critical issues in America are not materially different but equally devastating.”

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Dear Slavey — August 28th Edition

Jason from Los Angeles drives a car under his girlfriend’s name without insurance. He sublets illegally. He owes student loans. He got rid of his credit cards. He has no library card. He’s looking to move further off the grid. Who does he turn to for advice? That’s right, Slavey.

“If you still need or want to deal in dollars sometimes, make sure the transaction is all cash and don’t issue any receipts for your work. Try to avoid depositing any of it into a bank account and stop throwing your money away in taxes to fund war and service the government’s massive debt. Get ready, Slaveys. As the US edges closer to economic collapse, they’re going to be looking for more tax revenue. Trading and selling privately allows you to stop working for the benefit of the US government and keep 100% of what you earn.”

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Fascist Wing of Single USSA Party Not Even Bothering to Pretend

Every four years the circuses come to town, the USSA party conventions with their common platforms of exclusion and lies. This year’s RNC is no different. Ron Paul was pushed aside for a week of sound bites cultivated for the mainstream media to deliver to the slaves. Huzzah for democracy.

“There are those majority of Republicans who always thought Dr. Paul was a political quack and who support Romney because they think he is a capitalist patriot whose policies will restore liberty and prosperity to the land. Ha! Romney is an empty-headed privileged fascist who will do nothing substantially different from what Obama would. No matter who wins, expect more military bullying overseas by the US, more currency debasement, more regulation of personal and private affairs, more state kidnappings of dissidents, more poverty, and more misery.”

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Why I’m Leaving America

Michael Fielding, an educated, hard working American, packed his belongings and left the USSA headed to the Caribbean aboard his boat “Sovereignty”. A fascinating, honest read, with a great “Parting Shot” from TDV Editor Gary Gibson with some information on how TDV can help you do what a brave soul like Michael did.

I recognize your advantages. I understand you have rivals who treat their citizenry far worse. Raised in another land, it’s possible I would have never received enough information to understand my situation. And for that, I thank you. But it’s not enough. Your existence relies on a mortal sin, and no amount of bribery will sway me to forgive you for it. No number of schools, hospitals, roads or defense networks could ever justify your systematic use of aggressive coercion.

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Feedback Friday – August 31st, 2012

In this week’s Feedback, we get asked about (as we always do) how to get the hell out f the USSA. Plus, what to do with treasury bonds and where to pull up your chair for the best view of the collapse of the empire. And, as a special addition to Feedback Friday, a post from Mava, a long-time regular on the TDV forums, in response to yesterday's article, "Why I'm Leaving America".

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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1                       

The Weekend Vigilante September 1, 2012

En route from Asuncion, Paraguay, Jeff writes from Santiago, Chile, following an eventful and successful trip with TDV Passports’ Ken Johnson learing more about how to best get you out of from under the grasp of the USSA. This weekend’s best read looks at TSA horror stories (are there any other kind of TSA stories?), optimism in a sea hopelessness, some spots opening up at the Global Escape Hatch, and a look ahead to Libertopia

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Gary Gibson speaks to Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network. Topics discussed – His new position at The Dollar Vigilante, the growth of tyranny in the United States, the need for getting a second passport. Watch the video here.



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