TDV Week in Review March 24th, 2012

A Good Life And Its Punishment

"Gary, I fear what will become of you, but you will always have my admiration. You are a man of both principle and courage, and you will likely suffer the fate of one."

I received the preceding communication when I asked readers whether the Parting Shot should live or die. We featured some of the responses on Feedback Friday, but this one haunted me like an omen.

As long-suffering readers know, I am currently living in the belly of the beast. While I'm no longer in NYC, DC or anywhere in that wannabe USSR on the west coast, I still am well within listening range of various federal agencies and within kill range of those billions of bullets the DHS recently purchased.

I've been getting complacement. Even as Jeff Berwick and Jim Karger shake their heads in worried disbelief I remain inside the US. Given how publicly I yearn for the end of the state, and how viciously I criticize the US in particular, you'd think I'd be a bit more worried about living within such easy reach of the US federal government. I am, after all, counting on this violent predator who extorts half of a nation's money and blows up foreign children without blinking to allow me to keep talking smack about him in public.

My living here while writing for TDV is sort of like my standing in the middle of a Georgia plantation in 1845 and yelling for abolition while the overseers stonily finger their triggers.

Or maybe that's paranoia. Maybe the federal government can be trusted. Maybe they won't ever take every single firearm and round up those who've voiced their dissent on internet message boards, in emails and on phone calls.

Maybe the Pol Pot /Stalin /Hitler-style purges are out of fashion…like, so embarrassingly 20th century, you know? Maybe only people outside the borders have to worry about being permanently kidnapped, extremely renditioned, tortured, and eviscerated by federal forces. So being within the borders would just mean the danger of theft by the state instead of murder by the state.

I finally watched "Atlas Shrugged" last night. I'd read the book of course and like so many others it set me on the road to libertarianism and ultimately anarchism (a concept Rand herself was never able to come to terms with). Watching the movie last night got me filled with the urge to go on strike, to stop being a tax cow for the state.

Between the possibly exaggerated fear of being kidnapped or murdered by the state and the guarantee of being stolen from by the state, I had to ask myself again…why do I still live here?

Truth is, I won't be living here forever and like smart dollar vigilantes from across the US and Canada, I'm making plans for escape. Jeff Berwick and Ken Johnson are still at work building a dream destination with Ayn Rand's vision of Galt's Gulch down in Chile. And TDV is of course still helping people un-slave themselves with second passports in much more tolerable geopolitical plantations than the US or the rest of the Western World.

I'll be making the best of it while I'm still here, though…looking for all the best ways for dollar vigilantes who will be stuck in the USSA to stay free and to protect and grow wealth in the pages of TDV Homegrown. Between the drones about to fill American skies and the inflation and more direct theft about to hit American wallets, I figure there will be lots to write about. Let's all just hope to avoid the fate of the virtuous who live a little too loudly in the kingdom of the corrupt.


Gary Gibson
Editor, The Dollar Vigilante

We’re into spring, dear TDVers, which means a new season, a new pope, and March Madness. How fortunate are we here in the USSA that our own Barack O’Bomber has the time to make his bracket picks for CBS? Hey, President is a part-time gig. And some say smaller government is an impossibility. Ah well, we hope you at least kept your lights on (and maybe your motor running) as the rest of the world went along with the embarrassing propaganda known as "Earth Hour".

Here’s what we wrote about this week…

MONDAY, March 18

Someone Needs to be Held Accountable…And They Need to Pay

Jim Karger calls for common sense for a country gone wrong.

“Cars, houses, spouses, kids, jobs, bosses, and debt, to name a few, but they all boil down to one struggle: money. Or better said, the absence of money. Not enough money to buy a car, to take the wife to dinner, to send the kids to private school, to quit the crappy job, to shop like it was a sport, to take a vacation from a soul-dead existence, to pay off the credit cards, and the list goes on and on.

Someone needs to take responsibility. Someone needs to end the struggle.”

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TUESDAY, March 19

Record Bank Heist in Cyprus Spells an Endgame for Your Wealth

Jeff Berwick on the chaos in Cyprus.

"I had prepared comments on the Cyprus bailout-by-bank-account-robbery on Saturday evening and Sunday, but something told me that Monday would bring potentially even bigger news (what's so surprising about governments and banks stealing from their serfs, anyway?), either market-wise or politically. Well that news came in the form of a nearly week-long bank holiday. To be fair, the papers have not exactly made it clear which Thursday we can expect the banks to re-open.

The banks always announce bad news on a Friday to paralyze the people. Then more bad news follows Monday, after a nation's oligarchs have been able to position themselves to benefit most from the crisis. It happened when US debt got downgraded a couple years ago.”

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Why the Banking System Would Make Lenin Proud

Justin O’Connell on how USSA banking would have held Lenin’s affections.

Socialism is not crafted solely on the backs of standing human or robotic armies, police, and bureaucracy.

The modern state must also possess an apparatus of big banks, as Lenin wrote at the onset of the Bolshevik Revolution, for it is banks which perform most accounting and financial recording. In socialism, banks must be expanded, made more comprehensive and, in our globalized age, reach worldwide.”

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THURSDAY, March 21

Euro Banking System on the Verge of Collapse

Jeff Berwick on the precarious realities of the EU’s banking system.

"The events in Cyprus in the last week may have been the linchpin that sets off a complete collapse of the Euro Zone and even, by extension, the entire Western financial and banking system should enough panic set in.

Dollar vigilantes are ready for this, but many in the world are just waking up to the fact that the entire Western financial system is a house of cards underpinned by nothing but debt and only propped up in the last few years by massive amounts of money printing."

continue reading…

FRIDAY, March 22

Feedback Friday – March 23rd, 2013

In this week’s Feedback Friday: Jim Karger’s piece riled the masses (of course), handouts, mortgage reductions, perpetual tourism, and the fate of Gary Gibson’s “The Parting Shot”.

read more here…

SATURDAY, March 23

The Weekend Vigilante March 23rd, 2012

Jeff Berwick checks in from Georgetwon, Guyana (even well-traveled Berwick had to look it up on a map) and has an in-depth, TDV look at Cyprus.

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