The Weekend Vigilante April 6, 2013

Hello from Acapulco Bay,

Look at the anarchy springing up around us.  It's beautiful.

Who would've thought that the consumate anarcho-capitalist and dollar vigilante, myself, would be on CNBC, Fox Business, CNN (soon to go live) and in the mainstream media worldwide.  Of course, the main topic was Bitcoin.  But what many don't yet realize is that Bitcoin is the first anarchic virtual currency ever created and will naturally lead us down the road to the peace and prosperity of purely voluntary, unregulated transactions (a.k.a. no state…though you should still have gold and if you have a lot of it, you should have it safely out of the reach of collapsing Western nation-states.)

The state will fight it tooth and nail, but this is the beauty of the Internet and the spontaneous order, as Hayek called it, of the semi-free market.  They can't stop it.  The genie is out of the bottle.  The state is dying and true freedom is rising.  It's hard to tell that the state is waning, I know, as it aggresses even further upon its purported subjects in its final death throes (which is why we urge you again to get any sizeable stores of gold to a safe haven). But the signs of beautiful anarchy are all around us.

One of the most boring refrains of people steeped in the anachronist (not anarchist, but as in outdated) indoctrination of the state is that we need the state to maintain "law and order".  Even just those terms churned my stomach as I recently walked past a propaganda box (TV) with one of the dozens of variants of "Law and Order" playing.  If you imbibe deeply in the funky ale of statism, then this show is fabulous.  Something bad happens (or not, as with numerous so-called victimless crimes)… and then the state police and prosecutors come and kidnap some people and put them in a cage.  Fantastic!  The sheeple and people unanchored from any moral philosophy clap and laud the protectors of so-called order.

But the heinous outgrowth of collectivism ends up planting its own seeds of destruction even as it is sown.  Even consumate statist Margaret Thatcher once stated, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."  And we've never lived in a more socialist world than we do today.

And, as all the Western states are far past bankrupt, both fiscally and morally, the green shoots of liberty rise glistening towards the sun.  It's all natural.  The natural state of life is anarchy.  Statism is a utopian ideology that claims the perfect world can be made by monopolies on violence and theft.  If people are bad, they say, then we need a government — made up of people — to protect us from them…because people are bad.  Circular logic at its best.

Slowly people are sensing that this system is unworkable.  Just like many in the Soviet Union sensed that the local version of central planning and government monopoly on services may not be the best as they stood in lines for bread.

DIY Policing

In the US today, many people are having that moment of clarity.  As the state collapses police forces across the US have stated that they just don't have the capability to show up for anything but the most egregious of hostage takings or mass shootings.  Even then, they'll be there twenty minutes too late.

The impoverished people in the US, though, are starting to revert to anarchy in response.  In Oakland "As police resources continue to tighten throughout the city, an increasing number of neighborhoods in the hills have begun to take security into their own hands by hiring private companies to patrol their streets." (Source: Christian Science Monitor)

In Texas, "A Houston-based company with offices in London and Dubai that helps protect cargo ships from pirates is now helping a southwest neighborhood protect itself against common thieves." (Source: KHOU.com)

It's happening all across the USSA.  People are voluntarily contracting for their own security… the way it should be.

And if these private security firms ever underperform… or if the unheard of private security guard "brutality" against its own clients ever occurs, they will be quickly fired and people will look for the most efficient and best quality private security firm to take their place.  

And that is entirely aside from the fact that the government makes it illegal for anyone to even try to protect themselves on their own using their own armaments.  Chicago is the shining light on the hill for gun control. About 10 people are shot each weekend in the gun-free zone of Chicagoland.

People are slowly awakening to the fact that government doesn't really protect them.  And, in fact, it steals nearly 50% of most people's earnings each year for the fascade of protection.

Here, near where I spend a lot of time, in Acapulco, the people are much more open to freedom and see the government for what it is: pure evil.  I read a few comments from brainwashed Americans on this story, "Vigilante force in Acapulco hunts down criminals" stating that it is anarchy and horrible that people are actually taking the law into their "own hands".

What does law have to do with peace and order? Laws are the edicts of rulers that restrict personal freedom and interfere with and distort the economy with the policing violence of the state. Order and peace, on the other hand, are the natural outcomes when people cooperate in the market for mutual benefit. Where else should this order be except in your own hands?  That's how indoctrinated and slavish most Americans are today.  Even as many of them do indeed point guns at people to coerce them, although by third party means.

Responsibility Is Always Personal

The people in the areas outside of the luxurious beach resort of Acapulco do take the "law" into their own hands and it is a good thing, not a bad thing.  Whether you do it with your own hands or employ private security firms to do it for you, it is the most natural and good thing.  I don't like violence and shudder everytime I hear of violence being enacted, but if someone is robbing your or extorting you, whether it is cloaked in a uniform of government or not, it is your right to defend yourself.

US subjects cloistered in their false security look down upon these brave Mexicans for protecting theirselves and their friends and family.  It is the height of cognitative dissonce.

But, as stated above, more US subjects are starting to realize that this is not only the more morally correct way to be but are being forced to learn it the hard way as the false security of governmental policing falls aside as the state collapses.

The unfortunate part is that as the state collapses there will be events and occurences that will shock people.  They will blame it on anarchy, but the root cause is the state and what will be a messy collapse during The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI). The disorder certainly won't be because of  "anarchy". Ultimately anarchy is merely about owning your own actions, not leaving it up to the collective to act on your behalf or take the blame for your actions or failures to act.

What most see as being bad I see as being incredibly good.  People are now starting to learn that their belief in government was an illusion.  Many will unfortunately learn the hard way that their beliefs were misguided.

This is the return of personal responsibility.  This is the return of taking care of ourselves.  Over generations of statist indoctrination many have lost those skills, but many will relearn very quickly.

If we can get through TEOTMSAWKI and use incredible free market innovations such as Bitcoin, we can and will move on as a species to a much more peaceful and prosperous world where the need to protect oneself from the initiation of violence will be greatly reduced. In the meantime, get back to basics.  The statist collapse to come will be frought with risks.  Get away from the epicenter of the collapse in the West.  The collapse of the West will be epic, one to fascinate historians for millenia to come.  Gravitate to areas with more likeminded and independent people like we have here in Acapulco or at our first individualist enclave, the first of many to come, at Galt's Gulch in Chile.

The statist zombie hordes cometh and they will be very angry that their misguided belief in such an immoral system has misled them towards destruction.

Until Next Week

My schedule has never been more up in the air.  I may have to go to Chile to deal with last minute preparations for Galt's Gulch.  Or perhaps back to New York for more mainstream media on CNBC, Fox and Bloomberg, to name a few.  Or perhaps I can just stay right here in paradise for a while… which I hope.  But I will not stop.  This is an incredibly important moment for humanity and I will not stop spreading the good word of freedom.

Until next week, take control of your own life, don't leave it up to some collective to take care of you.  If you do that, and more do so as well, we'll all be just fine.

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