Don't Love Them Statist 'Ho's

It's cold. So cold. No surprise since I'm in Minnesota during January. But the temperatures the last couple of days have me questioning my choices in life.

It's so cold that our little bungalow's furnace can't keep the entire house warm. The outside air drains the heat away too quickly for the inside air to build up to comfortable temperatures. We've taken to staying in the rooms that tend to stay the warmest. Luckily our sleeping areas in this house are among those. 

This kind of extremity-killing cold does make it awfully nice to climb under layers of thick, soft blankets…and makes a mostly single editor think how nice it would be to have another body for company under the covers. Which brings me to today's point…

There is precious little I disagree with Stefan Molyneux about. And I try to keep quiet about those things because Stefan is much smarter and deservedly much, much more widely beloved than I. But I can no longer keep silent publicly on one particular matter: interpersonal relationships with violent statists (i.e. the rest of the world). Stefan takes a principled stance against breaking bread with those who support monopolized violence against him. 

My advice: go ahead and do it. 

There are roughly 7 billion humans on the planet right now. Let's say there are exactly that many. 699,999,817,243 (unofficial estimate) of them would support your imprisonment and murder for indulging in private activities or for resisting collectivized theft. There may be enough libertarian anarchist voluntaryists in the world to populate a small city or country (my own native country's population could easily fit inside a modern sports arena), but odds are you don't live anywhere near any of them because they are spread so thin. 

Odds are that every single person within 50 miles of you and with whom you deal on a day to day basis is a statist of either the fascist or communist flavor. It's humanity's current default position after all. If you insisted on boycotting products made by statists, or on boycotting business that employed or were run by statists, then you'd be dead within a week and severly materially deprived during your few remaining days. 

Say you accepted the need to do business with the violent humans of the statist-filled world…but refused to deal with any of them personlly…and insisted that your interpersonal relationships would only be with other non-aggression principled sort. That would be admirable! But your only friends would be the on the Internet and you would never have sex.

In my own experience, every single woman who will date me is a collectivist of the worst sort. This happens for the same reason that people are surprised to find out that someone with my genetics loves "Atlas Shrugged". Simply, black people and the people who will sleep with them tend so overwhelmingly to be hardcore socialists and Democrats. 

Using the power of a popular Internet dating site I did manage to attract the attention of one incredibly beautiful woman whose favorite book was "Atlast Shrugged", whose politics favored Ron Paul AND who dug the brothas. Sadly she decided to get back with the larger brotha she had previously been seeing before meeting me. Now granted she was essentially a paleo-conservative, tiny government type, not a totally peaceful and principled anarchist voluntaryist. But that underscores my point. She was the closest thing I'd ever met at that point to an anarchist I'd want to kiss. This political ideology is rarer than hen's teeth and Asian-on-black porn. There are indeed beautiful anarchist women out there…but you have to steal them from or share them with their high quality, handsome and/or rich anarchist capitalist boyfriends and husbands who know what a good thing they have. It ain't easy. 

Now, your editor is a notorious loner. I enjoy my own company immensely. But I'm not a rock. I get plenty of satisfaction out of keeping in touch with my morally correct e-friends via Facebook and email. In true introvert fashion, however, I enjoy just a small number of high quality friendships in real life. And in true mammalian fashion I like to at least go through the motions of reproduction with other members of my species from time to time. So I cultivate friendships and closer relationships with the statists who are actually available and willing. (You can take this too far, mind you. One of the people I did end up seeing for a very brief while was a pretty and religious Democrat. I'm an atheist anarchist. That did not go well at all.) True, I cannot ever commit to them emotionally beyond a certain level. And maybe I'm a horrible hypocrite for allowing them in my life at all. I suspect this is how the paleo-abolitionists felt in chattel slavery America, though I suspect we neo-abolitionists have it far worse with far fewer fellow humans of like mind. 

Mind you, I have indeed edited especially enthusiastic commies from my life (very few fascists want to befriend someone who looks like me so I had none to cut from my inner circle). But I live among and make friends with the passive statists that fill the world around me like herpes. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this quandary. Other liberty-loving, violence-hating people must hate themselves for getting along with the statists around them. That's why liberty-minded types are starting to gather themselves together geographically. And that's the idea behind TDV's Galt Gulch project in Chile, a place where you can live free among like-minded people. Not only that, but it will also be a great place to dwell in comfort as the statist world continues to crumble. Click here if you'd like to find out more about securing your own lot now. 

Hope to see you down there soon!


Gary Gibson
Editor, The Dollar Vigilante


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"What is surprising, or at least profoundly disappointing, is that the same general public who would apparently like to stomp Congress like a bunch of narcs at a biker rally, continues to elect the same low-rent ho-ho's every two years which is another story for another time. However we got here, we are here, and where we are is inside a full-bore totalitarian State.”

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