Hello from Tahrir Square, Cairo,

Well, let it be officially said, no good deed goes unpunished.  You haven’t publicly heard from me in more than a week as I told friends and fans alike that my week off over Christmas would be a refresher that got me re-oriented and replenished in my eternal quest and never-ending battle against collectivism and the state, and trying to relay thoughts and experiences to help people free themselves and profit from this transitionary period of human history.

My European Christmas plans started off with a battle against the state (Mexico) in getting permission for my daughter to be able to travel with me and see snow.  Denied.  I then carried on with my son to take him back to the area of his birth (Germany) for Christmas… which he liked for about two days and has whined incessantly ever since asking when we can go back to the accustome daily dose of pool, beach and sun.  I thought also it’d be nice to take my wife back to where she lived for ten years and always talked about how she missed the food so much… the curryworst… the schnitzel…wlühwein (hot red wine).  Well, that lasted about a day.

Then after a week of freezing cold temperatures I was bed ridden for about a week… as I almost always am in these conditions.  I hadn’t been sick in about 10 years, until now.  Humans aren’t fit for negative temperatures, I figure.  That’s why we shed most of our fur, if I can paraphrase Darwin.

Even the Acapulco-born chihuahuas seemed mostly confused and shivered whenever outside, despite their sweaters and parkas (see video here).

So, after two weeks of sickness and taking 5-10 hot showers per day I took off.  First to Malta… where I laid in bed for another few days just recuperating.  Malta is nice (decent poker too).  A definite overlooked jewel in the region.  But small, and a bit boring.  So then I snapped.  That’s it.  I’m going to Tahrir Square!  After all, it’s been almost two years (“Happy Revolution Day Egypt”) since I tried to tell the people there what to do and they didn’t listen.  So take it to the streets, I say!

I boarded a non-alcoholic Egyptian Air flight, packed with about 50 men and two women and write to you now from within a cloud of sheesha smoke in a cafe in Tahrir Square.

Not terribly much is happening.  Perhaps a hundred plastic makeshift tents and a few people sitting around on plastic chairs.  Perhaps there were more a few days ago when four gunmen opened fire on anti-government protestors.

On February 12, 2012 I wrote:

"What an admirable display we have witnessed in the last few days in Egypt.  Millions of people, without using force or violence, overthrew their dictator and for at least one night, the people of Egypt are free!
"One reporter on Al Jazeera, asked one of the rally leaders today, 'when will you form a new government?'
"His response was, 'Not tonight!  Tonight we celebrate!'"

I went on to write, "Now, when you wake up tomorrow morning, Egyptians, don't be too eager to quickly erect your new walls… take a look around and notice you are free and consider just leaving it the way it is."

So much for that.  Many are already looking back fondly at Hosni Mubarak's dictatorship.  The new democratically elected goons have spent a lot of time killing and kidnapping anti-government demonstrators and the Egyptian pound plummets to an eight year low this week and capital controls have been instated.

On December 26th, Egypt banned taking in or out of the country more than $10,000 in cash and there are rumors of the central bank confiscating bank deposits to pay wages for government employees.

How ya liking democracy so far, Egypt?  Egyptians looking to get money out of the country should contact TDV Offshore… and get a second passport while they are at it (TDV Passports).


From here I'll be on to Beirut, Lebanon then back to Germany to pick up wife, dogs and kid and heading to Acapulco for a week.  Then it'll be on to the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference on January 20-21.  Then, again, after a short respite to the beach in Acapulco I'll be at the Global Financial Summit in Nassau, Bahamas from February 6-9.  I'll likely then be at Galt's Gulch Chile in February as we are setting up our first tours to the property this month (more on that in the next TDV Dispatch to subscribers) and then from March 6-10 you can find me at Ambergris Caye in Belize at The Global Escape Hatch.

Freedom, coming to a town near you soon!