My soul is still smarting from the news of the mass shooting in that Connecticut school…but not in the way nor for the reasons you might think…

Yes, this is a tragedy. But it didn't make me weep. I would have loved to have been able to prevent it…but that was just one of the hundreds of absolute tragedies that take place throughout the world every day. Why should I pay special attention to this one, or even weep for these children? Because the media tells me to? Because this is a big enough shocker for the US media to notice? 

I have to point out that these children are as much strangers to me as the children who die in other mass killings around the world at the hands of military personel acting on the behalf of governments, or the children who die at the hands predators or their own parents. Tragedies all. Weeping for these outrageous murders and not for the others would just prove me as easily led and distracted as those who care about the outcome of which millionaires score more on the field, reality shows or "American Idol".

Here's Obama's reaction to news of a bunch of American kids getting shot to death.

Good thing there just happened to be a competent photographer on hand while the news was delivered. (Seriously, this blatant photo-op staging should offend any thinking person.)

And here is the infamous news clip with the tears…

You wonder if he gets so upset after hearing how many child body parts were able to be identified and scraped together after one of the drone hits he ordered. 

You also wonder as his rhetoric to "do something" focuses on the weapons instead of the root causes of violence that liberals usually blame when some inner city kids shoot or rape a pensioner. Ah, politics. Focus on the criminal's backround or on the criminal's tool, depending on what suits the state's agenda at the time. 

Did you know, by the way, that more murders are committed each year in the US by means of hammer and other blunt force objects on hand than are committed by firearms? Yet, no president has ever suggested the much more sensible option of "doing something" about all the hammers, crowbars and rocks just lying around within easy reach. They always point to the gun as having some magical power to inspire murder…even when there are federally approved and state administered psychoactive compounds swimming through the murderer's brain. 

But whom am I kidding. We all know where this is leading: the biggest gun grab in world history. And we know why governments always go after the guns…

When I was a lot younger, dumber and more ready to improve the world by telling people what to do, I used to parrot the old line about private gun ownership not being an effective deterrant against tyranny in the modern world "because governments have tanks, F-15 fighters and nuclear bombs". I've since learned that governments really need armed goons on the street to win at urban warfare. And while they may bomb a city or two into rubble and ash in order to cow a foreign state, they tend to want to keep their own cities intact. They may try to make an example of specific revolters, but they don't want to kill everyone. The easiest way to get their way with their own subjects is to make sure those subjects aren't armed. 

It's not contracts or constitutions that keep the pyschopaths who seek political power in check. This is the state we're talking about. It's the opposite of persuasion and agreement. The state is coercion and violence made manifest. It only understands violence. Like any smooth-talking criminal, its initial approach will be an oily smile and a pretense of harmlessness. But it's only a matter of time before the club, the blade or the gun comes out and the assault begins. And just like any other criminal, the state's odds of success multiply a hundredfold when the victim is unarmed. 


Gary Gibson
Editor, The Dollar Vigilante

P.S. If you don't see these events and staged government responses as a long windup to total gun confiscation, then I can only imagine your shock when it happens. For those of you who see the writing on the wall, you can either get ready to join the resistance and go out in a blaze of glory…or you can ready a place for yourself where you are encouraged to keep your guns and live free

Well, a short week to review as we took some time off for Christmas and New Year’s to be with friends, family, and loved ones around the globe. We hope you all had a joyous holiday season, and here’s a toast to good health and liberty for 2013!

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