Brothas Bringing On Big Brother

This week comedian Chris Rock stood up in front of a bunch of people at some propaganda gathering for about forty-five seconds and told them that the US head of state and his unelected wife are the "parents" of the nation. I'd thought that creepy and wrongheaded notion of political collective paternity went out of vogue with the likes of Mao and Stalin. 

I've spent a few days trying to come up with the proper arrangements of words to express how insulting and wrong this is, and how sad that a grown man would say something like this. This isn't the run-of-the-mill "nanny state" thinking. The nanny, after all, is hired by the parents to take over some of the parenting duties (and since the nanny generally has less interest in the long-term development of the child, this can have disastrous consequences). But Rock wasn't talking about the state as nanny. He was talking about the state as family, complete with a gun-toting daddy. What Rock said did not harm the cause of liberty, or change any minds on the matter of gun control; it merely revealed plenty about the man himself. So as annoyed as I am by what Rock said, my outrage is tempered by the deepest pity for Rock himself.

Everybody Hates Chris… But They Should Feel Sorry For Him Instead

I initially did want to tear Rock a new hole in my Sunday column. But the more I watched the video, the more I thought I could see the emotional damage in his eyes and hear it in his voice. Admittedly, maybe what I detected wasn't really there. Maybe I was just thrown off by a man who usually acts the part of a clown now trying to be serious and sincere. Either way, I started off wanting to yell at him for his boneheadedness, but over the course of a couple of days ended up feeling sorry for him instead.

After watching the video and giving it some thought, I strongly suspected that Rock had been the victim of terrible parental abuse growing up, and probably other abuse as well. People who in their most defenseless years suffer violence from their caretakers and others are thousands of times more likely to develop such a warped authority-seeking mind that legitimizes state violence and coercion. It cannot be said enough: if you want a world in which people don't accept the violence of the state, then stop raising children violently; teach them the language of the market — negotiation — instead of the language of politics: coercion. So I did a quick search and found a celebrity interview of Rock in Men's Health (emphases mine):

"Rock's father was a model of discipline. 'I got beatings,' says Rock. 'It was either my dad beating me or the cops, but I wasn't ever in that kind of trouble, because my dad whipped my ass first. He was trying to make me a man, because it's rough out there.'

"Rock's school was even rougher. Being bused to a predominantly white school in Bensonhurst, site of many a racial incident at the turn of the 1980s, was a harsh education. 'It just zapped my wanting to be in a classroom, and I dropped out. I had no personality in school, because I was abused. It was "nigger this, nigger that" and getting beat up.'

"Though he's now nearly six feet tall, Rock was a small kid who made a tempting target for bullies. 'When someone attacks you, you have to annihilae him or else you're going to be going through shit all the time,' he says. 'So yeah, the few times I would have a fight, I'd have to reallly go overboard. And probably did hurt a couple of guys to make a point.'"

Sadly, Rock's history fits his statement on presidential paternalism. Rock says the things you'd expect from someone beaten by his father (to "make a man out of him", of course) and then victimized by institutionalized racism. And it's worth noting briefly that Rock feels the president is worthy of unwavering support now that the president shares some of Rock's racial background. Just another symptom of the violent, tribal environment Rock was forced to endure in his youth. When he goes on record as saying that some man (and his wife) who has control of the most guns should get his way, like an abusive father or a king, I can't help but think Rock is suffering some form of post-traumatic stress disorder first induced in childhood, and that he is now currying favor with the most dangerous thug in the room as a reflexive form of self-preservation.

Rock also used the word "boss" as well as "dad" to describe the president. But the president is no more any non-government person's "boss" than he is the dad of anyone who didn't grow from out of an egg he fertilized. Bosses in the market aren't allowed to kill you if you want to stop doing business with them. The most they can do is withdraw themselves from dealing with you as well, that is to say, they can tell you that they no longer want to buy your services. The president who sits on top of all the guns in an organization that lives on money extracted literally at gunpoint, isn't a boss. He's the master of the plantation, the head tax farmer of the human chattel on his geopolitical tax farm. 

Rock And The Rogue (Ex) Cop

It hasn't been a good week for black people as far as resisting the rapid advance of the nanny police state. One brotha was telling us that the head of state is our collective father. In fact, looking at Rock's eyes as he made his statement, I got that same shameful feeling I did when watching that scene from Roots, the part where Kunta Kinte is beaten until he submits and mutters the name his master has chosen for him. Rock knows who his daddy is, and he reminded us that the rest of us should acknowledge the massa, too, if we know what's good for us.

But while one brotha was shaming the rest of us by uttering the words of submission, another brotha was bringing down the heat. I hadn't been following the story of the Chris Dorner, the ex-LA cop who is running a murderous vendetta on the undoubtedly corrupt LA police force. But the story really caught my attention when I learned the LAPD may be using drone surveillance to get their man. The LAPD would neither confirm nor deny that drones would be used, but Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz said rather ominously, "We are using all tools at our disposal."

And those tools would include drones. Of course, the US Customs and Border Patrol have been using drones to monitor the imperial border for a while now. But it's a happy (for the state) coincidence that Dorner is expected to make a run for Mexico. So the first official use of drones to find and likely explode a US citizen on US soil is the next logical step. And it just had to be a brotha. 

Probably the first one to die, just like in any other horror movie

This is how it starts. Use some new horribly invasive tool of surveillance and violence against a clear bad guy that just about everyone can agree on. In this case, a turncoat, cop-murdering, big, bad negro with a manifesto and a lot of guns.

(Though in a delicious irony this well-armed mass murderer supports Obama and agrees "100%" with Piers Morgan on stricter gun control! In his manifesto he writes:

"Mr. Morgan, the problem that many American gun owners have with you and your continuous discussion of gun control is that you are not an American citizen and have an accent that is distinct and clarifies that you are a foreigner. I want you to know that I agree with you 100% on enacting stricter firearm laws…")

Once the state rolls out its missile-firing, high-flying kill-bots against a "bad guy", the public will slowly be acclimated to the idea of these death machines being used for regular policing, and raining down death instantly on anyone the emperor or his guards deem in need of sudden blowing up. 

You think that's a little extreme, that the agents of the state aren't ready to blast anyone that threatens them, annoys them, or is even in the same general area as their intended targets? Then let me direct your attention to the what's left of the children who were on the same block as the terror suspects Obama ordered taken out via drone missle strike:

To avoid getting peevish letters, we went with this protest picture instead of the picture of the corpses of the children killed by US drone strikes. You're welcome.

Or closer to home, the two Asian women shot up and injured by LAPD officers because they were delivering newspapers with a truck that looked something like one that Dorner might have been driving. It's pretty clear the officers involved started firing before they knew who was in the vehicle. Because last I checked it's pretty easy to tell the difference between one large black man and two Asian women.

It's scary and upsetting to watch. The state is more rapidly deploying its plans. It's rounding up its subjects' guns, putting its "police" troops on the street in force, and installing its robot overseers in the air. And it's increasing the amount of tribute required from the more productive slaves while making it harder to protect your assets legally. To start doing something about it, click here. Our first advice is to get the hell out if you can: divorce yourself from the US entirely, up to and including getting the hell out while you can and renouncing your ties of citizenship after getting citizenship somewhere with a more tolerable nation-state. If this seems extreme to you, then I envy your ability to remain calm as the drones begin their domestic tours of duty. 

If for whatever reason, you won't or can't make yourself scarce from US soil, then at least tune in to TDV Homegrown where I and a stable of contributors (like Justin O'Connell and "Dear Slavey") find everything we can to help you live as free and prosperous as possible in the economically wrecked police state north of Mexico. 

And on behalf of my people, let me apologize for Chris Rock. 


Gary Gibson
Editor, The Dollar Vigilante

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