Hello from beautiful Acapulco Bay,

Does anyone travel anymore?  Or do they just parrot the propaganda they hear from the mainstream presstitutes about places they've never been??

I'm seriously wondering this today.  It started when I read about six people who were shot in a bar in, as usual, the "outskirts" of Cancun.  Forgetting for the moment that the guns used were probably directly provided by infamous criminal gun runner Eric Holder and also forgetting for the moment that whatever problem that night was probably a direct result of the US government's heinous war on plants and people– sorry, the "war on drugs".  Putting that aside, I read the article on some mainstream US site and was flabbergasted by the comments.  "If you let your kids go to to the cesspool of Mexico for Spring Break, don't expect any sympathy if they get shot!"

Cesspool????  Has anyone ever been to Mexico?  I normally reserve the word cesspool for numerous ghettos in the US, like the south side of Chicago, where 10 people are stabbed or shot every weekend.  Even in that case, however, I see the real causes of the problem in American ghettoes for what they are: the US welfare state, US taxes and regulations and the Federal Reserve. The real cesspool is in Washington, District of Criminals.

But to call Mexico a cesspool?  He must have never been here and just listens to his Homeland State Department travel warnings and his nightly propaganda.  In almost anywhere in Mexico that any normal person would be inclined to visit or hang out it is glorious.  I often breath a sigh of relief coming back from the USSA and once we touch down in Mexico I usually bow my head to my agnostic god and thank her I am now much freer and safer.

A rough estimate of 99.8% of people I have come across in Mexico are kind, genuine, tranquilo and fun.  There are always exceptions, but I'd estimate that number is far lower in the USSA.  If I had to pick a number, depending on the place of course, I'd say 60%.

And then, after reading that article and its comments I came across an article on CNBC which focused on how Paul Krugman was criticizing Latvia about how they had accepted "austerity" and what they were doing there.  Latvia, I thought?  Of all the tiny places (population 2 million) why had the homeless-looking, insane Keynesian Kool-Aid drinker focused his dead eyes on Latvia?

In fairness to Krugman though, I do think he is a jewel.  It's like he is giving us a realtime history lesson in what communists were like a hundred years ago.  Why read a book about that time period when you can actually read and watch Paul Krugman and see it live!

For reference, Latvia's government undertook a heavy dose of austerity after a credit boom led to an economic crash in 2008. The government undertook the biggest fiscal adjustment drive of any country in the European Union and gross domestic product (GDP) plunged 24 percent in 2009.

Of interest, though, was that the Latvian Prime Minister fired right back at the Krug, questioning his communist style stance of unending government spending (and the Latvians might have some fairly recent memory of that!). To add, neighboring Estonian President Toomas Hendrik tweeted, "Yes, what do we know? We're just dumb and silly East Europeans. Unenlightened. Someday we too will understand."

You know things are getting bizarre when former Soviet bloc countries are mocking the economics columnist of the New York Times!

But this brings me back to my point.  Has Paul Krugman ever left his cardboard box in an alley in New York and even been to Latvia and Estonia?  What kind of hubris does someone have to make such definite conclusions on a place they've likely never been?  Answer: Paul Krugman.

It also further proves my thought that the smaller the place, in general, the better the government is (North Korea and Cuba excluded).  Just look at Iceland.  While we don't like any government involvement in life or the economy we always prefer smaller (and more numerous, with an ideal number around 7 billion) governments to bigger governments. Because Iceland has a population of just over 300,000 (not even a suburb in China… more like a block) they reacted very differently to all the government and central bank caused problems in 2008.  

In one paragraph, in response to the financial crisis, Iceland indicted their prime minister, charged 200 criminal charges against bank executives, allowed banks to fail and forgave home owner debt exceeding 110% of the home value.  On the contrary, in the US, there were zero criminal charges, most of the "too big to fail" banks were bailed out with stolen money, most bank executives received bonuses and millions of homes were foreclosed on.

And look at Iceland now.  Ratings agency Fitch said just yesterday that the island nation's debts had moved further into investment grade status. Fitch said Iceland's debts had been upgraded to BBB, the lowest investment grade status, up from BBB- after a strong recovery from the financial crisis.

I'm sure Krugman has shown his disdain for Iceland… And I'm sure he's never been there.  

How many US presidents have bombed, nuked and drone-struck people in countries they've never been to?

That's why when absolutely insane Dennis Rodman inexplicably showed up in North Korea to hang out with Kim Il Sung last week it got me thinking.  At least Dennis would go there to see the place where the US Department of Offense may soon do their next terrorist attacks.

The funniest part was, they became the best of friends.  And soon after Lil' Kim actually made some comments that maybe he should open up the country a bit after hanging out with a guy like Rodman who gets all the girls.  Perhaps we should send Snooki to Cuba to get Raul Castro to relax a bit!

It was almost so surreal that you have to wonder if Lil 'Kim was confused about who Rodman was.

But, no, instead, the US Department of Statism sends people like Killary Klinton to these areas to make threats and bribes… and we wonder why things never get better.

Statism and war are anachronistic in this day and age, but if we have to continue with this stupidity, at least make it a rule that if you are going to bomb and kill thousands or millions of men, women and children that you at least have to go there for a few days first! Maybe play with some of the kids you plan to blow up.


As for silly me, I am actually going out to see the rest of the world instead of just spouting uninformed opinions about it. I leave for Panama on Monday and should be deep in the tropical jungle of Guyana soon after sussing out what I am told could be the next gold mining hotspot. After that I'll likely be on to Chile to check in on the progress (I apologize it has been slow) at Galt's Gulch Chile.

Then, after a brief respite in Acapulco I'll be taking a chance entering into one of Mordor's two towers, New York City, to "Anarchy in the NYC" (which I hear is already sold out) and  not much after that, on to the West Indies, to St. Kitts for the Liberty Forums along with phenomenal peaceful anarcho-capitalists like Doug Casey and Rick Rule.

Unlike propaganda ministers such as Paul Krugman, we freedom advocates will go anywhere and do anything to spread the word of liberty. We'll even debate anyone, anywhere, anytime because we know we hold the more moral stance.  Unlike Paul Krugman who has now been offered over $100,000 to any charity of his choice just to spend an hour debating free market economist — and my friend — Bob Murphy (see my interview with Bob here).

I'll even go to horrible countries I can't stand, like Kanada the land of passive aggressive fascists, where I recently sat down for an interview with Ted Ohashi on "Ticker Talk". You can see the second part of my interview on "Ticker Talk" by Ted Ohashi in Vancouver below.

In case you missed part one, you can find it by clicking here.

So many Amerikans are content to stay in their suburban boxes and quake in fear at the "news" of the outside world as told by their government's media pets. They're just like the slaves in a totalitarian communist regime where the Party directly controls the media and uses it to tell lies about the capitalist world. I don't just sit in one place and comment on the world, I regularly go out and see it for myself. Too bad more people don't do the same.