The Dissident Round Up Is Still Inevitable

To my great surprise, the Boston Marathon bombing hasn't been pinned on some anti-government, born and bred whitey. But that doesn't mean the country isn't still on the march towards comic book police state totalitarianism.

That bipedal lizard Lindsey Graham has been waiting for something just like this. He seems to want to make an example of  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who happens to be an American citizen. Graham doesn't want Tsarnaev to get his Miranda rights and be allowed to remain silent. This is an "enemy combatant" on Graham's global battlefield which most decidedly includes the "homeland". 

Of course Obama has already set the stage for actually killing Americans without due process with NDAA 2011. In the end monsters like Obama and Graham are just fulfilling their role in history. If it weren't these particular sociopaths, it would be some other inhuman politicians declaring a permanent state of war as the empire chugs along.

Having taken up the torch of empire, America can't stop now. It has made itself the world cop who will ever be a target for "terrorists". It must rescind the liberties that made it such a unique, dynamic haven for both wealth creation and happiness. Terrorist attack by terrorist attack, it must chip away at its old reputation as a bastion of freedom to reveal the reality of the imperious police state that has perhaps always been lurking beneath.

So despite the proximity to tax time, the date of the Waco massacre and the so-called retaliation of Oklahoma City, it looks like the Boston Marathon bombing will be chalked up to Islamic extremism. Don't breathe too easy yet, however. Eventually there will be an act of "terrorism" that will lead the US government to remove all vestiges of privacy from US soil and to round up any dissidents who might be a "potential threat". They will do this with the complete approval of the majority of the citizenry.

I help write and manage a little newsletter called TDV Homegrown about making the best of life in the encroaching police state. But I must be honest with my readership and remind them that the best strategy is to have an exit plan. This isn't the end of the world — in fact the future looks increasingly brighter in the non-Western world — but the US has already crossed the Rubicon and is in free fall descent. The majority of the sheep here will be perfectly fine with that, paying whatever tax tribute their masters demand and watching what they say or write in order to stay out of trouble. If you're somebody who simply can't live like that, then start doing everything in your power to finance your escape.


Gary Gibson
Editor, The Dollar Vigilante

Well, one Chechen is dead and another is about to be tortured. Boston was in lockdown for a day. Military, FBI, and Boston PD roamed the streets full armed. Bullets were flying in residential areas. Still don't think we're headed for a police state?

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