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On to the feedback…


Hi Jeff,

I read the TDV newsletter frequently, and watch just about all of the TDV and Anarchast videos. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do, and how much you have changed my life. I see just about everything in the world from an entirely new perspective, and feel like I have just stepped out of the Matrix.

I quit graduate school about a year and a half ago because I realized it was a complete waste of time, and I have been working as a full-time writer and reporter for a magazine and website since then. I save about eighty percent of my paycheck every month, and most of that goes into precious metals, mining stocks and Bitcoins.

However, the amount I am saving is nowhere near what I would like to be, so now I am looking for opportunities outside of North America.

I would love to be able to give up my US citizenship, but I’m not sure I would actually be able to. My questions are how hard is it for someone with very little assets to gain another passport, and how hard would it be for someone with college debt that was nationalized by the US government to give up their citizenship?


Matthew G.

Jeff’s Response:

Hi Matthew,

First, congratulations for escaping the matrix.  And, secondly, depending on what kind of graduate school you were in (they aren't all an absolute waste of time – just most), congratulations on that!  Most people waste 16 years of their life being indoctrinated and learning nothing of any value… and going into debt for it, as you are aware.

On the topic of US college debt… I am a VERY firm believer that you should pay any debt you voluntarily entered into.  EXCEPT… if it is debt owed to the US government educational-industrial complex.  Millions were sold a very, very fraudulent bill of goods in that case.  It was, as all statist ideas are, a completely ridiculous concept.  After twelve years of dumbing down and indoctrinating kids, let's put out propaganda throughout their lives that they still need another four or eight years of unproductive memorizing of useless info that is otherwise free on the Internet AND put them into massive, enslaving debts for worthless pieces of paper.

If you were ever going to renege on an obligation, I can't think of a better one.

That said, don't worry too much about renouncing your USSA citizenship at this point.  In fact, it may not be important.  You've already realized that the American Dream is a nightmare and the land of opportunity is almost anywhere except the US so all you need to do is figure out a way to go somewhere else and make a living.

This is something we can help with at TDV.  TDV is much more than a newsletter… it is a community of freedom minded individuals who see the state as the unnecessary evil that it is and thousands of TDVers have already taken the steps you are pondering.  We have TDV Groups in countless cities and countries around the world now.  You can access this community for less than $15/month through TDV Basic.  We've even just started all our TDV Groups on private Facebook pages to make it more accessible.  

There have been countless TDVers who have found jobs and business opportunities through our network of Permanent Tourists/Prior Taxpayers (PT's) and freedom lovers worldwide.  We have many billionaires and even more millionaires, almost all self-made, in our community.  They would love nothing more than to find a young, libertarian go-getter for their profitable organizations worldwide.  Get in there and mingle.  I've yet to see a fellow TDVer shun another.  We are all on the same wavelength.

And, to get back to my comment on not worrying about renouncing…don't worry about it!  Just find your life outside of the USSA.  The US is just one third world country out of nearly 300 other countries on Earth… almost all of them –except the likes of North Korea– much freer than the US.  Find your life outside it, build your productive enterprises and then worry about renouncing. I would just add that you should avoid the Western world in general, though.

Even then, it probably won't matter… as it will probably take you 5-10 years to make your fortune unless you are especially entreprenurial and by that time the US government will not exist in its current form. And, even if it does, the US dollar will have been so hyperinflated that any student loan obligations will be payable in pocket change (preferably in silver, gold and bitcoin pocket change).

Get out there, hussle, mingle, network and find opportunities (of which the world is full of them) to provide value to others and the rest will all fall into place.



In 3 May Feedback Friday, you said, "In this prison planet in which we currently live the more passports you have the better."

Really? Including a USSA passport? In that case I disagree. I ditched mine a year ago, reducing life's complications and increasing employment and investment opportunities.


Jeff’s Response:

Hello Andrew,

Ah, you caught me.  Yes, there are very few passports on Earth that are truly dangerous to your life and the US passport is one.  However, everything has its use.  The US passport can still be a useful travel document (how long that lasts is highly debatable) but EVERY other thing about it is a liability and not a benefit.

Be it via plan or by stupidity, the US government and the Federal Reserve have taken all the opportunity out of the land of opportunity so there is very little value, if any, to holding a US passport any longer.

And, as you particularly realized, it can actually be incredibly freeing to rid yourself of that particularly oppressive slave card.

Of course, every single person has different needs, desires and situations so it is not one size fits all.  One of the most massive opportunities I have seen is for quite well off people (anyone with a net worth of over a few million) to rid themselves of the oppressive US global tax regime.  Many well off people make so many mistakes… they must be listening to their government registered financial advisors!

As just one example, a simple residency in the unincorporated territory of the United States, Puerto Rico, can save many people tens or hundreds of thousands in taxes per year.  We are currently working on a Special Report for TDV subscribers on all the intricate details on doing this and will hope to offer Puerto Rican residency as part of our services at TDV Passports. (You can find out more about becoming a TDV subscriber by clicking here.)

Or, even better, if you have a business venture earning six, seven or more, figure income per year in the US it is incredibly easy to restructure all your enterprises offshore, all legally, and save yourself an incredible amount of money.  The thing is, hardly anyone knows how to do it.  Mitt Romney knows… as do most of the political and financial elite.  They hope the slaves never figure it out.  But TDV is made up of neo-abolitisionists!

If you have a significant business in the US and a sizable net worth, I highly advise you to call or email us at our new enterprise, TDV Wealth Management.  It's all legal, perfectly above board and is exactly what people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mitt Romney and countless other very wealthy people have done… the big difference is you don't have to be a billionaire anymore to do the same.

But hardly anyone has put the work into it to help others.  We have.  You can email us at [email protected] if you would like a short consultation on what we can do to help you ease yourself out of the Empire and all its aggressions.

And, if you are not above a million or two in net worth, there is still plenty you can do.  We consult with and help people to legally diversify their ventures in no-tax offshore jurisdictions… again, all legally (contact TDV Offshore for more).  None of us want to go to Guantanamo.  And, for those with sizable IRAs, there are amazing options to internationalize your IRAs and invest in almost anything you want… all legally (see TDV Self Directed IRAs for more)!  You can even buy foreign real estate like we have in Acapulco or in Chile through your IRA.  No one ever told you this?  Stop listening to your government-registered financial advisor… unless he at least understands half the things we are talking about here.  The options are out there, but they will be closing soon so don't hesitate.

 I first organized my life offshore more than 20 years ago.  That next beer I buy you will be paid for with money that would have otherwise been absconded.  That's why I look so happy when I buy you one!


Dear TDV,

I'm not against abortion, completely or collectively or morally, however as someone individually disagreeable to it, completely, I might suggest this:


You heard me correct… First, its perfectly legal. No jail time. Analyze your responses to an animal dying at your own hands. If its ok, and you can live with it, move on to something with your own DNA that grew inside of you… I mean, baby steps… start small… make sure you don't hurt yourself in the process. If you'er built for that sort of thing, you might be a good candidate for abortion. Especially if you spent months feeding the animal before you kill it.

I remember once I had a bunch of meat birds that I bought as chicks. I totally had the intention of killing them and bathing them in Tandoori flavours. Ten in all. Eventually I grew to like them so much that I put off killing them. Then they started breathing so hard they couldn't even support their own body mass, and they started shitting all over themselves with their body weight crushing their lungs. I started feeling desperate and knew I had to euthanize them in order to be kind. I made multiple attempts. Took me days of cruelty to get down to it. Eventually I had to pray, having an weird religious epiphany like Saul out on the prowl hunting Christians. I saw the light! Putting on a ski mask I walked into the barn and started wacking them over the head in desperation with a hatchet, as their bodies flipped all over the ground doing the sacrificial chicken dance. In the end I felt so horrible that I walked out to the woods with their carcasses, one by one, to feed the wolves in the dead of the winter. Still to this day, it is one of my hard earned lessons about what I'm capable of, personally.

Yes, I am capable of killing! But its not something I'd do without severe reservations.

True story! And I ain't even a vegetarian or a pro-lifer… Really I'm not even trying to show a moral fiber in my body about what is politically right or wrong. I'm just saying, be sure before you kill something inside of you. Don't hurt yourself in the process. Know your reptilian brain first, and what your instincts are made of. Life isn't just a mere philosophical element to toy with, isolated from everything else.

For myself,  old fashioned morality works best unconsciously. It's individualized and not enforced on other people. It keeps me sane, and has the best "know thyself" merit in terms of mental health. Just saying. Everyone is different! If others want to kill their own fetus and pretend that demographically they can enter and leave this world at their own socioeconomic convenience, without ever having to make sacrifices in life, then who am to judge, even if I don't agree personally?  I’m just not part of that camp. Never will be either.



Jeff's Response:

Hi M.,

We received a LOT of feedback to my two paragraph soliloquy on abortion in last week's Weekend Vigilante.

In my own defence, I stated it was a trite, short comment on abortion.  It certainly wasn't my 300-page book on why I think abortion is okay!

That said, let me further state why I don't have a massive problem with abortion.  In fact, my issue is more to do with what it would take to stop abortion than on abortion itself.  If the only way to stop people from having abortions is to have violent people force them not to, then I am against that happening. That pretty much sums it up.

Now, many people will say that the mother is commiting violence against the fetus/baby.  I agree, it is not a wonderful thing, no matter what happens!  As almost any reasonable women who has decided to have an abortion can probably tell you, it was probably one of the most difficult things they've ever done… and many will likely say it still haunts them.

I totally understand and any loss of life, even cockroaches, leaves me spending a few moments of silence if I accidentally or purposely step on it.

To sum up on a topic that obviously needs hundreds of pages in, now, just a few paragraphs, I still feel that it is mostly an issue of property rights.  And, owning your own body.  And if someone is living inside you it becomes conflictory.  

I stated, if they are living in your body and they aren't paying rent that you have the right to evict.  Many responded and said "can you 'evict' small children living in your house if they don't pay rent?" and my response to that would be, that they aren't living INSIDE your body therefore things get much clearer about property rights.

On that note, I'll leave it up to my anarchist philosopher genius friend, Gary Gibson, to really lay out the issues on it and discretely duck out of this conversation!

Gary's Response:

As usual, you can't look at our statist world and continue to argue about problems that exist because of the state. You have to look beyond the roadblocks the state puts up that create the conflict in the first place.

In other words, instead of arguing about when it's okay to kill something and then lobbying your tax-masters to point guns at people to abide by what you think is right…why not simply put your money where your beliefs are and work on a peaceful solution. In other words, if you want a woman to carry a baby that she doesn't really want to have, then pay her to do it. Buy protection for the child.

Because the state deems direct economic incentive in the matter of pregnancy and parenting rights as distasteful and immoral (and then uses guns to prevent it), you have the same inability of supply to meet demand that you find in the market for human organs. You can donate, but you can't sell. So demand always exceeds supply. There are shortages because a pricing mechanism is forbidden.

Let me be a bit clearer: by interfering with voluntary economic transactions, the state encourages abortion. The state has us at each others' throats over what wouldn't be an issue in the first place were it not for the state and its prohibition on incentivization. Get the state out of the way and the problem of abortion would dwindle to nothingness. The same goes for terrorism or national defense or the cost of living or black marekt violence and every single other "problem" that people think the initiation of force by monopolized aggression somehow solves.

In the case of unwanted pregnancy, there is more incentive to terminate because the state prevents the economic incentive to bring the baby to term. The tragic and monstrous option of tearing apart a healthy, tiny human being becomes preferable to a life of shame, hardship and ruin that is the only other option for a woman with an unwanted pregnancy in the current statist matrix ("statrix"). This would simply be a lot less of a problem in a voluntary world.

Just imagine if the rabidly pro-life segment of society were able to pool their resources to offer women with unwanted pregnancies enough money to make having their babies more attractive than killing it. And imagine if financially and emotionally stable couples (or triples or quadruples) could then offer mothers some money to let them raise the child as their own. Offended? That's just the market at work. People voluntarily working out solutions to their problems.

You could point out that the welfare system currently incentivizes women to have babies they don't really want. But that is a state mechanism without the necessary market feedbacks to prevent abuses. A private system by its nature would tend to discourage the kind of abuses that public systems encourage and constantly endure. How many times do you think a woman could petition a private pro-life company for birthing money before the company sniffed out a scam? Do you think a private company wouldn't significantly diminish the help they would give an individual woman with each "unwanted" pregnancy? (Three unwanted pregnancies are probably not that unwanted.) This is the opposite of the public programs which reward each pregnancy with more living space and assistance so that women are indeed incentivized to keep having babies they don't really want.

But even if a woman wanted to become a baby-mill in a private market…so what? There would be those on the market who would happily pay her for her offspring because they otherwise couldn't have a family of their own. Again, the market (individuals seeking to meet each others' needs and desires) would sort out how viable a career baby-making would be. And such a voluntary system would be better for everyone involved than the current system that produces unwanted welfare babies who grow up to produce another round of welfare dependents at the expense of the unwilling tax cows.

If you're offended by the idea of reproduction for money, then you must prefer the chaos-at-gunpoint that is the state's way. Instead of arguing about whether or not women should be "allowed" to have abortions or to have babies for money, I say society should stop relying on the violence of the state and its laws and start letting people deal with each other to work out their own peaceful solutions. Again, if you find cash incentives offensive in the case of reproduction, then you must really enjoy wrestling for the state gun over the abortion issue. I much prefer my market anarchist solution and don't at all envy you your preference for dealing with politicians' guns and dismembered fetuses.

And of course, if the state weren't in the way, their would be a lot less of the poverty, ignorance and violence that results in unwanted pregnancy. And reproductive technology would be so far advanced that there would probably also be birth control methods or "morning after" technology so reliable that there would never be any unwanted fetuses to even argue about. Arguing about abortion would quickly become as obsolete as arguing about polio.

P.S. Back in the here and now of the statrix, I personally find the practice of abortion repulsive and tragic, but am less disturbed by it if a brain has not yet developed in the creature that is being mangled and evicted. At the same time I would never, ever want the state involved in a woman's ability or decision to abort, just like I wouldn't want the state and its guns involved in anything else.