Hello from sunny Acapulco,

I was looking forward to my usual daily wake up in paradise when I rolled over at around 11am and my beautiful Mexican wife looked like Alvin from the Chipmunks.  Her small face was bloated to nearly twice its normal size with her cheeks in huge balls.

"Er, have you looked in the mirror?" I asked her in what I now call Berspanglish because it is my own personal brand of Spanglish having picked up poorly pronounced words and slang from dozens of different Spanish speaking countries and which now leaves most Mexicans confused as to my background much the same way that in English most people can't really place my accent and style of speaking after having lived all over the world for the last ten years.

She gave me that angry, steaming look that you constantly see in the hot-blooded telenovelas.  It's kinda sexy… but not this time, not with her head looking like a beachball!

I knew something had happened, but also knew not to poke a steaming, Latina bear too much or I'd set off the flury.

Finally she began to tell me… starting with, "How can you sleep through everything so easily?"

I had no answer to that.  I do enjoy a good sleep as much as anyone though so why let noise or some major medical issue issue ruin it?

She went on to tell me that the irritation she had in her jaw for the last few weeks became unbearable early in the morning and she decided to go to the hospital.  There are dozens of hospitals in Acapulco from free to very expensive and we have our favorite, Santa Lucia, which is midrange but still incredibly nice and with unbelievably attentive care as I found out after ending up there on an IV a few years ago after not being able to get rid of a stomach bug for nearly a month and having become so dehydrated that I could barely walk.  Of course, being infected with the curse of being a man, it is only once you are nearly dead that you will even consider seeking any medical attention… something my wife still chides me on, calling me a "burro".

She, on the other hand, will head straight to a doctor or hospital with even the most minor of issues – and why not, it is so affordable here with a basic doctor visit costing as cheap as $1.50 at some pharmacies to $40 for a very good one and most make housecalls.  Apparently, this morning was not very minor though.

It turned out she needed a rush root canal.  And, a few hours later she was back in bed with me, without me even noticing she was gone.

The cost, by the way, was $350… although she said it is usually quite a bit higher, but, as usual, she knew everyone at the hospital and got a discount.  She seems to know every person in Acapulco and calls every one of them either brother, sister, niece, nephew, uncle or aunt.  It's a Mexican thing.

I was a bit sad that she had undergone this root canal process so quickly and without letting me know.  My mother took the swine flu vaccine under advisement of her doctor a few years ago and a few days later she couldn't walk anymore – an apparent well-known side effect of the swine flu vaccine. I had been heavily anti-vaccine for years… but my mother doesn't read my crazy rantings.  And, having been right near the epicenter of the swine flu vaccine in Mexico I had done sufficient research to know that at best it was unimportant and at worst it was a complete hoax/scam.

In either case, if she would have asked me I would have admonished her not to take it nor nearly any other vaccine on offer.  But she didn't and now she is in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

And with root canals I had also done some reading in the alternative media (read: much closer to the truth than anything in mainstream media) and had some doubts about it.  You can read one article on how dangerous a root canal is here.

While doing the root canal may have been the best thing to do in this case I wish I had had time to do my own research prior to her undergoing this procedure.

Because, as I've found dozens of times in the past, the mainstream Western medical system is often wrong, outdated or outright designed to make you sick.  A few hours with Google would likely have given me a much better idea of her best options more than most doctors in the West can today.


I'm a searcher of truth and as such I question everything.  I also try to do my own research as much as possible.  I've also immersed myself into countless different cultures and tried to learn from them the things that work.

And what I have discovered has been amazing.  So much so that we are even considering starting a health related vigilante site to get wider exposure to information that most people are not aware.

In my youth, growing up around native Americans (whose blood I share) showed me a much better approach to health.  They seemed to have a natural remedy for almost any ailment.  It's the same in Mexico where upon stating a certain ailment, like feeling my vision was getting worse in dark environments, would be met by my Mexican wife just looking at me as though it was obvious, "Eat some avocados."  And, voila, better.

And, not to mention that I have helped cure numerous people of life long afflictions from a few Google searches.  I've even cured myself of many issues from a few keystrokes on Google.  For a year or two I had a very noticable buildup of plaque behind my teeth no matter how much I brushed or flossed.  I asked Google, he always knows.  And, within a few minutes I came across a forum with other people with that issue.  It turns out that bad biology in the intestines can cause this.  The cure?  Eat some sauerkraut.  I ate some for a few weeks and the plaque was gone.

What would your average Western-trained doctor prescribe for either of these issues I've had?  I can almost assure you it will be some sort of chemical that only treats the symptom of the problem but never treats the root.  And, as you can see with the millions of Americans walking around with pill boxes the size of fishing tackle gear, all it leads to is a brief fix of the symptom and an ongoing degeneration of the root of the problem until you reach the point where all the chemicals have you far sicker than where you began… and you still haven't fixed the real problem, something that some better nutrition, fruit, nuts or other things would have easily repaired.

I used to watch the Biggest Loser TV show because I found it amazing to see how quickly someone near death can become totally healthy just from exercise and a good diet.  I had to stop watching the year that Michelle Obama was on the show for obvious reasons but it is amazing to see these morbidly obese people who have been scarfing down buckets of pills prescribed by doctors when the only problem they had besides obvious psychological trauma mostly in their youth was they needed some exercise and to actually eat some real food.  McDonald's, for the record, is not real food.  As this graphic shows.

This photo was taken recently.  The McDonald's burger on the right was created in 2008.  The one on the left was concocted in 1996!  Nearly twenty years later and it's barely changed.  That just ain't right!

Food is medicine.  If you eat good food and get an adequate amount of exercise and sunlight you almost surely will be of good health.  How some people don't know that is unbelievable.

But, here I get to the point I want to make.  How is it that so many smart, logical, free-thinking people still just blindly listen to their Western-trained doctors as they write out a prescription full of chemicals and unnatural concoctions?

How is it that someone who has done their research in economics and knows that almost anything taught in today's Western "higher learning" institutions on economics is complete rubbish will still go to their doctors, trained in those same places, and adhere to anything they say without even a modicum of research into alternatives?

Here I bring up good friend and one of the most important people in the freedom movement: Stefan Molyneux and his recent announcement of his diagnosis with cancer.  And everything I say here is done with all the best respect, intentions and hopes that he beats it.  And I could be totally wrong on many things as I am certainly no cancer-curing expert.  

But, Stefan being such a genius and incredible critical thinker I was expecting to hear that he was going to do a lot of research into a lot of very cutting edge things that have been available to us via the Internet.  And, then I heard he was following his doctors instructions to undergo chemotherapy and I was very surprised.

Again, I'm no expert on this topic, but my sense of chemotherapy is that it is a Dark Ages-style treatment and very typical of Western medical thinking.  Someone has cancer so we will fill them with ungodly amounts of incredibly dangerous chemical poisons?  A team of researchers from Washington state recently accidentally uncovered the deadly truth about chemotherapy while investigating why prostate cancer cells are so difficult to eradicate using conventional treatment methods. As it turns out, according to their research, chemotherapy does not actually treat or cure cancer at all, according to the study's findings.  Instead chemotherapy fuels the growth and spread of cancer cells, making them much harder to stamp out once chemotherapy has already been initiated.  Even if chemo does work to kill the particular cancer at that moment, at what cost?

Especially when there appears to be a revolution going on in terms of information to avoid getting cancer and in terms of treating it.

There are countless examples.  Tommy Chong publicly came out, just like Molyneux, stating he had prostate cancer in 2012.  He then decided to try to fight it by ingesting hemp oil (hemp/marijuana is one of the most healthy and important plants on Earth and probably the main reason it is constantly being attacked by the state and the fascistic pharmaceutical industry).  One month after ingesting hemp oil daily he was cancer free.

He said he learned about it from a documentary called, "Run From The Cure".  Countless others have come out and said they beat cancer with hemp oil also.

Does it really work?  I don't know… but there is a lot of reasonable evidence that it does.

There is also a lot of credible evidence that keeping your body's PH levels in an alkaline versus an acidic environment all but makes it impossible for cancer to spread or even exist.  Things like PH-alkanizing water devices can help.  As can a diet of very alkaline foods – vegetables being the most alkaline.

Or, how about a man named Dr. Burzynski who made a documentary called "Cancer is Serious Business" and claims to have found the cure for cancer by using antineoplaston therapy.  I have no idea what that is, but he claims to have had a lot of success.  And he has been attacked numerous times by the FDA, which in my book is a clue that is treatment probably works.

Once you begin to see that almost anything to do with the US government or the fascistic corporatism that surrounds it is all based on lies then it only makes sense to look at techniques and organizations that are constantly attacked by this system in a much more positive light.

Knowing Stefan Molyneux, I have to believe he did reams of research and decided chemotherapy was the best way to go for his particular situation.  I hope that is the case and I hope he is right. He has been one of the greatest forces ever in spreading the philosophy of freedom and is very much loved not only by his family and his friends, but by millions around the world whom he has armed with reason.


Many of you reading will say, "but Jeff, you just started smoking at the age of 42!"  I've heard countless YouTubers and CIABookers all look beyond the evidence and information I am giving them that the Western financial system will collapse in The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI) and focus solely on my smoking and appeal to me to stop.

Many of those same people, at the same time they are saying that, are likely eating chemical garbage like McDonald's or heavily pesticided unorganic food out of plastic bags from their stores… and often genetically modified foods whose effects are still very unclear.  The most exercise they get is likely as they lumber out of their Lazy-boy to the fridge for more toxins.  Above them, if they live in the US, they are being chemtrailed and they likely have submitted themselves to numerous vaccines which have all but been proven to be incredibly dangerous.  They likely get no more than a few hours of incredibly healthy sunlight per year upon emerging from their cubicles and basements and then when they are dehydrated enough go to their tap for their fluoride poisoned water to wash down the dangerous chemicals prescribed by their doctor to alleviate the symptoms brought on by all of the above they make it worse.

And yet they have the hubris to think they know better what is best for me than me?  I could be wrong on many things but I'm pretty sure the person with the most insights into what is best for Jeff Berwick is… Jeff Berwick!  I've avoided most vaccines, taken no Western chemical medicines, ever, live in a place with no poisoned water and eat almost exclusively organic locally grown food, take in an hour of sunlight per day and go to the gym regularly.  I also have a family history of smokers who have lived well into their 80s and 90s often still cutting down trees in their backyard with a chainsaw or bench pressing 300 pounds at 65 years of age.

And they think my partaking of some cigarettes is a major concern?  I find people funny.  Do they actually think I can't make the best decisions for my life and they can?  This is the heart of the problem with government when people think that way.  What they don't know is that smoking, and drinking, has added a lot to my life.  I really enjoy smoking and as a non-stop workaholic (but with work I love) it makes me take a break every now and then, walk outside and look at the horizon, take some deep breaths and think thoughts I otherwise wouldn't have.  The drinking also helps calm me down and relax.  At this stage in my life both alcohol and cigarettes add more to my life than they take away.  If that cost/benefit structure ever changes to the negative, then I'll just stop.  Pretty simple.  There is no such thing as a "disease" of addiction.  As Doug Stanhope said, there are just some things you like doing more than life.

Plus, I've always lived one way and one way only.  While I do take care of myself for the most part because it improves the quality of my life I have always gone for quality over quantity when it comes to this mortal coil.  I've never understood this concept of trying to live as long as possible.  Many people are so intent to live as long as possible and so scared of death that they never really live.

I have lived every day of my life like it is my last but take care of myself good enough just in case it isn't.

I recently saw this video which made me further ponder on the subject.

It is a song by Zach Sobiech that has extra meaning because he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2009 and apparently it has now reached the point where, by Western medicinal means, it is untreatable and he has resolved that he has just a few months to live with no known treatment left to attempt.

It's a nice little ditty.  Although, I have to admit, I've been humming "Dead Giveaway" (video below) featuring a "songified" Charles Ramsey who discovered those girls who had been sequestered in Cleveland recently.  I've felt awkward, but I can't get the song out of my head.  I'll be in the shower singing, "We eat ribs with this dude!" but I suppose it is better than some old ABBA song… at least as a reprieve.

If you find yourself humming it in the shower too don't blame me… blame auto-tune.

In any case, getting back to Zach's song… one of the beauties of the Internet is how quickly all manner of individuals worldwide can react so quickly with warmth and compassion… or with humor as with "Dead Giveaway" above.  In the case of Zach's song, Clouds, a number of celebrities and numerous people all around the world got together to put together a music video for Clouds in response.

In Zach's original video it states that through the song and video it is "his response to embrace every day with hope and joy" and goes on to state that Zach only has a few months to live.

But, here's the thing.  We all just have a few months to live.  Whether it be single, double or triple digits it is still months.  It could be just seconds.  Did you just look behind you?

With the amount of people who regularly read my writings across the interweb it is almost a statistical certainy that at least one person reading this won't be alive next month.

So, why do we wait until someone tells us we have a certain amount of months left to unleash our true emotions, joy and passion?  Zach's video and the response by people around the world is beautiful.  Why can't we do that with every song.  With every day?  With everything?

Live every day… or at least every month, like it is your last.  Why wait to let go of all your stress and worries until the end.  Why wait to tell the people you love how much you love them?  I've always had great disdain for funerals and how people act after someone they love has died.  Great outpourings of love come out for people after they are gone.  That love can be much better used while they are still here and can hear you!

Not to bring in my usual anti-state nonsense, but things like making euthanasia illegal keep us from better things.  It is ridiculous to wait until someone dies and then everyone shows up and tells them how much they loved them from a speech written on a piece of paper.  A much better way, with someone terminally ill, would be to hold a grand celebration before they go.  If the person is incredibly ill, pump them up full of steroids, ecstasy and any other plant or chemical of their choice and have them surrounded by their good friends and family in a wonderful moment.  And then, in the morning, before they awaken, they can be peaceably "put to sleep".  The "big sleep" as Ren of "Ren and Stimpy" used to call it.

Does that sound callous and crude to you?  Perhaps you have your priorities all wrong if you think it is better for someone to suffer for months alone in a hospital bed and then, only then, once they are gone you show up and give your respects and offer your love and compassion.

Perhaps almost everything most people do today is totally wrong.  Rethink everything.  We've only had a few hundred years of capitalism and semi-free market innovation that has given us the time away from constantly tending to the fields and hammering out horseshoes to have time to think about what we do.

We can improve… everything.

Let's start today.