Did you see the media coverage over the recent rescue of the innocent woman from a decade-long kidnapping? Thank goodness Patricia Spottedcrow was finally freed.

Oh, you thought I meant Amanda Berry and those other women in that sensational case of kidnap and sexual torture? While that was indeed horrible, I think it is worth keeping in mind that the state kidnaps people every day –especially non-whites– and sentences them to long years in the sexual torture facilities commonly known as prisons. 

From the ACLU website:

Patricia Spottedcrow of Oklahoma made headlines in 2010 when she was sentenced to 12 years in prison for her first criminal offense: the sale of a $31 bag of marijuana to an undercover informant. The senseless severity of her sentence caught the attention of advocates who quickly moved to support Spottedcrow, spawning a grassroots uprising that led to a highly unusual decrease in her sentence and, ultimately, to her early release on parole.

Last month [November 2012], her story went public again when she was reunited with her four children and her mother, who cared for them during her two-year absence.

While Spottedcrow’s tale of early release is unusual, her excessive sentence is not. She is one of tens of thousands of people sentenced harshly for nonviolent drug offenses in our criminal justice system, which embraces extreme sentencing policies for minor crimes like no other country. Mandatory minimums, life sentences without parole, unforgiving three-strikes laws for nonviolent offenses, and drug policies that emphasize punishment over rehabilitation make the U.S. a shameful outlier when it comes to criminal justice. And all of these infamous laws and policies disproportionately affect people of color, like Spottedcrow (who is part Native American and part African American).

It is also worth noting that Cleveland police were called to the home of the kidnapping rapist Ariel Castro several times over the years on reports of very strange things going on, like chained, naked women crawling around the backyard. People who defend the police inaction in investigating any reports point out that the cops couldn't very well just knock down the door and burst into the house just because some women might be being held against their will and repeatedly raped. No, busting down doors and invading homes is only warranted when people might be in possession of certain kinds of plants. In that case, it's perfectly fine for the thuggish agents of the state to invade private property with guns drawn, throw the inhabitants on the ground and maybe shoot their pets for good measure.

Ultimately regular citizen Charles Ramsey rescued Amanda and the other captives. He heard a cry for help and simply forced the door open. According to neighbors, Cleveland police had been called about the house several times over the years, but never had enough to go on to force entry the way Charles Ramsey did. Had they had reports of certain plants being grown, they would have forced their way in with guns drawn. But reports of possible human captivity and sexual torture weren't enough to act on. 

Please understand this. The police in this growing police state are not here for your protection. Their job is to enforce the law. That only occasionally has anything to do with protecting you or your property. Their resources are primarily thrown at enforcing ridiculous prohibitions that get people thrown into the slave camp of the industrial prison complex. Their other main purpose is to supress dissent and protect the political class, which is why you will see them out in force bedecked in their riot gear at protests. 

Sadly people think that their would be chaos without tax-funded police…as if the police actually create order and offer protection! Nothing could be further from the truth. Order is spontaneous and natural among human beings. The police are the naked domestic fist of the state meant to keep the tax cows in line. They will enforce nonsense laws that make the country the biggest prison slave nation on the planet and will do so without a trace of remorse. As the American empire continues to birth the American police state, the police will continue to reveal their true nature and role. They are not protectors of life and property. They are enforcers of the will of the political class and overseers on the tax plantation.

I write about coping with the American police state (among other coping strategies in the economically collapsing US) in TDV Homegrown. But my first advice to deal with the police state remains the same as Harriet Tubman's advice to enslaved blacks in the South: get out any way you can


Gary Gibson
Editor, The Dollar Vigilante



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