[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

There has been an angry uproar recently because Apple has hardly paid any extortion fees in the last four years on its billions in profits. Why this warrants an angry uproar and not a giant cheer for them for not supporting criminal governments is beyond us. But the slave-on-slave action has been thick on this one.

One particular comment on a mainstream site caught my attention, "If our budget geniuses in Congress would hire enough IRS agents, this stuff would stop. But our beanies are cutting IRS budgets. Mitt's servants along with Bill Gates's are doing their job."

A tax slave actually insisting on more IRS agents! To those of us who have not bought into this collectivist/statist tax farm nation-state concept it's like watching the odd antics of people from another planet.

He states, "if our budget geniuses in Congress…" and, "if our beanies are cutting IRS budgets…".  Our?  Oh, the sickness of statism runs deep in this one!  He actually thinks the government is a part of his collective identity! Of course, chances are he was practically raised in a test tube to think these things.  Born in the US he was likely quickly taken from his family and put into government indoctrination centers for twelve years eventually becoming so brainwashed that he was probably proud to receive his badge of obedience (otherwise known as a diploma).

Those twelve years are not meant to produce thinking, informed people but factory workers, office drones, and rape camp inmates. Those years also indoctrinate the tragically inaccurate belief that "you" own the government.

This particular commentator was probably too hazy from his daily six or twelve pack of beer to notice that George Carlin was trying to point this out to him.  In Carlin's prophetic final performance he finally told everyone the truth.  As he said, "You have owners.  They own you."


I hate to keep picking on this one particular commentator, but when it is this easy, why not? He went on to state, "Mitt's servants along with Bill's are doing their job."

In this respect, he is right. The rich and politically connected in the US can do whatever they want. Where he is wrong and what he doesn't realize yet is that even middle to upper class people can now do the same thing. Before I get to that, however, let's look at Bill Gates.

A subsequent brainwashed slave stated, "People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett gave most of their money to charity!"

Hahaha. Is that what the tax slaves think??

People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett "technically" gave their money to charity. What no one seems to know or understand however is that the charity to which they give is owned by them and they received billion-dollar tax refunds just for shuffling the card deck and not changing anything. It's something called a "charitable remainder trust" (CRT) and it is fully legal and you can take most of your assets, put it in the CRT, claim a massive tax refund and proclaim to the world what a giving person you are.

You can then continue on doing whatever you want with your own assets. In Bill Gates' particular case, it is his plan to depopulate the world via vaccines. To each his own, I suppose.


Here's the exciting news, however. You don't have to be Apple, Bill Gates, or Mitt Romney to keep the fruits of your own labor away from extortionists like the IRS anymore.

Offshore companies, by which almost anyone who operates a non-physical business can utilize, have become almost a commodity.  Twenty years ago, internationalizing your affairs outside the purview of any over-extortive nation-state was terribly difficult and prohibitively costly to all but the most wealthy and productive people.  I should know because I internationalized my affairs nearly twenty years ago at great cost.  Today it is as simple as sending an email or calling someone like TDV Offshore and setting up a corporation in a much friendlier, often zero tax country for a few thousand dollars.

Furthermore, for almost anyone but US citizens, all it takes is for you to leave the country that purports to own you and become a resident in a much more tax-friendly location and you can go from paying 30-50% tax (or 100% tax in France) to zero. It's really that easy. Again, I should know. Nearly ten years ago I left the country of Kanada who seemed to feel that they owned me and legally I haven't paid a penny of income tax since neither personally nor via my business ventures.  TDV Passports, again, can help you here.

For US citizens it gets tougher, but is still possible. That's what TDV Wealth Management is here to help with. You, too, can "donate" to charity through a charitable remainder trust and legally do all the same things that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have done, all for not a large amount of money if you have a multi-million dollar asset base.  And even if you don't have millions, you can still get a foreign passport for as cheaply as $300/month or less and renounce your US citizenship to free yourself.

And then if you are looking for somewhere to live, you could move to Galt's Gulch in Chile (where we may announce pre-sale pricing as early as this week!) where others like you are fleeing the collapsing Western nation-states and other oppressive companies like China, Iran, Argentina and such.


No taxes? No oppression? There is an app for that! It's called internationalizing yourself and your wealth and learning to live more of a Permanent Traveler/Prior Taxpayer (PT) lifestyle that we always expound upon at TDV.

Never has it been easier to get out from oppression thanks to the millions of private enterprise innovations including cheap global airfare and the Internet.  But soon, never will it be harder to get out.  Just this week, the US government announced what they call "a step toward" a more expansive biometric system that would use identifiers such as fingerprints to keep track of immigrants and visitors exiting the US.

It will, like all government programs, start as a program for immigrants and tourists and soon ensure that US tax slaves cannot leave the US.

Am I the only one who hears that bell ringing?