Remember the State's Tax-Funded Kill Force

Worker bees across the Homeland will be enjoying a long weekend at the direction of the federal government in order to remember and appreciate the destructive actions of the government's warriors abroad. 

Sweet Thor, it's Memorial Day. Being an anarchist today is potentially like being that guy who won't stand and doff his cap during the national anthem. Your editor confesses to having stood during that anthem just to avoid getting beaten up…and then resolving never to go to another baseball game again. And this weekend not getting beaten up is as easy as not going to the local VFW and calling them a bunch of state thugs. Also, don't breathe a word against "the troops" to other Americans, even the supposedly anti-war left…or even to the rare libertarian for that matter.

No matter how unjust the war, no matter how pathetic the ethics of those who take stolen money in exchange for invading and killing, God bless those troops. The American empire has reached the point where "the troops" have attained the status of saints. Airlines proudly announce that they will let the troops board first because signing up automatically makes one a higher class of citizen. Other corporations toe the line too and bring attention to the special way they treat the folks actively engaged in fighting for the Homeland. 

TDV has graciously and helpfully altered Google's Memorial Day tribute.

To the monkeys on the right, "the troops" are enforcing the sovereign will of the rightful world cop. To monkeys on the left, they are reluctant actors to be admired. To even the minarcho-libertarian, they are an otherwise good idea that the state occasionally uses for nefarious purpose. 

But here's the truth. Every single soldier — no matter how noble the narrative they spin in their own heads, no matter how much even an apoligist can blame their faulty thinking on a life of brain-damaging propaganda– is an agent to enforce the cruel, immoral will of sociopathic gangsters. This goes for "good wars", too. Because some previous state lie or intervention is what led to the perceived need to wage a "good invasion". 

Like all public employees, they are paid for with money stolen from all of us. That's not exactly getting off on the right foot. The market can't work under the circumstances of such "public" (theft-based) funding. So people want protection from foreign invaders. What they get instead is an increasingly aggressive bunch of specatularly violent busybodies with enough firepower to scour the biosphere clean of life. What if there really is a credible reason to go suppress some evil (which the state likely created in the first place)? Well, in a free market, people would get what they want. If they wanted armed men to go into some foreign land and kill some evil politician and his cronies without harming civilians, then the market would encourage exactly that and some private sector outfit would find the best way to do that. If people want to pay for such specialists, then they should! But when you try to accomplish these things using stolen money and collectivized, public soldiering, then you end up with the state's way of bombing thousands or millions of innocent people and just propagating conflict while ensureing blowback and the growth of the police state. It's inevitable. The state can't do it any other way.

The usual copout is that one supports the troops even in the midst of clearly unjust wars of aggression. But you can't support the soldiers without giving an approving nod to what they are doing…which is actually executing the war that you may claim to hate. Sorry.

They are not "defending" anything. Not our freedom, not our lives. They are advancing the interests of the military-industrial complex which uses the state as a buyer of weapons, a broker of weapons to other governments, and an instigator of conflicts. 

In the end, these troops are people who shoot, bayonet, and blow up strangers who pose no threat to them or the rest of us because someone in a state-provided uniform told them to. It really is no more complicated than that. Their actions don't become offensive only after they've posed with the bodies of their victims like trophies, or urinated on the corpses of the men they've shot. Their actions are morally reprehensible from the start. 

Granted, they think they're doing the right thing, as do most of the citizens who "support" them even if they have some mild misgivings about the illegal, immoral and brutal invasions and occupations which the soldiers execute. I don't quite understand how people can be the hands and fingers that do the bidding of an evil brain and escape any responsibility for their actions. How is this any different from willing signing up as a mob enforcer and then having people blame your capo while forgiving you?

The world is only maddening if you don't understand it, however. I used to be so frustrated and angry at all the yellow ribbons and brainwashed support of the troops. But once I grasped that I am surrounded by hundreds of millions of benighted, tribal baboons, things started to make a lot more sense and my apprehensions died down. My fellow humans may think they've come such a long way because of their smartphones, but in fact they are just a showered and perfumed variation on the earlier models of unfurry primates with their willingness to worship violence and subjugation. They're still a bunch of tribal savages. Only now the tribe is a lot bigger thanks to the propagandizing, collectivizing efficiency of that monolopy on violence known as the state.  


Gary Gibson
Editor, The Dollar Vigilante

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MONDAY, May 20

Disappearing Moral Underpinning of America

Jayant Bhandari on the continuing disintegration of the USSA.

“Reminiscent of communist countries, Obama’s photograph greeted me on my arrival at the Los Angeles airport. “Welcome to the United States of America.” Typically when I hear someone say “the United States of America” instead of “America”, my heart starts to beat faster. I know I am usually facing someone arrogant and nationalistic, someone vicariously proud of the achievements of the US but lacking his own. He is likely a couch potato who thinks that when “his” team wins it somehow reflects well on him. This is the definition of a fanatic. Communication with such people is invariably impossible and irrational, for they don’t reason; they come from a self-proclaimed position of superiority, with nothing to show for it.”

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How Private Policing Trumps Government Law Enforcement

Gary Gibson on the merits of outsourcing law enforcement.

"To see how the private sector outperforms public policing in the real world, just take a look at Detroit.

Yes, Detroit of all places. So ruined by government planning, Detroit is becoming a hotbed of spontaneous order…of the market stepping in to do what the government has never managed to do properly. Frustrated with the poor service from their tax-funded overseers, Detroit residents have turned to the private sector for security and protection, like the customer-satisfying efficiency of private protection as provided by Dale Brown and his organization, Threat Management Center.”

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Jeff Berwick on corporate tax evasion and how you too can escape the IRS for good.

There has been an angry uproar recently because Apple has hardly paid any extortion fees in the last four years on its billions in profits. Why this warrants an angry uproar and not a giant cheer for them for not supporting criminal governments is beyond us. But the slave-on-slave action has been thick on this one.

One particular comment on a mainstream site caught my attention, "If our budget geniuses in Congress would hire enough IRS agents, this stuff would stop. But our beanies are cutting IRS budgets. Mitt's servants along with Bill Gates's are doing their job."

A tax slave actually insisting on more IRS agents! To those of us who have not bought into this collectivist/statist tax farm nation-state concept it's like watching the odd antics of people from another planet.”

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And Then They Came for Me: The Black Bagging of Adam Kokesh

Jeff Berwick on the government’s continued assassination of the right to peaceful protest.

"The outright harassment, intimidation and black bagging of political opponents in the US has reached new levels in recent weeks.

The extortion arm of the US government, the IRS, has admitted to targeting people with certain political beliefs for aggressive shakedowns.  And good friend of TDV, Adam Kokesh, who was planning a peaceful armed march in support of the Second Amendment of the Constitution on Washington DC on July 4th was kidnapped in broad daylight on May 18th in Philadelphia.

Here is one of numerous angles showing Adam Kokesh doing nothing but submitting to the people assaulting him and being taken away.’”

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FRIDAY, May 24

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