Liberty Mastermind Symposium

Bill Murphy of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) bumped my fist with his own. It was quite an ending to a wonderful weekend of firsts in Dallas at the Liberty Mastermind Symposium. 

The first among those firsts was the event itself. This was the inaugural Liberty Mastermind Symposium and Bobby Ian and Kerry Lutz put on a great conference. I don't want to sound as if I'm surprised that it was so much fun. But this was also the first time in three years that I had the speaking floor all to myself for so long, and was doing it without a written speech, cue cards, or teleprompter and I was a bit nervous about that. Of course, it all went well and I had a fantastic time. There was a great mix of speakers and the attendees were the kind of friendly, smart and aware people you'd expect to find at a liberty-themed event. I had a blast and I'll be going back…if they'll have me…

I say that because I get the impression that Jeff and I were the only outright anarchists among the speakers. There were a handful of anarchist friends whom I've seen at a few of these gatherings (like Freedom Fest and Porcfest), but I also got the impression that my little talk was the first time many of the attendees had heard any arguments for anarcho-capitalism laid out. Stefan Molyneux was slotted to speak, but he had to cancel all his speaking engagements this summer due to being immuno-compromised by chemotherapy. I of course wish Stefan a full recovery and many, many more decades of spreading philosophy…but at the same time I'm kind of relieved I didn't have to go on stage either before or after him. The man is simultaneously a tough act to follow and to precede. 

As it was, he wasn't there and I managed not to seem redundant. And though my first talk on anarchism and economics wasn't as smooth and polished as that of a Berwick or a Molyneux, it went better than I had hoped. And I flippin' got to fist bump Bill Murphy over drinks later. (I like to think that was a first for Bill, too.)

Dallas is actually fairly nice-looking as USSA cities go. But they have a higher than normal affinity for their criminal masters and naming their highways after them. I suppose it's because a lot of these criminals are from Texas or spent a large part of their lives here. The Doubletree Hotel where the symposium was held was surrounded by roads named after Lyndon B Johnson and both George Bushes. So as I drove around, I was forced to think about the guns and butter criminal transfers for the Great Society, escalation of the Vietnam War, the Patriot Act, Fatherland Security, and the Iraq invasion to punish threats to the petrodollar hegemony. Not that I have any illusion that America is anything other 300 million slaves worshipping the violence of their masters. But this is just sad, even for the US. 

Questions I got a lot from attendees: "So, why do you still live in the US…and when are you leaving?"

Damned good questions. I am slowly building up thrust to launch myself into Permanent Traveler orbit. I won't bore you with the details, but the next few months will see me building the capital stores that will make leaving a lot more comfortable financially. And that's mainly because I've been following the financial advice I dole out each month in TDV Homegrown. It is truly amazing how having just a small nest egg makes traveling with your internet job so much less stressful. It's also amazing how quickly taking my own advice is helping me build that nest egg. I'll have more tips (along with solid explanations as to how they work) in the next issue of Homegrown. If you'd like to see them, just click here to learn more about signing up. Before you know it, you could be rolling in enough surplus cash to make your escape a lot easier. 


Gary Gibson
Editor, The Dollar Vigilante

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This week Gary Gibson updated us on his proxy landlording theory, one that he himself has successfully put into practice. Gary also profiled Airbnb, a libertarian business if ever there was one. As a bonus, we included a special edition of Ed Bugos’ “TDV Portfolio: Review & Outlook” because of the timely nature of the subject. Dear Slavey, our resident TDV advice columnist, brought us part three of his “How to Find Happiness When You’re Stuck in America” series.

Next, we introduced you to the newest TDV group leader, located in Eugene, Oregon, Josh White. Josh told us all about home brewing, cryptology, and the importance of community. So happy to have Josh aboard! Then, Amanda Hooper treated us to a discussion of zombie culture, and likened the walking dead to the state. In “Other News from TEOTMSAWKI and TDV Related Tidbits”, TDV Editor-in-Chief Jeff Berwick gave us a quick roundup of the absurd and esoteric, stories that remind us that living in the USSA (and other oppressive nations) is a parody we all star in.

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Here’s what we wrote about this week…

MONDAY, June 24

Why People Tolerate a Total State

Wendy McElroy on the sheeple tolerating the disintegration of freedom.

“Anyone who points out the politically obvious and is accused of panic-mongering has considered this question. The NSA's massive spying, the TSA frisking their children, the IRS targeting people politically, the longest war in American history, the militarization of law enforcement, the indefinite detention of prisoners at Gitmo…nothing, nothing seems to budge some people from the belief that the US is the freest, grandest nation on earth. It is an article of faith as deeply held as any belief in God.”

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TUESDAY, June 25

Speaking Power to Truth

Once again Wendy McElroy, this time on the lesson of the whistleblowers.

“U America's despotism has turned the world upside down so that China and Russia are the protectors of free speech and transparency. Their motives are self-interested, of course, but this is true of any government. The most America could do was to revoke Snowden's passport and sputter demands that no country allow him to enter.

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Wednesday, June 26

No Better Time to Become a Permanent Traveler/Prior Taxpayer

Jeff Berwick on James R. Mellon and why now is the time to rid yourself of the shackles of citizenship.

" Giving up US citizenship was just the first of Mellon's theft-prevention tactics. After that he set up various companies — all legally — to shield his assets even more. This is the kind of thing that TDV Offshore can help you do, too. Recently a massive leak of offshore banking files gave Mellon some negative exposure, not that he particularly cares. While the collectivists of the world are outraged at how much of ‘their’ infrastructure money is being hidden from their redistributionist governments, Mellon says, ‘I do not care what people think. I am interested only, whether what I am doing is legal. And what I do, was and is legal.’

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Ignore the State

New TDV Oregon group moderator Josh White supplies some tips on how to elude the state.

“Here in the grand ole USSA, and Oregon specifically, our not so benevolent overlords often use taxation as a social engineering tool. They tax our gas so we won't drive, and then tax our ID when we choose not to drive. If there is a "Social Ill", the answer seems to be theft. One of the biggest areas that many people lose their hard-earned capital is booze. Who doesn't love a beer at the end, or in the middle, of the day? Unfortunately alcohol is not only a taxed product,but many of the companies have a state-enforced monopoly on the sale and production. The state gets a cut from the sale of the alcohol and another cut for the sale of the container, and in places like Oregon the state owns every liquor store within its territory. In the United States, buying beer is supporting the state, but all is not lost! I am sure there are a few of you who know where I am going with this, but stay with me this is only our first stop on the layman's road to autonomy. You can have your beer, wine, and even whiskey, all without giving Uncle Sam what he claims is his due.”

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FRIDAY, June 28

Feedback Friday – June 21, 2013

In this week’s Feedback Friday: The ripple effects of the dollar collapse, the transition to small government, and giving the state too much credit.

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The Weekend Vigilante — June 29, 2013

In his weekly address to TDVers, Jeff checks in from Dallas and brings us up-to-date on his seemingly endless travels…

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