Hello from Santiago, Chile,

If you've never been here, you probably have no idea what is going on.  If you live in the West still, you probably can't even understand what is going on here.  It'd be like explaining a computer to a caveman.  "It's got buttons and someone, anywhere in the world will receive whatever information you want"… at that point the caveman would probably just club you out of confusion.  That's not very much different than talking to Amerikan slaves nowadays.

Everything is changing dramatically.  Even ten years ago, between New York and Santiago it would be a coin flip as to what was more or less a better place.  Today, the difference is stark.

Chile isn't perfect.  There are still signs that they are shaking off the cobwebs of communism.  But every month I return here it is less and less.

On this trip, in Santiago, I couldn't find a restaurant at any time of the day or night that didn't have a waiting list just for a table.  At each table were people with expensive bottles of liquor and enjoying incredibly fine food.  I love being in a booming economy.  A real booming economy.  Not a false one based off massive money printing.  However, there are downsides… definitely book ahead at any restaurant or know somebody (which of course I always do here) or you'll be constantly waiting for a table (and that also is a big business opportunity… in a recent TDV newsletter to subscribers I offered a serious business opportunity here).  But, even without my input, any entrepreneur who came here would instantly recognize countless ways to create wealth.

Just watching all the bartenders at my current location is astounding.  It is non stop drinks from a dozen bartenders just at the bar I am sitting right now.  Just to get a drink — and this is a slower place — takes about 15 minutes (another business opportunity… you see they are everywhere).  Capitalism is beautiful.

Now, let me drag you back down into the Western world.  It was apparently Dependence Day in the USSA this week but no one here seemed to have any idea about it.  But because of it, and CIABook, I saw so many poignant videos about how downhill that shithole has gone.

I apologize in advance and please do not watch any of these videos if you are averse to human suffering.  This one in particular actually moved me.  I've seen so many of these things that hardly anything elicits an actual physical response from me anymore.  This one did.

A man… I'm not sure what he did, but it looks like he just was trying to get out of his truck in his own driveway. Then he was… well.  Watch the video.  The hardest part is seeing his wife/girlfriend/sister come out and watch him get brutally murdered by what you can only describe as a tactical team of killers that, by the sounds of their actions, probably learned their skills doing the same thing in Iraq or Afghanistan or countless other countries where "the troops" are deployed to terrorize.

I really, seriously, can't even talk much more about it, it made me so sick.  I watched it once and won't watch it again as the first time was bad enough.

Then, I received this video.

Again, I don't know all the circumstances.  But, I can say this much, if someone videotapes me it never ends up with me shooting their dog.

And then I read this article.  It recounts how a female college student was ambushed by seven thugs from a gang called ABC.  It apparently stands for the Alcoholic Beverage Control agency.  By the way, lame name for a gang.  They apparently thought she was carrying a six pack of beer.  Where anywhere else in the world would just be called a party or, at worst, a nice night at home.  In the USSA, it is apparently cause for scaring the shit out of a girl… even jumping on the hood of her car with guns drawn.

It was a six pack of water, not that that matters.

Here's the funny/sad (why do I always mix those two words… I guess I try to laugh at the sadness) part of that story.  She actually was so scared (obviously) by being ambushed by seven men without costumes with guns that she drove off, slightly injuring the gangster on her hood.  Here's the funny/sad part.  She drove a block and……… called the police!

This is how insane it has gotten in the USSA.  Cops are constantly attacking and killing people and, very often, the only thing that brainwashed, publicly edumacated slaves can do is call the very same people that committed the crime!  I'll tell you what, down in southern Mexico if even one person pulls a gun on my wife, I make some phone calls — not to the police — and we go a huntin'.

I apologize for all these heinous videos, but I have one more.  This may have been the sickest… all from this July 4th week. 

A man, a peaceful father of an eight-year-old, holding a water gun (the kind to water your lawn) sat on his friend's porch.  Once again, the slave on slave action commenced.  This time it didn't end with a call to the criminals, but it started with one.  A brainwashed slave neighbor saw the water gun and called 911.

The cops showed up, didn't say anything, and unloaded two shotgun blasts into him, killing him.

Again, don't watch if you can't handle extreme sadness and sorrow.

The police gang held a press conference in a public place to try to make up excuses for another murder they committed.  When they describe how he was killed with a shotgun, the anguished cries of the family members will rip your soul to shreds.

Only in the USSA, and maybe North Korea, are people so unbrave to not react violently to extreme violence committed against them (and don't get me wrong, I think violence is always the absolute, worst way to deal with things… but if you shot my wife with a shotgun, someone is going down).

Here's what they do in the former Soviet Union, in Ukraine, when the police brutally gang rape ANYONE.

And, here's what it looks like in Egypt when the government is tyrannical:

Of course, the Egyptians haven't been reading TDV long enough ("Happy Revolution Day Egypt") to know that once they overthrow another murderous regime to replace it with…….. nothing!  But, still.

Land of the free, home of the brave in the USSA?  Land of the Slaves and Home of the Behaved.

For God's sake, people.

Now, I'm not suggesting you actually do try to do what they did in the Ukraine or Egypt in the US.  The US Department of Offence and Department of Homeland InSecurity have it locked down.  You will almost certainly die if you try to fight them with violence.  You'll be a hero… a martyr… and honored here for trying, but you'll be dead.

Here's the good news.  As I started writing originally, the rest of the world is much more the land of the free and opportunity than the USSA now.  Just get out (come to Galt's Gulch Chile) and watch World War Z live on CNN in the coming years.

Good luck!  And UnHappy Fourth of July (except here in Chile where many of us are much happier)!  Certainly, I've never seen a law enforcer here kill a dog.  In fact, on average, in Chile, I see a police officer every 3-4 days.  They are called Carabineros and they drive two cylinder cars and I've never seen them even talk to anyone.

Until next week, from the Empire, Las Vegas, for FreedomFest, keep safe.

After all, without the government (yawn)… it'd be chaos!